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Good Story is Best Pony



:icontwilightwhatplz: "What kind of console gets 4k resolution??"
:iconlunatrollplz: "The Master Race."

idk guys Luna always just seemed like a console gamer to me. Can't imagine that it's easy to tap keys with hooves.

Based on a true story. I expressed the same sentiments as Twilight up there in the middle of the crowded student lounge at Art Institute, and was almost caught up in a live re-enactment of Super Smash Bros. Boo your superior graphics. If your game's story sucks major Deku nuts/isn't fun to play I won't be buyin' :stare:

if I ever find some game with amazing graphics AND a good storyline I am done I'll never come out my room again. Or at least not for a very long time :ohnoes:

Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic © Hasbro/fyre-flye

:star: Vectors;
- Happy Princess Luna
-  Vector #32 - Princess Luna #4
 Vector #256 - Princess Luna #9
- Look, A Distraction!
-  Princess Twilight's Onto You
-  Twilight Sparkle 15
- Gotta Go Fast
-  Luna Thou Art Going To Love Us!!!
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Video games in Equestria I can believe, because we did see some once. But I'll never understand why people are obsessed with the idea Luna is into them.

It's not the worst idea ever. But still.