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#37 Fire Orm - Red [Flatsale Raffle]

Ofcourse this one had to be fire x'D  8D FLATSALE RAFFLE

What is a Flatsale Raffle? 
Its like a flatsale,  but instead of it being first come first serve,  you can enter a raffle, and the winner pays the flatsale! This is so more people have  a chance if they have slower Internets and so on! 

- You can only enter for yourself and not someone else on this
- Paypal only! ( I will be using the discord raffle to roll)
- Do not enter the raffle unless you have the amount in your paypal account  and can pay right away when it ends and if you win!
- Once the Raffle comment is 30 mins old, I will do a RNG and reply to the winner 
- Reply to the Star! ENTER HERE Star! comment under only! All other replies will not count!
- Payment is due when the winner is rolled, or it will be re rolled.

(180) $100 PAID
Caldercloud is paying 80 of it so the winner will pay 100 :D PAID

Griffian: Orm
Subtype: Fire
Status: Elemental
Mutations: All seeing, coat cover, aura sprout
Owner:  @FiveisAlive

A Griffian that can be used for my ARPG Group Bagbeans.:iconbagbeans: is a art and roleplay group with lots of fun activities and games. It is free to join. I would love to see you there! 
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:0 that does look similar since they both have red base with brown short hair, I will ask the winner if they want to make any minor changes if you want?

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No need! I just noticed the similarities, I don't mind them :D

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Will there be more today? +w+

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Ah! I’m so glad to see a flat sale raffle! I’m too late to enter but this warmed my heart~

River-of-Spears's avatar

Aahw a few sec late to enter.

such a cool design!

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Hey Tina! I'd like to put $80 towards the orm so that the price comes down to $100 for the raffle winner :3

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THIS IS SO NICE OMG ;o ; tysm calder! <3

Caldercloud's avatar

You are so welcome!!! Congrats on your gorgeous new Orm!

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8D eee Raffle has been rolled, note me you paypal so i can invoice

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8D WOAH that is super nice! I will add it in!

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probably doesn’t work the best out of them all OTL

but anyway, I love that they purple little accents ;w; very cute!

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RORM its better than nothing :D and thanks!

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Agreed!! … do you think turquoise would be tORMquoise or turquORM?

/D I’m so sorry

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TORMQUOISE IS AN epic username oh my god xD

Amiookamiwolf's avatar

I was pretty excited about it I’m glad it’s not just me who is amused LOL

if anyone wants a name for their griffia-related alt account then that’s one idea X’D

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I look forward to them all the time haha xD

Amiookamiwolf's avatar

I will keep returning with them then >:D

im excited to see what you design!!

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