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Biology is Magic

**Revised Version**

I plan on doing a revision based off of some of the comments I've received:

1.) Species will be changed to phenotype.
2.) Pegasus will be made most recessive due to the Cloudsdale argument. (Perhaps not.)
3.) Theory may be changed to hypothesis. This is meant to be from the perspective of in universe. In other words, while it may be my hypothesis, I tried to write it as if in Equestria it had gone through the hurdles to become a theory.
4.) I may do some rewording to try to make it clearer.


Here is my possible take on the genetics of Equestria. This is based off of the genes behind eye color. I had been interested in trying to explain the genetics behind an Alicorn and then "Baby Cakes" aired. I decided that some people may find how two earth ponies can have a pegasus and unicorn as a child interesting so decided to work on this.

I felt that a text version would be boring and that putting it in a comic form would be the most interesting and more lucid. I'm sorry, but I am not an excellent artist by far or at all for that matter. I don't have any fancy editing programs, nor do I have the ability or knowledge to use them.

I hope that this is appealing to the eye some-what and at the very least interesting. This is more of a visual presentation of a concept.

If anyone is actually interested in these, I could work on presenting more science in pony form. But keep in mind, the style will not change much.

Thanks to :iconkitsuneymg: for use of Twilight vector.

And thanks to Hasbro for the show and by extension any screen captures.

Another thank you to Equestria Daily.
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Would you consider redoing this (if you haven't already) now that Flurryheart exists?
My friend and I theorize that Alicorns have far more dominant genes than the other species.
As my friend explained, "Alicorns are naturally stronger. Naturally, the species would want to carry on the strongest, most evolved genetics."

Although, Brony Notion made a really interesting video about alicorn birth that might also give you some ideas?…
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Hmm. Well, seems like that, according to :iconmlp-fim: , this (and the Revised version) is 'so bad' quality that they refuse to accept it in their club. (Or accept it, to shut people's mouth, and then quickly delete it from their folders)
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Oh?  I never noticed.  I didn't know they could add and remove it over and over again without it prompting me with a message.  (Looks like I have one from four days ago that said they withdrew their request to show one of them.)

At least some people have enjoyed though, and it led me to try to learn vectoring in order to improve in the future. :)
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That club's ''leader'', Wooden-Flashlight, is the main dick responsible for this, sadly.
Some people don't know what 'quality' is, in their pretentious and snobbish ways.
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Amazing! This is reminds about a part of a video I watched on youtube by Game Theory about how eyes work! Great job!
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what happen with the genes when a pegasus is crossed with a draconequs? (i like the pairing fluttersyXdiscord)
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The combination may possibly be incompatible because of the species difference (or something else higher up the classification chain).

Assuming this is not the case, the genes would probably combine together someway similar to however it works for a liger or tigon.  (Lions and tigers are different species but have the same genus.)  The difference between a liger and tigon is dependent on which species is the male and which is the female, a liger being a male lion and female tiger and a tigon vice-versa.  Why this distinction exists, what its effects are, and how the genes combine, I'm not sure.
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i incline for the second idea, after of all, discord can chage their apearance in to a pony to atract tyrok to a trap, i think is no problem for him changes in a more deep form in order of procreate.
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I'm confused..... Ehh... Can someone get me a muffin? Derp.
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WARNING: the below talks about the genetics of the allicorn and does include spoilers

in reference to the alicorns, since they are made using magic (ex. twilight sparkle becomes an princess) could it be possible that the magic used doesnt affect the genes in the eggs of mares since they are all created before birth; and that their children would be the result of their genes from before the magic altered them. (ie. twilight sparkle would carry the genes for a unicorn, uu.) Plus no male alicorn has been shown in the series, even the princes (sterling knight and prince blue blood), were not alicorns. since males constantly make more sperm, it could change the genetics and make it all weird. but as stated and you probably know, females are born with ALL their eggs for their entire life and the eggs mature as the organism matures. and if you watch the show, you know that the laws of nature can be bent by magic; so when magic is used to make an allicorn all the alleles and genes are void and dont matter at all. this could possibly result in the possibility of horns and wings which can not occur naturally, also reserving the alicorn blood line for important persons (or ponies in this case). 

maybe im a little off but just a thought. 
Pokemusic's avatar amazing... I like it!
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Wouldn't "breed(s)" be a better term than "species"?
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I believe that subspecies would be more accurate, since there are more substantial differences between earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns, but they are able to reproduce with each other.
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Actually, alicorns can be explained by co-dominant genes, but that's still too complicated for my tastes.
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but unicorns are a result of recessive genes. so anything else would take it over. i explained my theory in the recent comments.
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uhhh........... O.O;
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This actually makes a lot of sense, the most sense of any of the genetic explantations.
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my mind just blowed
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There's also the crystal ponies.
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Wait... but how do alicorns and crystal ponies work?
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For alicorns, I really have no idea. I'm no scientist, but I'd say there's a rare gene that can cause the alleles for unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies to combine, creating an alicorn. It might be caused by a connection to a celestial body (Celestia or Luna) or divine power (Cadence), or simply by a mutation.
I'm gonna stop here so you don't have to listen to any more of my rambling. Well, I suppose I'm not rambling yet but I will pretty soon if I keep this up. Bye!

Compass Rose
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im going with a mutation caused by magic.
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Interesting theory.
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