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Oberon Titan form
By griffsnuff   |   Watch
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Published: February 16, 2019
© 2019 griffsnuff
>u</ For SlayersStronghold Hope you like it!!!

Question! would people be interested in Titan commissions of their Griffians? I am just curious
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Comments (40)
predivan's avatar
I loved these colors s2
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Alisenokmice's avatar
Alisenokmice|Hobbyist Digital Artist
  I wanted to leave the same comment, huh!! XD
  really amazing one!
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LineMakerProductions's avatar
LineMakerProductions|Student General Artist
I really want to scream claim HAHAH
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LimboLogic's avatar
LimboLogic|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woah! thats super cool!
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SlayersStronghold's avatar
SlayersStronghold|Professional Digital Artist
 I love it Tina! You did a great job getting the movement and the feel I wanted. Defintily very happy with the outcome.
Thank you for this!

For anyone who wants to know what Oberon's Griffolk form looks like for comparison:
1150 - Oberon by TheKingdomOfGriffia  :love: 
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griffsnuff's avatar
griffsnuff|Professional Digital Artist
8D YAaay I am glad <3
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InkyPrinceRick's avatar
InkyPrinceRick|Student Digital Artist
Id love to get a titan form of my kiddo
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DR-ROBOFOX's avatar
DR-ROBOFOX|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If I could get one I would love to see my babs in titan form ;w;
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Banefulness's avatar
Banefulness|Hobbyist Digital Artist
100 percent, I can't do Explosive Volcano justice
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Lyunaire's avatar
Lyunaire|Student General Artist
Yes! So much. Oddfrid would look amazing as a titan!
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Zwaa's avatar
Zwaa|Student Digital Artist
Lovely colors.

And absolutely! Titan commissions.
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birbean's avatar
birbean|Professional Digital Artist
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BLxINK's avatar
Nope for me
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Baraayas's avatar
Baraayas|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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equinnoxious's avatar
equinnoxious|Hobbyist Digital Artist
please, siren would be so badass in an angery titan form O: 
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Aryncoryn's avatar
Aryncoryn|Student General Artist
Honestly, I'd be 100% interested! 8D
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TheSandyDragon64's avatar
TheSandyDragon64|Hobbyist Digital Artist
These colors look so amazing! And I love the pose too!
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Carbonitty's avatar
Carbonitty|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I’d totally be interested! My girls would look fabulous in your style! 
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xSeamair's avatar
xSeamair|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wasn't so convinced about the Titan form for Bagbeans at first but seeing a Bagbean in that Form they are pretty damn awesome omg
Would be interested in Titan comissions >w> Would love to see my Bean in that form, it would be interesting to see how that form looks like with Fins as hands instead of the paws lmao XD
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loafdew's avatar

I personally would not be interested in Titan form commissions, as I simply don't click with the forms all that well, but I'm sure others would enjoy them. :)
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marshalbaku's avatar
marshalbaku|Professional General Artist
im almost afraid to try and draw my faunt's titan form since I've not seen any others besides the example art, so it would be helpful but I don't think i'd have the funds to get one at the moment BUT if I theoretically did then yeah, I'd be interested in a titan form commission |D
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ClutterCluster's avatar
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gardensprouts's avatar
gardensprouts|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd be interested!
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Ascynd's avatar
AscyndEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would absolutely love a titan commission of my Fenrir bean. XD I haven't even designed his adult form yet, hahh..
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