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Pinkie pie :iconterplz: my favourite pony
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Something went wrong with icon in your description ;o;
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pinkie is best pon
nice job :3
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Aww <3 She looks so lovely! I love the color sheme
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I feature your wonderful deviation here
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8D thank you so much!
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I like ur style! dOvOb 
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This pic has been posted on equestria daily congrats griffsnuff :D…
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I see they have stopped giving credit, xD not very professional like it used to be
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You really know how to make the ponies look great.

Pinkie is best "raise your moral to and make you always smile" pony.

Wonderful work
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Ain't no party like a Pinkie Pie party cause a Pinkie Pie party don't stop!! Hell Yeah Pinkie Pie!!!!
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Pinkie is best pone!!!!
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Ahh, so cute lol
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Griffsnuff are you considering making these for all of the ponies? Their very cute!
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pinkie pie is best pony *v*
I love her in your style *A* <33
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