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Fox spirit

Played around with theese awesome brushes :D [link]

And some self made ones xD and some blendingmode/effects :la:

Drawn in photoshop.
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Great art and nice colored :rose:
PokeartKid's avatar
I love the colours! Especially the blue.
CrazyFoxMoon's avatar
Beyond beautiful... Actually rather inspiring.
grafffite's avatar
Oh this is cool! The blue really makes it come out! =D
Ryuseimaru's avatar

Snuffen workin' sum' Magiks?
griffsnuff's avatar
xD wtf this isnt snuffen
Ryuseimaru's avatar
You said they can turn into foxes...and since Snuffen can work "Da Magiks!" I thought she probably could turn into a fox and back again as well. ;)
griffsnuff's avatar
I rarely draw snuffen as a fox XD
Ryuseimaru's avatar
Ah well, a misconception then... ;)
Chardove's avatar
That is amazingly beautiful!
KayQy's avatar
Oooh, WOW. <3
LondonFairyDust's avatar
PopcornL0ve's avatar
LOL i thought of Firefox when i saw this :)
Supercroc93's avatar
love how the face just melts into the background. WELL DONE
Wyncandel's avatar
This is splendid. :D
Abwettar's avatar
Gahhh these colours are so beautiful!! :D And the brushstrokes look amazing <3333
fangflower's avatar
Soooo prettyyyyyyy.......*mesmerized*
troofla's avatar
that's beautiful, isn't it?
kiwi-seed's avatar
Wonderful colours :) I like how your style still shines through in your art, even when you play around with different styles of drawing/painting.
Fantastic ^^
SGwolffang's avatar
i love your use of warm orange and ice blue. they're such beautiful colors together!
MaddyJordan's avatar
Wow, very lovely.
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