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Not So Swimmingly

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Published: May 18, 2017
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:icondiscordnotamusedplz: "Chivalry is dead."

Answer to comments on Fishy Business.
Was gonna make him a plain old seahorse but it wasn't weird enough.
forreal doe have y'all seen a "pregnant" male sea dragon
it's horrifying

Thing's been sitting on my desktop since February 2014 :stare: TIME TO FINISH
dat feel when the comic is so old a new species of weedy sea dragon was discovered before the comic was finished. Pffff

Fluttershy and Discord, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic © Hasbro/fyre-flye

:star: Vectors used;
-  Fluttershy's Cottage Rear Wall
-  Princess Twilight's Scepter

:star: Discopteryx standalone
:star: NatGeo cover
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hey discord you and fluttershy have been good friends for a while but when youre not being you but I'm curious have you ever done anything that would make her want to kill you
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:icondiscordnotamusedplz: "Chivalry is dead." "And women killed it." Dave Chappelle XD X3
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I nearly snorted my iced tea out my nose XD
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folklore17Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Chivalry truly is dead
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Applejack2307Hobbyist General Artist
My laugh when i saw that was long as Fluttershy's mane !
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azureOdragonHobbyist General Artist
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Discord as a sea dragon is *so pretty.*

Also I love the NatGeo cover xD
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RosieNature123Student Digital Artist
I'm sorry but... I don't like that cane. It is EVIL!!!
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Come on, 'Shy. He's right; if you want to bring up his reproductive habits out of the blue, at least take him to dinner first.
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LuchogHobbyist Photographer
Weedy sea draconequus?  Headcanon accepted.

Although I like the leafy sea dragons better.
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Chivalry isnt dead. Its in mah basement working for me... 
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I would love to see Discord's reaction to Fluttershy became a zombie (little gore no blood!) but zombie pony looks so cute.
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SparkleWolf404Hobbyist General Artist
can't he use his bullshit chaos magic to fix her?
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Discord's form isn't 'weird'. Its pretty cool looking. It looks to me that Discord doesn't mind(except for the male's purpose in reproduction).
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rcmeroStudent Writer
Don't worry, Fluttershy, male seahorses just carry the eggs until they hatch, nothing else.
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OMG the magazine cover and photos! Love it! Beautiful design for sea-horse Discord too!
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That was hilarious.
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oh god thats funny,plus the tiny twicane is a nice touch. With that little tink,does this mean the bowl is going to shatter?
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I've read this in the voices of the characters....I want this in the show..
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So, we nearly missed something this grand because it was in digital dust?

Good thing you finished it.
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GhostDragonessHobbyist General Artist
Can you make a sequel to this? I'm just a bit curious to see what happens next.
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