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#4947 Hollow BB - Eel Legs [AUCTION]

SDGJSØDIGSD I dont know why I made this but I was laughing so hard at the bag x'D  Blursed beans Long leg day

Rules for this auction
Bullet; Green Paypal only!
Bullet; Green Do not bid if you do not have the money in your PayPal. I do not take payment plans.
Bullet; Black Auction ends when its been 1 hour since last bid.

SB: $1
AB: -


Griffian: Bagbean
Subtype: Hollow
Status: BLURSED (Cursed and Blessed)
Mutations: Long, Different tail, fins, all seeing, Bag is enchanted.
Winner: Kirority

A Griffian that can be used for my ARPG Group Bagbeans.:iconbagbeans: is a art and roleplay group with lots of fun activities and games. It is free to join. I would love to see you there! 
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A derpy child 😭

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Duuude....i really Love this looooong guy :0 ♡♡♡♡♡ the bag is the best part xD

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Those eyes.....

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He needs to be picked up by his shoulders so we can see how long and lanky he is

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tbh i'd throw all my money away just for the bag, i need it so badly

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I love how long and lanky this guy is XD Reminds me of a ferret body :D

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xD omg LONG for ferret themes are perfect!

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Thats a perfect name

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omg the theme, the bag, the expression XD I love it

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xD Thanks!! I had a bunch of fun with this one

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