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How I practice art tutorial

Long overdue with a random new tutorial for you birds! :dummy:  This is how I practice, im sure this method doesnt work for all, but it totally does for me so I have been wanting to share for a while after getting asked :D 

Excuse my typos.
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Redraw_ Walking far by griffsnuff

Other relevant tutorials :3
My color process by griffsnuff Tree tutorial by griffsnuff  background tutorial part1 by griffsnuff Background tutorial part 2 by griffsnuff
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This is awesome- because recently I've been telling myself to start practicing, but also telling myself I wouldn't know what to practice.
But now, with this in mind, I'm gonna go make me a list and tape it to my head until I've practiced all the stuffs on it *determined derp face*
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This involves a lot of work! Which is unfortunate, but necessary for the trying to get better
Cup-Of-Awkward's avatar
this is what i needed in my life bless you :heart:
Chefia-64's avatar
This tutorial is fucking awesome! I'll try it out!
MelodyGlow's avatar
me: looks at before version
*scrolls down*
Falljoydelux's avatar
The thought that you may be as good as this

It fills you with DETERMINATION
MelodyGlow's avatar
iddabie's avatar
Mind = blown xDD thanks so much!
Jellyfishbubblez's avatar
wow this is extremely helpful!
Thank you for this, I'll definitely try all these things out in time!
You make it very clear how to follow and describe everything easily and straight forward, which is perfect in a tutorial!
10/10!! Haha! :la:
incendiarymoth's avatar
Wow this is great! It's very helpful for those trying to improve their art ^3^ (AKA me XD)
Summer-Lynx's avatar
Thank you for this, I really needed this
Susensd's avatar
Thank you so much!
OakenshieldArt's avatar
You are so amazing!
And you explain the tutorial really well!
You have always been one of my favorite artist both with your stunning skills and your lovely personality. 
I always look forward to seeing new things from you and this tutorial will definitely help me in the future!
Thank you!
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The after picture...
Berkelis's avatar
I need to print this and hang it somewhere near my desk. ^^
Moltenkitty's avatar
Wow thanks so much :heart:
Roxalew's avatar
Drawing the skeleton to help with the motion is a pretty cool method. 
Thank you for sharing :D muchly helpful!
Remiaro's avatar
This is my favorite tutorial you've made so far. :)
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This is amazing and inspiring.
I want to achive such skill on day, starting from today
Thanks alot : ))
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This is a very reasonable way of breaking things down, I may try re drawing something with this practice pattern ^u^
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