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Quick Links

Mascot Rules
Maze & Haze the Mascots
Maze & Haze are all over the place! They do not know exactly what path they want to end up in, so they have a tendency to do everything at least 100 times. You'll see many different stories of Maze & Haze from their perspective and from others! Maze is extremely adventurous just like their caretaker, Quest! And Haze as well
Maze and Haze is as their name implies, full of directions and mystery!
They want to try everything, and isn't sure what kind of Griffian to be. They want to experience all walks of life!!
As the group's mascots, they are usable for all members of Bagbeans as a way to learn to play the Bagbeans ARPG!
Everyone who uses them will also make their own tracker of them and can customize them in their own chosen direction, customize their personality and skills and so on! 
These characters belong to everyone! 
Maze/Haze CaseHere is a quick reference of links for anything related to Maze!!
If you have any questions about Maze or activities that concern Maze, please note griffsnuff or drop a comment Here -TBA and she'll get back to you with an answer!
Make sure to read all of the Mascot Rules first! Your question may already be answered!
This is Maze and Haze the Mascots!

Mascot Rules / Index
Questions on how to use the Mascots and what they're allowed to do? Find it all here!
Mascot ETOI
Edits to off
Mascot + Cropea RegistrationHey sprouts!
Are you ready to make your Mascot variant official? You're in the right place!
Here you can register your Mascots, submit trials, skills, and overall keep track of your Mascots's accomplishments!
This is essentially the Mascot Masterlist Registration!
How to Register
Registering can be done in three easy steps!
Step One: Draw your Mascot variant
Yes, we know there's a perfectly good Maze & Haze ref already, but think about it this way; we want to see YOUR version of the Mascots. Our ref is the standard baseline of them. The originals. We wanna see what you do with them!
Please make a variation of the Mascots with no added dyes or mutations. These will need to be approved before being uploaded on this account!
Step Two: Create your Tracker Journal
Please use the Tracker Base! This will be
If you have questions/comments about this journal please note the Bagbeans group!

Basic rules
Do not talk in the comments or post confirmation.Unless it is something urgent, please speak up through notes.
You MUST have a visual/art of changes made to your Maze/Haze from now on in your Item usage comments.
If you are using art to show changes, only include the changes of the items you are using!
Trials and Classes
Trial Approval Thread
Courses Approval Thread
Training Approval Thread
Classes Approval Thread
Leveling Up!




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