Kamiwaza Wanda Alternate Story 'What If.....?'

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I'd Like to Tell You Guys, I've Always Think About Some of Kamiwaza Wanda Episode's Alternate Contents. Well, Not All the Episodes, Just Some Episodes, And It May Also Contains Crossover A Bit. ^^;

Episode 26 - Kephi from DaoBazzi Anime(Korean Anime) Switched Turbomin Card and Tonkamin Card to Show Yuuto Accidently Mixed Chakkamin with Wrong Promin, to Make Wanda Doesn't Trust Yuuto Anyomre. Instead Kizunatchi from Tamagotchi Helped Yuuto, Yuuto De-Bugs Spicemin, Measuremin, Drymin and Showermin While Masato De-Bugs Brushmin When Yuuto was Quite Late. Kephi Tells Memetchi How to Make Melodytchi as Her Best-Tamafriend.

Episode 28 - Kephi Tells Memetchi from Tamagotchi to Acting Baby and Tells Mighty Masato isn't Trustable. Memetchi Pretended Baby Crying to Lure Jetmin, And Mighty Used His Ninja Skill to Re-Bug Bellmin. Memetchi Called Bug Motemin, Bug Sukemin to Confuse Masato and Yuuto, However Masato Mixes Stopmin and Mapmin /w Yuuto's Kamiwaza Shaker, Yuuto De-Bugs Motemin, However Bug Sukemin Escapes. Yuuto Called Recomin to De-Bug Bellmin, However Somebody Warns Him He'll Lost Recomin.

Episode 32~33 - Yuuto and Wanda Completely Separated. Since Yuuto Lost Mapmin By Masato, So He Called Just Only Zuzumin to Find Wanda and Mirai's Counsin's Cat, However It Took Many Times. Wanda Realized Mirai's Cousin's Cat Was Male and Kicked That Cat out His Sight. Meanwhile Masato De-Bugs Sukemin. Bug Heartmin was Escaped. Next Day, Masato De-Bugs Origamin By Himself Even He Team-Worked with Yuuto.

Episode 34~36 - Early of This Special Episode, Masato De-Bugs Cafemin by Himself. Wanda Figures out Dr.Great Who was Final Boss of His Show, Was Created Don BugDeath. He Steals Bug Katasumin to Seal Great. Wanda and Mighty Captures All the Promins in Town, And Released on the Town. Kirakira Girls from Tamagotchi Attempt to Sing A Song for Christmas Special, However Memetchi Betrays Them. Kephi Swithed the Cards Again, So Yuuto and Masato Were Late(Yuuto-Yumemin, Masato-Slowmin). However Slowmin Re-bugged By Villains, And Also Recomin[From Yuuto] and Cafemin[From Masato] Re-bugged too. Yuuto De-Bugs Catchmin, Slowmin and Cafemin, Masato De-Bugs Fukumin, Rhythmmin and Recomin. Also, Yuuto De-Bugged Tengumin, Mentemin and Toughmin, Masato De-Bugged Yajiromin, Copymin and Speechmin. Yuuto Also DeBugged Gymmin and Meganemin However, Masato Taken Them from Yuuto, Just Like Jetmin. Kirakira Girls were Broke Up, And Also Lovelitchi Separates Melodytchi because of Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi were Wore on the Playboy Bunny Outfit by Bug Fukumin. Kirakira Princess Were Born Since Smartotchi Came from the Future to Help the Team. Nandetchi Losts His Glassess while Saving Righttchi and Changed His Style. When Memtchi Changed Her Style, Ironicially Himespetchi Started Show Her Attention Memetchi.

Episode 37 - Bigmin and Smallmin Appeared As Thier Promin Selves, To Test Yuuto and Masato will Able to Thier Team. While Trying to Capturing Bug Makuramin, Koromin Felt Jealous About Catchmin, Who De-Bugged By Yuuto, By Kephi, and Push Senpuumin Far Away, While Melodytchi Plays Her Violin to Show Her Sadness About Lovelitchi. Meanwhile Memetchi Brokes X(Cross)'s Arms and Legs and Roll Him Away with Her New Pet, Mizuchi from Shin Megami Tensei, And Melodytchi and X were Bumped Each Other. Yuuto De-Bugs Bug Makuramin with Drymin, However While Coromin was Upset, Shuu Tried to Console Him, However Villains Re-Bugged Coromin Again, And Masato De-bugs Him. Dr.Kyle from StoneAge and Yuuto, Mametchi from Tamagotci Fixes X with His New Cockatoo Wings and Legs. However Melodytchi Founds Out Lovelitchi Was Staying with Her Friend, Pianitchi, She Decided to Be The X-Kamen.

Episode 43 - Memorymin Appeared As His Promin Self, And Tells Everyone There's The Terrible Danger. Since Yuuto De-Bugs Fatmin, Masato De-Bugs Temomin, The Team Finally Trapped Bug Katasumin, But She was Vanished with Tonkamin and Kagimin. Batsumin, Bugmin from Batsu-Waza Made By Melody-X-Kamen has Appeared! Yuuto Called Divemin, Liftmin, Wrapmin and Catchmin to Stop Them, But Also They Been Batsu-fied Too. Masato De-Bugs Kagimin Thanks to Yuuto, And He Called Stopmin, Sukemin and Hanshamin to Stop Them, And Then Nice and Amazing from Wanda Planet Tried To Help. However, Wanda Told Them Humans are Can't Be Trustable, So They Tested Mirai and Shuu to Will They Able to Stop the Batsumins, However Thier Promin[Mirai - Sharimin, Burgermin, Gakkimin, Drillmin/Shuu - Copymin, Recomin] However Batsu Liftmin Caught Throw Them into Batsu-Wardrobe and Villains Turn Them Into Batsumins too. Melody-X-Kamen Shows Her Self to the Team and She Escapes. Yuuto Called Jaguchimin and Freezermin to De-Bug Wrapmin However After That, Jaguchimin and Freezermin Became Batsumin too. Now Nice and Amazing Distrust the Human, How Ever Dr.Kyle Banish Them with Wanda and Mighty Away with His Fart-Bombs, Yuuto De-Bugs Divemin, Masato De-Bugs Gakkimin, Mirai De-Bugs Jaguchimin and Shuu De-Bugs Tonkamin. However Rest Batsumins with Batsu Katasumin Escaped, And Team Yuuto Became Weaker.

Episode 44 - Melody-X-Kamen Finally Starts Her Evil Plot! She Started to Re-Bugs Every Promins[Gauzemin, Fukumin, Hasamin, Eishamin, Micmin, Railmin, Jetmin and Even Turbomin] and She Summons Batsu Penmin, Batsu Tsukkomin and Batsu Gamemin to Attack the Town! Even She Re-Bugs Banemin after He Save Kiramotchi from Tamagotchi from Neenetchi from Same Way, And Then Neenetchi Pushed Him into Batsu-Wardrobe. While Fighting Batsumins, The Team Got The New Plan! Saba-Sabaibaru and Subetarou from Heybot Joins Wakuwaku-Attributed Promin, Mechanical Doctors Made Soukoushamin Based on Kujack Jack from Tamagotchi and Captain Haku from Heybot[That Means This Buruburu Attributed Promin is Artificial Promin]. Yuuto and Team Succefully De-Bugged Turbomin, Jetmin and Railmin with Chaccemin(Chakkamin + Dancemin)[Since That Tropicatchi Becames Fall in Chakkamin more Than Kujack Jack.], However, According to Bellmin, More Promins were Kidnapped and Re-Bugged by Batsu Katasumin, Expect, Chakkamin. Now, Team Yuuto Have to Stop Them.

Episode 45~46 - Team Had A Plan. Masato Called All of His Promins, And Make Batsu-Katasumin Disable to Catch the Promin and Throw in the Batsu-Wardrobe. Yuuto Successed to De-Bugged Expect, Batsu Banemin, However They Are Attempt to Summon Wanda-Promin. Since They Needed One More Shirishiri-Attributed Promin, And That's Banemin! Shuu Went with Senpuumin instead of Banemin, And Yuuto and Masato Creates Tazugumin(Turbomin + Zuzumin + Plugmin) and Jetsutomin(Jetmin + Sukemin + Mutemin) to Stop Batsu Banemin and Mirai Went With Railmin. The Team Finally Caught Batsu Banemin After Many Twists and Turns. And Now All the Fact-Promins were Revived However, Something Was Strange.....

Final Episode - Bug Heartmin Evolved into Death-Bugmin After Absorbs BugDeath's All the Energies, And The World Been in the Greatest Danger of All. The Civilizations and Machines Are Started to Rampage and Reckless, However Wanda-Promin Summoned the 12 Chinese-Zodiac Gods, 4 Great Elemental Fairies and The Guardian Creatures[Mogaros(Fire)/Norunoru(Wind)/Manmo(Earth)/Velpous(water)] from StoneAge to Purify the Earth into the New Planet, Called 'Niss'. Wanda-Promin Took All the Survivors and Left the Earth, However 6 Kids[Yuuto, Masato, Mirai, Shuu, Nicole, Souma] Stayed and Sacrifice Themselves. Before Sacrifice, Yuuto Used His Last Chance to Integrated Tajebomin(Toughmin+Jetmin+Turbomin) to Save Planet Wanda. Poby from StoneAge Asked Otutu from Same Way the Favor to Deliver the Kamiwaza Gadjets, However He Refuses and Sacrifices Himself and Save the Second Earth. Dr.Kyle was Also Sad, However He Decided to Forget the Sadness and Go to Tri-Force to Rivive the Dinosaurs with His Companions. Yui and Mako, Who were one of the Survivors was Cried About Their Brothers' Death. Meanwhile Turbomin and His Friends Saw the Planet Wanda Became the Frozen Planet of Death, And They Decided to Revive the Planet By Their Own Selves. Righttchi, Mametchi, Wagassiertchi, Smartotchi, Monakatchi and Their New Member Sutakatotchi Left the Earth and Saying Farewell to Their Friends. And Finally Promins Succesed to Revive the Planet with Their Own Powers and Celebrates, However Melody-X-Kamen Re-Bugged Them Again.[Well, In Kamiwaza Promins, They Just Celebrated.]

And Now That's The Story of My Version will Happening. Peace :)
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Oh My! Cool Crossover! :)
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