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:' D I do miss making paintings, its been a while since I just let go and made something like this, so this was a blast! I hope to make more pieces like this in 2021! I am grateful I got to participate in this, and hope my process and psd file will be helpful for anyone out there who also loves to paint and play around with colors >u</

Core Membership Giveaway Raffle
I am giving away 10 Free core memberships to those who do not have it for this occasion, so if Core lounge is something you want to check out, All you have to do is Enter in the comment below and I will number and Roll it once it is 24 hours old


DeviantART's Creative Crate for the Core Lounge
This is a really cool feature for those who have Core, and it contains PSD files of all the layers, my brush settings in Paint tool sai and a Time lapse video on how I created the work above. It has a lot of other amazing artists featured there as well which really inspired me as well! This is their  CoreLounge account

Journal About me and my Artwork  Creative Crate, January 2021 - griffsnuffDownload our latest Creative Crate and join us for an exclusive AMA with @griffsnuff!Now's your chance to submit questions to @griffsnuff for the Ask Me Anything (AMA)! Learn more about digital art techniques, the inspiration nature provides for fantasy backgrounds, and more when she answers on Tuesday, January 19th at 11:00 AM Pacific Time.,Creative Crates are digital boxes of art content and tools that are exclusive to Core Members. At least one Crate will appear in the Core Lounge each month.This month, @griffsnuff delivered a high-quality digital bundle for Core Members to enjoy — including a high-resolution PSD file of her piece “Magic,” the brush settings she used to create the fantastical work, and a time-lapse video detailing her process!,,,Be sure to return to this page for an AMA with @griffsnuff on Tuesday, January 19th at 11:00 AM Pacific Time. Leave your questions in the comments below!,About the Artist@griffsnuff, also known as Griff or Tina, is a Norwegian artist who has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She has a degree in animation and has worked as a concept artist for Among the Sleep, an indie game created by Krillbite. She loves designing characters, settings, and the worlds ARPGs have, and her favorite project is the ARPG @Bagbeans. She currently volunteers for the Norwegian People’s Aid.Crate Details“‘Magic’ is a type of artwork that I absolutely love to create,” @griffsnuff says of the fantasy creature designs and nature-inspired backgrounds. A love of griffins prompted her to create her DeviantArt account years ago, and they are still her favorite fantasy creatures today! “I have always been fascinated with birds, so it was natural that this creature spoke to me.”In her art, @griffsnuff does not use a lot of brushes. “You can go a long way with one watercolor blending brush and a hard pen brush,” she advises, noting that painting a contrast between soft and hard can really drive a focal point and efficiently create different textures. Along with brushes, she uses Multiply to create shading and Overlay to add lighting and glow effects. “These two tools are easy to use and if you clip them to a shape with masks then you can paint without worrying about messing up the shapes,” @griffsnuff explains.“My personal paintings often start out with really rough sketches, and then I let the coloring and blocking out shapes dictate which direction the painting goes, which is why painting is a lot of fun,” @griffsnuff shares. "You never know what you end up with when you jump right into it!" The time-lapse video shows her changing her mind a few times, even removing and editing choices along that way that she did not like. “The first few minutes can really set the mood of the painting,” she affirms.Check out the January Creative Crate!  >u</ Thank you for checking it out!

Ask me Anything Session
On Tuesday, January 19th at 11:00 AM Pacific for an Ask Me Anythng (AMA) session, where you can join in and ask me your questions!
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5 years later and im still obssessedddd with your art! just too fuckin cute

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Love the light effects!
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Beautiful work

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Very cool work!

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This is so cool! I love the lighting, and the way the one on the right fades!

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ah this is gorgeous! i love the colors and the soft painted texture
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ooh beautiful work as always

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I don’t know if late entering

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Entering! Thank you so much for the opportunity <3

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8D you were rolled for the free core, it might be a little before it appears on your account, thank you for participating and for the patience >u</

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AAAAA so exciting! thank you so much <3 np about the wait!

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Entering! Thank you!

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Entering! Thank you :)

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