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JJGestapo Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I just wanted to say your gallery is so whimsical and colorful!  Your color pallets alone are inspiring!  Definitely following :)
Lolgaleo Featured By Owner May 11, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
these mythical looking ones are like the biggest inspiration to me
in the future I hope this becomes a game so I can put all of my favorites on my team!
pine-ad0pts Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2019
Also are diamonsters still used? 
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
yes they are renamed to Diamons and are now a subtype of Facets
Hecate-II Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2019  Student General Artist
Hey Griff!

I've followed your art for years, and the more I see the more I want some. Unfortunately, I'm barely making ends meet as it is. I seem to remember there was a way to draw art of others bagbeans and your npc bagbeans to earn tokens that could go toward earning one. Would that still be active? If you already have a journal about this and I somehow missed this looking through them I'm sorry, and would you please link the journal? If not, could you explain it here? <3 

Keep making awesome art, you have a skill for making people happy with it!
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