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Detailed nature art commission for *Goldehpaws :D hope you like it!

Made in photoshop on one layer. Took me around 5-7 hours.
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What dose the fox say?

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Fox: That this is an awesome picture! - favs -
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Oh my god! That's so good! The background. Ooooh, the background.  <3
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Your paintings are beautiful.
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paws and aki! i love those two! they are so fluffy!
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Such beautiful colors and lighting, I love all the details! :la: Ca't believe you did it so quick, it'd take me a week to do something like this and it wouldn't be half as good. :P
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WOAH This is amazing! ER MA GAWD! One layer... I swear, I have a different layer for the body, the base, the fur, the eyes, the trees, the feet...
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You... you wizard!!!!
This is so amazing!
Just, er merh gerd!
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This drawing is good... but I think it could have been more vibrant so,
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Awesome, and... one layer......
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I love this. I love your gallery.

I wish I had enough money for a commission, and I don't even do that very often.
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This looks beautiful! :D How much did something like this cost if you don't mind me asking?
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Pricelist can be found int he commission journal on my page :3
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T.T Download button why u no there D: Amazing picture aswell
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wow!! I love the realistic furry look on the animals and the great detail in the whole picture. GREAT JOB!!
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This is gorgeous!!!! Wonderful work as always! :heart:
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I feel like an idiot, cause I wanted to click the watch button.
Turns out I'm already watching you ^^;

I love the foxes O.O
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I love the detail in all your work! It always amazed me!!
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