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Fashion Sense

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Will leave it up to the viewers to decide whether Discord has good fashion sense or not.

Rarity doesn't seem to think so :dummy:

forgot how dang much fun fashion-horse's ultra-curly-mane/tail is. Dangit Rarity y u no show up in my gallery more often >:I

and Discord, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic © Hasbro/fyre-flye

:star: Mannequin: Pony Form by adamlhumphreys

Equestria Daily! :icondummywooplz:
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hehehihi2023Hobbyist General Artist
I imagine she's says: Rarity (No no touch anything no touch) plz "I can't look!!" and after about an hour she finally opens her eyes to se the most beautiful dress ever. Pony Rarity Surprised Emoticon. 

"What? You thought I couldn't do it?"Discord (anyway) plz 

"Whelp, I'm out of a job..."Rarity (Getting Crazy) mlp season 6 
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ChaosFeedHobbyist General Artist
I believe in him!
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dragon567loverHobbyist Traditional Artist
He has the same fashion sense as me
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furrykeoHobbyist General Artist
Rhinestone Cowboy
IniStrife's avatar
IniStrifeHobbyist General Artist
I want to see the endproduct!
Seiya-Meteorite's avatar
Seiya-MeteoriteHobbyist Filmographer
I love Rarity's face here :rofl:
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Tots how this would happen.

You really should draw Twily, Celly, AJ, and Rarity
not being angry/shocked/scared/etc. sometime though.

Like, maybe with Discord not around... Sweating a little...
(I bet those massage ponies get good business since he's been released ^^ )
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Hawkfrost22501Hobbyist General Artist
The thing that /is/ good about his fashion sense (don't like lace or sequins, meh) is that the green and cyan do indeed go well together.
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Jayhawkman2010Hobbyist Photographer
Discord I think your grave is below 6 feet now...
Roxygonzalez's avatar
RoxygonzalezHobbyist Digital Artist
This is how Mary Sues are created.

Even though that shade of green and that cyan blue isn't such of a bad combination anyway. c:
tyruvelp's avatar
rarity make a dress for discord (not that is is possible lol)
victoriawolf16's avatar
victoriawolf16Hobbyist General Artist
That's basically how I dress every day :icondummywooplz:
mlp-and-smLunaLover's avatar
mlp-and-smLunaLoverStudent General Artist
I think Rarity might explode after this much stress and Chaos.
yellowpikmin88's avatar
yellowpikmin88Hobbyist Writer
not so good when the shoe's on the other foot
TheRealForlong's avatar
She will destroy you, Discord.
uni221's avatar
rarity said so herself "one can never have to many sequins " i like the green and cyan aswell so far discord im pressess me but i dont like lace its either silk,cotton or polyester
Magenta-Rift's avatar
Magenta-RiftStudent Filmographer
Well it depends on how you use those colors discord and I would suggest a darker shade of each if you wanted to go with something snazzy. :3
Oh me and my Rarityness :3
PhantomNova189's avatar
Ok, fine. Rarity will have her revenge some other day
Like when she stops having a nervous breakdown

Enmar123's avatar
omg shes gonna murder someone....
lzsmith88's avatar
Discord should never hang out with the Crusaders or this will be the least of what will happen, hah!
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MommyEris123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
IniStrife's avatar
IniStrifeHobbyist General Artist
I bet he has. Some good chaos can make clothes interesting and unique without making it unpleasant.
Rarity herself has some creative organized chaos to work in her room. I bet she just didn't expected him to show up XD
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grievousfanHobbyist General Artist
:iconfluttershyscreamplz:"I TOLD YOU NOT TO SAY THE C-WORD!!"

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