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Important: Self Rebasing

Thu May 10, 2018, 3:38 AM
Hello, Sprouts!

I understand there has been some confusion about whether or not you are allowed to draw new artwork for this Masterlist if your Mascot Variant was approved on the RETIRED Maze Registration journal and CLOSED Haze Registration journal. I have queried this with griffsnuff so I can now give you a definitive answer!

If your mascot was approved prior to the creation of this account you are allowed to rebase them yourselves!

However, your Maze or Haze rebase must still have no added dyes or mutations and must look the same as when you first registered them!

This is an opportunity for you to update the artwork if you are not happy with what you drew originally because it's old / doodly / or any other reason you may be dissatisfied with your Mascot's art. If you want to make drastic design changes or add dyes and mutations you must still go through an official rebaser!

If you have any questions please either comment here or send a note :)
- LavaCookies

Mascot Edits to Official Information

Sun Apr 22, 2018, 6:45 AM
If you have questions/comments about this journal please note the Bagbeans group!

Basic rules

Do not talk in the comments or post confirmation.Unless it is something urgent, please speak up through notes.
You MUST have a visual/art of changes made to your Maze/Haze from now on in your Item usage comments.
If you are using art to show changes, only include the changes of the items you are using!

Trials and Classes

Trial Approval Thread

Courses Approval Thread

Training Approval Thread

Classes Approval Thread

Leveling Up!

Level Up Approval Thread

Item Usage

Fill out the form on the proper comments using the link below!

Link to your Mascot ML entry:
Link to your Mascots tracker:
Link to the Bank of ownership of items:
List items and Description of changes:
Art of Updated change:
(if it is needed)

Item Usage Approval Thread

**If using items...**
Please list the items being used, what they're being used for, and the image of the item's changes!!
When approved, we will add the changes/usage on the official ML upload on your Maze/Haze Registration.If it gets declined, we will tell you what it is you need to fix!

Maze and Haze can use the following items to Customize themselves!

Star Root by BankOfGriffia Star Potion by BankOfGriffia
Glow Fruit by BankOfGriffia
Hollow Root by BankOfGriffia Hollow Potion by BankOfGriffia
Fool Root by BankOfGriffia Fool Potion by BankOfGriffia
Dye Potion by BankOfGriffia
Only to make maze entirely white or Haze's body entirely black, or with the same color cover up existing colored markings.
Dye Item - Dye Urchin by BankOfGriffia
Only used on a second basic bag bought/won

Forms/ Abilities
Magic Fruit by BankOfGriffia


Sewing Kit by BankOfGriffia Dye Item - Object Stain by BankOfGriffia
Only on second basic bags. Tools and weapons

If you have questions/comments about this journal please note the Bagbean group!

Mascot Rules

Sun Apr 22, 2018, 6:18 AM
#500 Royal Event BB - 1 year Anniversary  Mascot by griffsnuff 1000 - Haze by TheKingdomOfGriffia

Small star by griffsnuff Maze & Haze the Mascots Small star by griffsnuff

Maze & Haze are all over the place! They do not know exactly what path they want to end up in, so they have a tendency to do everything at least 100 times. You'll see many different stories of Maze & Haze from their perspective and from others! Maze is extremely adventurous just like their caretaker, Quest! And Haze as well

Maze and Haze is as their name implies, full of directions and mystery!
They want to try everything, and isn't sure what kind of Griffian to be. They want to experience all walks of life!!

As the group's mascots, they are usable for all members of Bagbeans as a way to learn to play the Bagbeans ARPG!
Everyone who uses them will also make their own tracker of them and can customize them in their own chosen direction, customize their personality and skills and so on! 

These characters belong to everyone! 
All versions created of them will still be official, and if people want to draw other versions they can as well! So its a kind of multi-customizable shared characters!

Small star by griffsnuff Mascot's Rules and Information  Small star by griffsnuff

General Rules

Bullet; Red  The mascots are usable as a starter Griffians for the Bagbeans group and sister groups. Anyone can use The Mascots! However, you need to be a member to use them!
Bullet; Red You may use the Mascots if you don't have a Bagbean/Griffian. You may use The mascots if you do have a Griffians. Everyone can use the Mascots.
Bullet; Red You cannot use someone else's design as your own! You cannot use "free designs" of the Mascots. If you draw a Mascot that was designed or greatly inspired by someone else's design, it will be considered fanart/gift. We want to see you make your own Mascot Variant. No co-owning Mascots!
Bullet; Red In order to register your Mascot, you must draw your Variant first! We will not accept the official Mascot art as your variants!
Bullet; Red All art made of the mascots needs to be submitted to the Mascot folder. This includes The Mascot's Trials!
Bullet; RedIf you use these Mascot in any offensive way, you will not receive any rewards or peanuts.
Bullet; Red Maze & Haze belongs to EVERYONE. They can not be traded or sold. If you purchased or traded for a Maze, then you've been ripped off. We do not hold any responsibility for your losses.

You earn Peanuts, not Peas!

Bullet; Blue The Mascots does not earn peas. You don't need to count their peas. There's really no point to it. They're already of Royal status! You also do not earn peas if someone else draws your Mascot variant.
Bullet; Blue The Mascots earns peanuts instead. Every time you draw a full body Mascot, no matter who the Variant belongs to, you earn a peanut. Consider the Mascots your foster children, and not one that's completely adopted. You're drawing the group's character, so you earn peanuts for drawing for the group!
Bullet; Blue You do NOT have to keep peanuts earned with the Mascots separate from your normal peanut count!
Bullet; Blue You do not earn peanuts if someone else draws your Mascot variants.
Bullet; Blue Human versions of the Mascots do count for peanuts.


:bulletorange: If you have the item and it's compatible with the Mascots, you may use it on the Mascot regardless of how you got it. If you buy from someone else or earn it through an activity or through your other Griffian's trials/classes/training, you can use it!
:bulletorange: Items Earned by the Mascots are no longer soul bound to the mascots, unless the item is specified to be Griffian bound!
:bulletorange: You can only change the color of the mascot's hair, and use white/black dye (white for maze, black for haze) on The mascots. You can not alter the base color, but you can get rid of Maze's green areas, and Haze's blue areas if you want a solid color variant!
:bulletorange: For a list of all the Items that can be used on the Mascots, please visit the "Mascot's Edits to Official Information" journal.
:bulletorange: If you have a Lovebean and cannot find someone else to be its caretaker, then yours or someone else's Mascot Variant will do the trick!
:bulletorange: Since the Mascot's are Event Beanotypes, they get +1 extra Event seed whenever they earn one.


Bullet; Green The Mascots are allowed to do trials. All of them, just like a normal Griffolk. The only exception is the Ally trial, they can't do that one!
Bullet; Green This includes Caprian and Fluffian trials. They'll have to go through Immigration, but it's still possible!
Bullet; Green The Mascots cannot do any Time Activities. No Time Tree, Time Flower, or Time Pool!
Bullet; Green The Mascots CAN go on Quests!!
Bullet; Green The Mascots CAN do all training types except Companion training!

Mascot other information

Pixel bean Orange by griffsnuff They can have Griffolk for friends!
Pixel bean Orange by griffsnuff If you draw your Variant with someone else's Variant, that does count for Social Training. Just be sure to point out which Mascot belongs to whom!
Pixel bean Orange by griffsnuff The Mascots's body colors can be VERY SLIGHTLY altered in saturation and brightness, but please remember if you change it too much you can't register it. You cannot change The Mascot's Base color. But you can alter/cover up the markings with a body dye potion using the base body color. (you can either remove the markings completely and match it with their base color, or cover up parts of the marking areas).
Pixel bean Orange by griffsnuff You can choose your own backstory, personality, skills, and gender for the Mascots. Remember, they want to experience all walks of life!
Pixel bean Orange by griffsnuff Mascot Multiverse theories are fun to think about, but they are not canon.
Pixel bean Orange by griffsnuff The Mascot's bag can be turned into a backpack or a belt. You can change the strap's colors/materials as well. Just like with any other Bagbean! you can buy more than one bag and change that one how you want with the correct items


If your questions has to do with the Mascots, then it goes in the proper thread in our Q and A journal!
[Questions Link - TBA]
Please do not comment elsewhere on this journal, just to keep it clean and tidy!

Mascot + Cropea Registration

Sun Apr 22, 2018, 12:41 AM
Hey sprouts!

Are you ready to make your Mascot variant official? You're in the right place!
Here you can register your Mascots, submit trials, skills, and overall keep track of your Mascots's accomplishments!

This is essentially the Mascot Masterlist Registration!

How to Register

Registering can be done in three easy steps!

Step One: Draw your Mascot variant

Yes, we know there's a perfectly good Maze & Haze ref already, but think about it this way; we want to see YOUR version of the Mascots. Our ref is the standard baseline of them. The originals. We wanna see what you do with them!

Please make a variation of the Mascots with no added dyes or mutations. These will need to be approved before being uploaded on this account!

Step Two: Create your Tracker Journal

Please use the Tracker Base! This will be where you keep track of all your Mascot stuff, just like a regular Dom Griffian!

Step Three: Submit your Registration Forms


:star-empty: Reply to Maze Registration thread using this form:
:bulletwhite: Maze Nickname: [What you named your variant.]
:bulletwhite: Art:[Your variant created in step one! Please make sure this reference does not have any dye changes or mutations!!]
:bulletwhite: Tracker: [The tracker you made in Step Two!]
:bulletwhite: Do you give permission that your variant of Maze gets uploaded to this masterlist?


:star-empty: Reply to Haze Registration thread using this form:
:bulletblack: Haze Nickname: [What you named your variant.]
:bulletblack: Art:[Your variant created in step one! Please make sure this reference does not have any dye changes or mutations!!]
:bulletblack: Tracker: [The tracker you made in Step Two!]
:bulletblack: Do you give permission that your variant of Maze gets uploaded to this masterlist?

You will know when your Mascot is registered when It is uploaded to this account and you have gotten a reply with the submission link!

General Information

Pixel bean pink by griffsnuff Make sure you are 100% pleased with your registrated mascot! the approval image is what is getting added to the masterlists, and cannot get an update without a rebase or status change. If you get a new status on Maze or Haze, you are allowed to draw your own new version!

Pixel bean pink by griffsnuff If your mascot variant approval comment needs updates or changes and gets denied, please submit a new form to the denied comment you recieved and do not create a new comment chain.

Pixel bean pink by griffsnuff When your Mascot's level reaches a multiple of ten (e.g. 10, 20, 30, etc) they can be rebased, with art provided by the owner for free. If you bought a commission or had a friend draw it for you, you MUST provide their permission to have their art on our master list. Please note this account with a link to your Mascot's master list entry, proof of the levels and the new artwork.

Pixel bean pink by griffsnuff If you no longer want your mascot version on this masterlist, please note this account and let us know and we will take your art down and replace it with a no longer active image.

Pixel bean pink by griffsnuff If you change your account/username, please note this account and let us know so we can update it!

Pixel bean pink by griffsnuff Uploads to this masterlist will be Mascot type + your username in the titles. They will get the same comments as the other ML.

Mascot Cropeas - CLOSED

:bulletblack: Mazes and Hazes can now own their very own Cropeas!
:bulletblack: You are able to rebase your Cropea when you achieve the next stage! Please provide proof of your Cropea achieving the new stage when submitting for registration!
:bulletblack: If you are registering a Cropea for Maze/Haze, you will need to rebase them on these provided bases. Please save them as a a PNG and then fill out the form at the very bottom of the page.

Base-pealing-cropea V1 by griffsnuff Base-pealing-cropea V2 by griffsnuff Base-pealing-cropea V3 by griffsnuff

:star-empty: Reply to Mascot Cropea Registration thread using this form:
:bulletwhite: Owner: [your name goes here]
:bulletwhite: Original Link: [The original link from the creators gallery goes here]
:bulletwhite: PERMISSION:[Reply YES if you are giving me permission to upload YOUR artwork to the GriffiaMascotML for registration purposes ONLY.  If at any time you decide that you no longer want your artwork on the GriffiaMascotML - you may send a note to that account and it WILL be taken down. If you reply no, I cannot register your Cropea.]
:bulletwhite: Proof of Ownership: [If your name is already on the original art, you can leave this blank, otherwise please provide some kind of written proof]
:bulletwhite: Which Mascot is your Cropea attached to?: [Please link the official ML entry! It must be YOUR OWN Mascot!]

Here is a quick reference of links for anything related to Maze!!

If you have any questions about Maze or activities that concern Maze, please note griffsnuff or drop a comment Here -TBA and she'll get back to you with an answer!
Make sure to read all of the Mascot Rules first! Your question may already be answered!

This is Maze and Haze the Mascots!

Mascot Rules / Index

Questions on how to use the Mascots and what they're allowed to do? Find it all here!

Mascot ETOI

Edits to official information on Mascots are all done here!

Mascot Registration

Go here to register your Mascot Variant so you can participate with them!