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Eons ago it was said that when civilization grew, so did the idea of success. The idea of how to gain success was so divided in the griffians that it manifested the demigods Hurdle and Bonus. Hurdle did not believe in taking the easy way out, and would do everything in its power to make life hard, it would sometimes curse your lands just to teach you lessons of working hard and never giving up. Bonus on the other hand loved helping out, so much so that they granted every wish they could, even if it gave to much. This caused a huge fight among the early civilizations since some felt they worked harder than the others, while the others felt that they were just jealous of their sucsess and luck. Hurdle and Bonus  would not agree on what was best for the civilizations so they decided that both hard work and free help can build a stronger community together. They then became the God of RNG, both making sure to fight each other so their blessings would be random.

Wally making a crop offering to the RNG, A Demi god that lives in griffia. Griffians refer to this god as the "Really nice god", or the "Rarely nice god", since no one knows what causes this noodle like creature to help you out or ignore your efforts. It is also rarely seen, only by those who posses advanced magic might catch a glimpse of it! Its body is said to stretch all the way around the globe.  There are several public offering places for the RNG that griffians can visit. Some Griffians are such strong believers that they create their own shrines.


The RNG is watching
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Would the rng show visions as a reply ? Wonder for a story idea?
Sirona-The-Healer's avatar
*prays that one day I may be blessed* XD Love this aspect.
Snorechu's avatar
omfg I love that you even made the rng a character!! This is so cool, and such a pretty and creative piece <333
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Zwaa's avatar
Gosh GS, This is like a new sona of yourself.
You always want to give, but understand the value of hard work.

Epic creature, I love their names.
PixelDough's avatar
omg i love this concept of this and the fact that it's so relatable, gah :'D
miflore's avatar
I am so happy to get more lore about the world of Griffia so so happy ;;;;;

this God is awesome, I love how you turned the "RNG" mood into something... so original and it's awesome.
The design is marvelous and gosh I missed your drawings like this <3

Thank you so much for always making this whole griffia world evolve and making it so immersive, so interesting... I would have a billion of questions to ask, hence why I am excited at each new events ahahah xD

Thank you Tina!!
griffsnuff's avatar
>u< I am so glad I have more time for it to eeeeee
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_We all pray to the RNG for Bonus’s favor_

In seriousness tho this is a really cool concept Tina! The piece itself has a really nice atmosphere and Wally is adorable. Thanks for sharng!
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 I think of it as the "Rarely nice one"

Kimchirii's avatar
Aaah wow I really love the atmosphere you create in these it's really cool! <33333
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Kimchirii's avatar
Yw ❤️❤️
Kolewazaki-san's avatar
RikkuTakanashi's avatar
That is a adorable explanation for the rng god. XD
Cherri-Crimzon's avatar
This is such an interesting way to incorporate the RNG system into the ARPG, and I love the lore you put behind it!
Behind the scene game mechanics that you incorporate into the lore make this ARPG really unique in my eyes!

Amazing creature design Griff > w <
Nerventee's avatar
Ahh.. this is the thing that hates me so much!
SunnyBea's avatar
RNGesus, please bless me...  Pray 
NinGeko's avatar
listen here bad head can you maybe not be so mean bud?
Endy7's avatar
This is gorgeous !
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