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#28 Plesiopod - Star Gummy

Bullet; Green Paypal only!
Bullet; Red First come first serve
Bullet; Red Do not claim unless you have the full amount asked for.
Bullet; Red Payment due after claiming it or it will be resold.
- Owner can choose theme if it is TBA.

$50 PAID
Griffian: Plesiopod
Subtype: Blaze
Mutation: Different tail, glow
Owner: Kirority

A Griffian that can be used for my ARPG Group Bagbeans.:iconbagbeans: is a art and roleplay group with lots of fun activities and games. It is free to join. I would love to see you there! 
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m..moon gummy next? 👁👄👁

Amiookamiwolf's avatar

so precious <3 <3

MysticScriber's avatar

ooo these are so colourful and cute!

LunarNorthstar's avatar
Kirority's avatar

This is a targeted attack on my yellow/star loving self

Misuzee's avatar

oh my god congrats! they would fit your yellow orm so well! +w+

Kirority's avatar

THEY WILL it's just too perfect???????

Misuzee's avatar

it is!!! i gave the green plesiopod to my green orm as well! :D they fit each other perfectly

Kirority's avatar

SO cute! I totally see them being best buds!

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8D OK note me your paypal so I can invoice!

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