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#35 Fire Orm - White

Bullet; Green Paypal only!
Bullet; Red First come first serve
Bullet; Red Do not claim unless you have the full amount asked for.
Bullet; Red Payment due after claiming it or it will be resold.

$250 PAID
Griffian: Orm
Subtype: Fire
Status: elemental
Mutation: All seeing, keratin growth, glow
Owner: Toasty-BBs

A Griffian that can be used for my ARPG Group Bagbeans.:iconbagbeans: is a art and roleplay group with lots of fun activities and games. It is free to join. I would love to see you there! 
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Man so far, this is my favorite......but then, there is BLACK and I already know that that is going to be a Pro one.....

LunarNorthstar's avatar

Ahhhhh a beautiful baby! I love the soft pink accents and mmm that skull cloak is 👌👌👌👌

I absolutely adore this gal beyond mesure~

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Thank god I was too busy with work to see this before it got bought because omg the speed of which I would try to snatch this amazing Whorm X’D


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Pinky-Dreams's avatar

What a beautiful bean! Hopefully one day I get an Orm! These guys are awesome!

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River-of-Spears's avatar

This one looks so cool :D

Misuzee's avatar

They look o cool! ;v; Will there maybe be more today? +w+

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:Dok! Note me your paypal so I can invoice!

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Just wanted to ask if you put this on the right account? since the two names seem to lead to different accounts?

idk if they are the same people but I just wanted to check in

Toasty-BBs's avatar

Lumi is my main account and where I first saw the Orm on so I claimed when I could. There's no panic lol

LunarNorthstar's avatar

Yeye all good I just wanted to make sure I looked out for my fellow players❤️

LunarNorthstar's avatar

All gucci then 👌sorry for the bother

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