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closed | auction | adoptable CH 17


SB: $20

MI: $2

*PayPal USD invoice only - no refunds
*Auction will end 24 hours after last bid
*You will get the full-res PNG of the image with no watermarks and a PNG of character on transparent background
*Please reply to previous bidder
*Please bid responsibly and do not withdraw your bid
*You can gift or resell the adopt but not for more than you bought it for - please notify me of new owner
*You can change anything you want about the design once it's yours, but you cannot edit the original art and you must credit me for the original art and design when posting the character anywhere
*NO commercial use - you can do anything you want with it for PERSONAL use only
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Oml, this is amazing! :0
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Don't know what the hell is this, but it looks awesome. Good job. You got some great imagination!

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congrats, you won the auction! please note me your paypal address and I will send the invoice - thank you!! *

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thank you so much for SB!! * kaomoji set 1 9/19

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