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Star Change! by GrifterWolf Star Change! :icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 0 0
Mature content
Daddy's Home :icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 2 0
Johnny Sketch by GrifterWolf Johnny Sketch :icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 4 0
Clap Along
“Clap along if you feel, like a room without a roof. Hmm-hmm hmm!” Johnny skated down fourth avenue humming to the tunes playing through his headphones. He skirted the curb and continued to hum. “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth! Ba-dah, clap along if you know what happiness is to you--WOAH!” He spotted a car moving at him at a good pace, and he kicked the back of his skateboard as it wooshed by, leaving him to spin wildly in circles as the car honked at him. “AY! You idiot! What’re you doin’ here?”
There was no response as the small blue car drove off, still swerving to correct themselves after the near miss as Johnny huffed in irritation. He pulled the headphones off him and blinked as he looked them over. Pulling his head back had caused the wiring to fray some and now all he heard from his player was a series of clicking. “Aw man. It’s sad when my backup needs a backup.”
Johnny tended to wear ear bu
:icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 2 0
Not My Art - Get to Safety! (By Phasechan) by GrifterWolf
Mature content
Not My Art - Get to Safety! (By Phasechan) :icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 2 0
The Cave (Crop) by GrifterWolf
Mature content
The Cave (Crop) :icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 5 0
Chase Howard: ZPD - By Temiree by GrifterWolf Chase Howard: ZPD - By Temiree :icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 86 9 Avatar of Earth - WIP by GrifterWolf
Mature content
Avatar of Earth - WIP :icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 6 0
Zootopia Park 13/13
Part 13
Wild Isle was a little more than three hours by train, it was north of Zootopia and even included an underwater tunnel for the express riders to enjoy a crystal-clear view of ocean wildlife, surfacing only about ten miles from its destination. Clawhauser had taken the front seat and was giddy with excitement during the whole trip. None of the others could make it with him, but he wasn’t disappointed, he kept on finding strangers to rave over the concert he would be attending. He’d purchased the tickets weeks in advance and kept on clawing at the slip of paper in his pocket that contained his confirmation number. He tried to dress up normally for the event; dressing in a pair of tan slacks and a blue denim jacket. A silky lavender button up shirt rested underneath it, but his collar had a hard time setting in its place. It was nearly an hour before sunset by the time his train finally reached the island’s station.
An older looking antelope craned her neck to pe
:icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 5 1
Zootopia Park 12/13
Part 12
There was that sound again, a constant beep, beep noise that roused Chase from his sleep. His eyes were burning as if suffering from a fever, he didn’t remember anything that had happened after being dragged into the Tundra Town bay by an enormous dinosaur...
Had it all... been a dream?
Chase opened his eyes slowly, he was lying in a dimly lit room, staring up into a pasty white colored ceiling over his head. He felt weak and turned his head to the right in order to see a heart monitor and an IV of fluids dripping down toward a tube that was connected to his arm. He took a deep breath, and winced at the constriction he felt.
“Hey, well look who’s awake.”
Chase turned to see Fangmeyer sitting at the foot of his bed looking at him. He was dressed in civilian clothes; a red jacket, a pair of blue jeans. Chase had obviously been out for a while as the tiger’s smile looked more out of relief than anything else. “Wh-what happened?” Chase aske
:icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 5 2
Zootopia Park 11/??
This Allosaurus was enormous; standing at least thirty feet in height, she had enough size to intimidate a Tyrannosaurus Rex. As she craned her neck down to look at the group, her mouth curled back in an intimidating show of teeth that glinted at the daylight sun. The faintest hints of drool or saliva collected near the front of her mouth and drained down onto the sand beneath its feet. The group took a step back only to bump into Bogo, who was standing frozen.
“Wh-what do we do now?” Chase asked.
“Not sure. Right now, I can’t even move.” Bogo responded shortly. “Victoria? Can’t you stop this thing?”
“I’m sorry...” She said before turning and disappearing behind the building, unseen by the creature, whose sights were already on the others.
“Well, this day could get worse, right?” Judy asked before chuckling nervously.
“We’ve got to get out of here before it decides to--”
Fangmeyer’s vo
:icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 4 3
Zootopia Park 10/??
Part 10
Chase grabbed the sleeve of his shirt and rather easily tore it off as Judy sat nearby nursing her leg, which was still throbbing. Bending down, the wolf tied the sleeve around the wound and tightened it. “You sure you can walk?” He asked as she stood up and somewhat teetered from one side to the other.
“I might need a little help, but I’ll be okay.”
“Come on.” Fangmeyer said as he helped the bunny stabilize. “We’ve got to find the Chief and get out of here before those things decide to eat us.”
The tunnel that the trio found themselves in had tightened to a point where they could only travel one at a time, and the tiger’s nerves were already getting the better of him as they continued onward.
“Toby, are you okay?” Chase asked after a few yards of even his chest pressing against the walls. At least at this point it seemed to have stopped growing tighter and the tiger continued ahead of them.
:icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 6 2
Zootopia Park 9/??
Part 9
“Oh, cheeseballs! He’s trying to break in here!”
Clawhauser’s grasp of the obvious earned an eyeroll from Eddie, who stared at him with a dead stare. “Really.” She spoke so matter-of-factly that it missed the male’s attention.
The allosaurs on the outside of the cage let out loud barks and growls as they each took turns bashing their thick skulls into the bars, trying to somehow break in for their helpless prey. Feebly, Clawhauser grabbed the radio attached to his pocket and turned it on. “Ch-chief? I hope you’re there... we’ve--” Another bash to the cage made him shriek in surprise. “AHH! We’ve got a problem up here! Chief? CHIIIIIEF!”
“Sounds like your friends have gone off the air.” Eddie said. “And I’d say we have about three minutes before we’re dino-chow, so I’d appreciate a little less on the screaming and--” She cringed as another loud clang echoe
:icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 6 0
Zootopia Park 8/??
Part 8
The command executed flawlessly, as soon as Clawhauser hit the button, the water stopped filling the room, leaving everyone only inches from the ceiling. But just as quickly as the water filled the chamber, it was drained through a massive pipe that hurled all six of them down and through a series of minor tunnels, giving no pause for them to take a breath. The water was thick with cleansers, the one point that Howard opened his eyes he had to close them again due to the burn. As his hands swung about blindly, he felt a larger paw grab his wrist as they were flung another direction.
Suddenly, the abrupt stop to their motion found the wolf against a large grate that led further down the tunnels. Helpless to do anything, he watched as Link was rushed by and through the passage into the tunnels. Fangmeyer; who had grabbed the wolf was with him, and Judy colided with the gate seconds later, but there was no sign of Bogo or Onna anywhere. Judy tried to say something but instead point
:icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 7 2
The Power of Firebrand by GrifterWolf
Mature content
The Power of Firebrand :icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 4 0
Zootopia Park 7/??
Part 7
The waters rushed over Howard’s head as he was lifted off the ground and turned over and over several times before his back struck a wall, nearly knocking the wind out of him as Fangmeyer’s unconscious body flung against him and pulled him down. Chase was an average wolf with average strength and the tiger had about fifty pounds on him. He opened his mouth and immediately clapped it shut again to avoid the water from getting in. Bubbles poured from his nostrils and mouth as he heard a muffled noise from above before a pair of large hands grabbed him by the back of his uniform shirt and he felt himself suddenly come up half a foot until his head gasped above the water.
“Grab hold!” Bogo roared as Chase realized that the others had clung onto pipes and lines that strung about the ceiling of the room. He grabbed a thick pipe and grunted as Fangmeyer’s weight returned to his memory.
“I can’t hold Fangmeyer!” He said. “Lift him up
:icongrifterwolf:GrifterWolf 5 1

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