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The Hogwarts Pirates



Heard of The Marauders? Yeah, well, meet The Pirates.

My friends, Ama :iconamarischaos:, Nabs :iconromanticwishes:, Cela, Lizzie :iconlowlow23:, and I over at SS [ :iconsnitchseekers:] have created this small group of young troublemagnets [what? we don't look for just magically finds us *whistles*] we called The Pirates.

Let me introduce you to the crew [L-R]:

Daphne Hopton: <Gryffindor> Unwilling member of the crew [yes, that's why I drew her pouting]. She's very high class [don't call her prissy--she might tackle you] and well-mannered. She and my character, Jillian met their second year and Jillian is very fond of her bestfriend and Daphne has grown fond of Jillian as well. Daphne is played by the lovely Ama. Fashion: Miss Hopton is sporting a lovely sundress which shows off her good posture. Her small beret [I guess we could call it that since I really have no idea what to call it] has her initials on it and has fishnet sticking out from the top. She has a pearl necklace with an emerald pendant with a gold ' P ' on it [yes, that stands for Pirates].

Jillian McGuffin: <Gryffindor> Jillian is First Mate. She has very girly features which contrasts her personality. She's such a tomboy and loves to go on her adventures [mostly because she has a big family who travels a lot and hangs mostly with her two brothers than her two sisters]. She usually forces Daphne to go along because the more the merrier. Jillian is played by myself. Fashion: Miss McGuffin is wearing a simple shirt and vest look but has an extravagant hat with two feathers on the side [because I'm slightly in love with Peter Pan]. Her initials are dominant on the hat to show how outspoken and outgoing she is. She has a simple necklace made out of strong and yet sturdy rope. The musical timepiece hanging from her neck has a golden ' P ' on it.

[Prince] Eadric: See that little froggy on top of Jillian's hat? Nope, that's not part of the hat, that's Jillian's pet. Eadric was given to Jillian by Daphne as a Christmas present during their second year after Daphne learned that Jillian has longed for a frog as far as she could remember. Eadric's basically the mascot.

Garret Crocker: <Hufflepuff> Garrett is the head hancho--Captain of the Pirates. He's the tallest out of the rest of the Pirates and he can get a little crazy [especially when he's around The Nurse Assistant Lady Trel] at times. He is played by the fabulous Nabiya. Fashion: Captain Crocker is sporting a huge Captain's hat, obviously pointing out the leadership. His initials are in a [gold] pentagon in the middle of his hat. He's wearing a polo shirt under his leather vest. He has a necklace with a key [I really don't know what it's for but I thought since he's the Captain, he should have the key to something important] and a dogtag that has a golden ' P ' on it.

Celandine Toussaint: <Ravenclaw> Cela's the resident Navigator. She has a very outgoing personality, like Jillian, only amplified even more. She's usually the one planning their adventures and was the one with the idea of the fun Pillow-sliding down the staircases which ended up in a huge detention for a lot of students. She is played by the awesome Cela. Fashion: [In my opinion, Cela's the prettiest, so] The piratess Navigator, Cela, gets to wear a fun bandana [which can freely flow with the wind] with cute pins and beads. Her initials are in one of the pins on her bandana. She has on a poofy blouse under her leather outerwear [no, it's not exactly a vest so I won't call it that]. Her necklace is made out of silk ribbon and she has a compass [very much like Jack Sparrow's, yes] that has a golden ' P ' on it.

Willie Crocker: <Hufflepuff> Willie is the newest member of the Pirates and is Garret's younger brother. He's a year younger than the rest of the crew but he holds a very important post. Since he's so tiny and innocent, no one will suspect him of causing much trouble so he gets to be a sort of secret agent. Fashion: Willie is wearing a simple poofy/ruffled shirt and a sash with nautical pins on it [a Ships' steering wheel, a badge with his initials on it, random circle button, and an anchor]. He's wearing a small bottle of healing potion around his nec with a golden ' P ' on it. The ribbon supporting it was charmed to be made strong.

Girls, this drawing is for you. Hope you like it!

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