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My color process

I am sorry for any typos xD

When I color things, I dont really think to much, it runs on autopilot most of the time. I just try diffrent things out til I like how it looks, this shows some of that process I think xD hope its understandable.
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always so helpful to reference! too bad I can't do digital art right now, I'd love to do some color studies 
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interesting tutorial
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What program do you use to change the hue and also how do i make it black and white to check?
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I use sai and photoshop, both can change hues. CTRL+U  then you can turn the saturation down :3
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Ah thanks!!
I only use Sai;
I'm gunna try this later :3
Thank you!
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Great tutorial! Really helped :D
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I always play with the hues for things .u. other than that I learned a lot thanks! ,A,
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The whole black-and-white section about values really brings things to light, pun intended. thanks again :3
Thanks - I always seem to have trouble with color and this helps!
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Thank you for this great tutorial. I mostly use something yellowish for light and some blueish for shaddow, but I will try more variations.
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this is so helpful!! you have no idea how much i struggle trying to find the right colors, im gonna start practicing and stop being afraid of color <3
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Thank you! This is so helpful!!
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Another thing is if you use black and white and grey and just draw with them, then add a layer and chose the option Color, or copy the black and white layer, lock transparency, and color away. Hope this might help somebody worried they'll mess up colors, if you do just go back to the original layer, duplicate, and try again.
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Omg so helpful Owo!
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This was really helpful! I've always struggled with finding colors that work together, and making pieces that stand out. Hopefully this will change things :D
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Thanks for this tutorial. I'll try it in my next drawing and will step out of my comfort zone. And a big thank you that you take your time to make these tutorials. They are really helpful.
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Thank you :hug: That is amazingly helpful <3333
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absolutely love this! <3
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Thank you very much for this great tutorial! Love 
I used it here:…
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Thank you for great and inspirational tutorial, it helped a lot!! I'm always stuck when I'm trying to color things. Less thinking, more coloring :)
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thanks a lot!!
this helped me out very much ;;
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This really made me happy
I love that you never use the word hate <333
It really does help!!!
thanks for posting :D
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Convenient you uploaded this at the start of my art class's color unit, this may help in the future. c:
Thank you!
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