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The Grigori is a whole new fantasy universe thousands of years before the flood of Noah when the Angels of heaven came down to earth, bringing new technologies, took woman for wives who gave birth to children who became great giant warriors (Nephilim) in the land and created hybrid animals warriors for their army. The fallen angels have a plan to deceive mankind, lead them into war and rule all seven kingdoms as gods by persuasion or by force. Only several kings will stand in the way of their diabolical plot. If you like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones you will most definitely love The Grigori.






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Please READ this and give a comment it's very important to us. Thank U!

“When the human population began to grow rapidly on the earth, the sons of God saw the beautiful women of the human race and took them as their wives.” – Genesis 6:1-2

  The Nephilim were on the Earth in those days- Genesis 6:4

The Grigori tells an epic ancient fantasy tale at the rise of mankind when a small group of Watchers from the heavens come down to earth under the guise of mortal men known as the Annunaki. They act as the teachers of mankind who give the gift of untold knowledge that will used to create powerful kingdoms and empires. While kingdoms are built, these divine beings seek to take mortal women to serve as their wives and concubines, who give birth to children who will grow to become great, and terrible giants, all the while create legions of fierce and bizarre hybrids to serve; where their one purpose will be to serve the Annunaki as their dark plans come to fruition. Their goals are to deceive mankind, lead them into war, and rule all seven kingdoms as gods by persuasion or by force. One group of kings come together to try to stop the coming desolation.

The setting is pitted in the ancient cradle of civilization when the land was rife with life and humanity was getting their start. Unlike well-known epic fantasies, this world has always been here, pieced together from ancient documents that spin a yarn of what occurred over thousands of years, with its own unique flare of manga and anime. The story draws from ancient text which provides insight into the ORIGINAL concept of giants, monsters, Olympian gods and their origins which includes fantastic themes, sorcery, magic, supernatural events, mythology, folklore and fantasy worlds. You like our project by so far? You want to support it and help us make an amazing western-style manga? Maybe You want to see it as an anime in the future? Not a problem! Only thing You need to do is spread out the word about ,,The Grigori'' also You can pledge on our kickstarter (will be launched soon!).

Down below I will be adding a poll. Please write down how much in Your opinion You will be interested to help bring this project to live.
Please comment what you would consider supporting.

,,The Grigori Manga and Anime Pilot is gearing up to launch on Kickstarter. Get ready for some awesome rewards, including the full 62 page Manga Digital download for a pledge of $20. Do you plan to back us?''

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Also You can visit DA page to look up to our artworks ---> grigorianimecreators.deviantar…
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