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"I never thought I'd stand at a podium like this again," said Harry Hellrung.

Tony Stark tried to focus on what his old friend was saying. It was quite the inspiring story, and Tony knew it was important to be there for his friend... but right now there was a sultry blonde in too-high heels and a too-short dress that just wouldn't stop smiling at Tony, and if there's anything that could distract Tony Stark from friendship, it was friendship with benefits.

But then, the young woman turned to another woman beside her and whispered something, pointing over at Tony. She and her friend shared a derisive giggle and looked away.

Tony grit his teeth, his cheeks burning. Ever since that horrible day that Ultron had taken over his armor, and used it to... transform his body, he'd found himself to be less a figure of awe and more one of ridicule. It didn't matter that it had been Ultron in that body, it didn't matter that he didn't remember anything about it -- all that mattered to the masses was that they'd seen international playboy Iron Man turned into a woman on national TV.

A rousing round of applause brought his attention back to the stage. Sheepishly, Tony joined in, and was one of the first to offer his hand to the other man. Harry took it in a firm grip.

"Tony! I'm surprised you could find the time, Iron Man," Harry said.

"Wouldn't have missed this for the world," Tony replied.

"And I suppose it doesn't hurt that you knew the party would be filled with Hollywood beauties," said Harry. "C'mon. I should introduce you.”

Tony's initial elation turned into disappointment when he realized that Harry wasn't actually leading him to a Hollywood beauty, but instead to a mixed crowd of men and women. The circle of humanity parted as Harry arrived, revealing an imposing bearded man with a presence that instantly made Tony wary. He was a head taller than Tony, broad shouldered and muscled, with a full beard and a thick mane of hair. As Iron Man, Tony had fought with and against gods and kings, and there was something about this man's presence that made Tony want to put him in the same category.

"This is Dr. Jerome Drillman," said Harry, positively glowing. "His 'Path of the Beast' program helped me get back on my feet. What I am now is all due to him."

"Well met, Mister Stark," said the large man, his face so close to Tony's that the latter could smell his breath. It was musky, and strong and yet... not altogether unpleasant.

Tony took a surreptitious step back from the larger man, and adjusted his suit. "'Path of the Beast', huh? Strange name for a self-help program, don't you think?"

"A provocative one to be sure," said Drillman. "But it is necessary for a man to accept the Beast within if he is to make use of its power."

"Yeah well, maybe I just find it to be a bit too old fashioned for me," said Tony. "In my line of work, I've seen too many monsters in touch with their basest natures.”

“That is an attitude of one who has lost touch with the Beast within, one who has grown afraid of the strong, the masculine,” said Drillman. “It is disappointing coming from someone of your stature… although perhaps understandable, given your brush with your inner Beauty instead.”

“What are you implying, you –“

"Speaking of beauties," Harry interrupted, nudging Tony on the arm as the blonde young woman he'd had his eye on drew near them. Well now. Maybe she'd had a change of heart...

Tony grinned, confidence restored. "It was nice to meet you, Dr. Drillman, but I'm afraid I've got an appointment to... keep..." Tony trailed off as the blonde swept straight past him.

"It is you!" she squealed. "Oh, Dr. Drillman, I'm such a big fan!"

"Very well, Mister Stark," said Drillman, steering his entourage away, but not before handing his calling card to Tony. "When you feel the need for more confidence in your life, please do contact me."

"Oh, you're doing wonders for my confidence already," said Tony under his breath.

* * *

On the flight back to New York from Harry's Hollywood party, Tony Stark slept... or, at least, he tried to. His dreams were... strange, disturbing, mists swirling around half-seen images that somehow terrified him, looming figures with grasping hands and he... he didn't have his armor, didn't have a stitch of clothing, just smooth, yielding skin, and --

"Sir? We've arrived at Stark Tower."

Tony focused on the voice, looked up... and saw a man standing over him, stronger than he could ever hope to be, with leering eyes and grasping hands and --

-- and Tony Stark, the Iron Man, let out a girlish scream and recoiled from his long-time pilot.

"S--sir?" asked the pilot, clearly taken aback. "A-are you all right?"

Tony blinked rapidly, his mind clearing. Why the hell had he screamed?

"I'm fine, Albert," he said, reaching into his pocket and taking out his checkbook. He rapidly scrawled a four figure amount and handed it to his pilot. "Just a bit too much to drink. Here, buy your wife something nice, y'hear?"

If the hallucinations had stopped after that, Tony would have laughed it off. An overactive libido, gone too long without release, he'd have said.

But they kept happening. Again. And again.

* * *

Tuesday was the final straw. He summoned one of his senior managers to take the man to task for sexually harassing his secretary.

“Get in here, Martin,” he said.

“Tony!” gushed Marin as he stepped inside. He was five years younger than Tony but a head shorter. “To what –“

“It’s Mr. Stark,” said Tony, turning his back to the man. “In this office, you’ll remember who I am.”

Martin blinked. “Of course I know who you are. You’re my --“

-- sexy little secretary.”

“W-what?!” Tony gasped, whirling, eyes wide as he looked up at Martin, at a man who should be six inches shorter than him, and suddenly Tony could feel the stockings encasing his slim legs, rubbing together under the black miniskirt, he could taste the lipstick on his full lips, she could feel the electricity in the air when her boss grabbed her by the elbow and spun her around, bending her forwards over the table.

“No, sir, wait --!” Toni whimpered.

“You’ve been a bad girl, Toni,” said Martin.

Toni screamed as Martin lifted up her mini skirt and slapped her butt hard. He spanked her again and again, each jolt sending a mix of pain and pleasure up Toni’s spine, each one making her scream --

-- “Aaaaieee!”

“T-tony?” Martin asked, horrified as his boss crumpled in front of him, hands on his ass, a high-pitched scream coming from a frothing mouth.

* * *

Tony spent the next day in confinement at his private hospital, as doctors ran every possible
battery of tests on him, and came up empty.

After Tony checked himself out of the hospital, he retreated to one of his most remote, inaccessible safe houses. He told no one where he was going, not the Avengers, not Pepper, not anyone. He became a recluse, running test after test, simulation after simulation, but he simply could not find out what was wrong with him. Nothing he tried would shed any light on the situation, and as the days went by he grew more and more desperate. Every mirror and reflective surface in the house had been covered now, lest he run the risk of seeing… her.

And then, one night as he was poring over his own genetic in hopes of finding an anomaly, a familiar voice came from the television he was running in the background.

“The Beast is the source of all bravery, all dominance, all masculinity. When our connection to it is obscured, men are led astray.”

Tony turned bleary eyes up to see Dr. Jerome Drillman being interviewed on an evening talk show.

“Are you saying there’s something wrong with being feminine?” asked one of the hosts, a woman.

“Not at all, Rebecca,” said Drillman, in soothing tones. “Beauty is as much a source of power as the Beast. And some men are called to that polarity, and their acceptance of that brings harmony to us all.”

Drillman paused then, and seemed to look directly into the camera. Directly at Tony. “But for those who do want to… recapture a courage, a strength, that they feel they’ve lost. Well, that is what my Path is for. All they need to do, is find me.”

Drillman made Tony profoundly uneasy, both his philosophy and the man himself. But Tony was desperate. Once the interview ended, Tony had his computer call Drillman’s head office.


“I see,” said Dr. Drillman, after Tony had, with reluctance, related his whole sordid issue to the other man. “You made the right choice, calling me.”

Something about that affirmation made Tony feel silly for having doubted the doctor.

“I can help you, but you need to be open to me, Tony. You need to follow my instructions to the letter. Can you do that? Can you be… obedient?”

Tony hesitated for a moment before saying: "Yes."

Drillman asked for Tony’s location so that he could send some items to help Tony acclimatize himself to the Path. Reluctantly, Tony had complied, on Drillman’s assurance that their sessions could be conducted remotely. A day later, several packages from Drillman arrived, with a strict note that only the first was to be opened without Drilman’s express approval.

The first package was a series of “meditative scented candles” that Tony was to have burning at all times in a special meditation chamber he was to set up, for all their sessions. At first, Tony found them to be foul, a musky, heavy odor that seemed vaguely familiar, but somehow, once Drillman began to walk him through a meditation, the scent became... comforting. Protective.

Over the next forty-eight hours, Drillman  -- or Master Drillman as he said he had to be referred to – talked Tony through a series of meditative exercises designed at “opening his mind.” Tony grew used to the low, bass drone of Master Drillman’s voice, grew used to following his instructions.

Until Drillman had him look into a mirror.

“I… I don’t want to,” balked Tony.

“Tony, are you the student or the master here?”

“The… student,” said Tony.

“Then look at yourself. And tell me what you see.”

Tony shuddered, then instructed his computer to reflect his image on the wall in front of him. When it did so, Tony couldn’t contain a gasp of dismay.

“Tell me what you see,” said Master Drillman.

“I… I’m a woman,” moaned Tony, his hands clutching the front of his button down shirt. He was so glad that while he could see the Master, Drillman couldn’t see him. “My face, it…it’s beautiful…”

“Such mundane vocabulary ill fits a genius of your stature, dear Tony,” said Drillman. “Describe yourself. Make me feel like I’m there beside you.”

Almost against his will, Tony did so, shedding his male clothes, describing every feminine curve, every pale softness, of this hateful body to Drillman, even as his now delicate hands traced every inch of his body.

Drillman stayed silent until Tony was done, then said: “Open the second package.”

Tony did, and for a moment he was utterly confused by what he found inside. Then he whirled at the screen, even knowing that Drillman couldn’t see him. “Why the hell did you send me women’s lingerie?!”

“Because when you looked at the woman in the mirror, you said it was you,” explained Drillman calmly, soothingly. “You identified yourself with a woman’s image. That is why we should break that, dear Tony. We need you to stop seeing yourself as her, and the easiest way to do that would be to see her as someone who could not be you, doing things that you’d never do.”

“Like… wearing lingerie?” Tony asked in a small voice. It made… a certain amount of sense, he supposed, but…

“Tony,” said Drillman. “Take a deep breath.”

Tony did so, and felt the musk fill his lungs.

“Put on the lingerie. Slowly.”

Tony did. The stockings went first, drawn up long and supple legs that Tony would have loved to have wrapped around him. Then the garters, then a single pair of silken panties, snug on the emptiness in his groin that ached more with every passing minute. Finally, the bra, the lacy cups hardly big enough to contain his swelling bosom. All the while, Master Drillman merely sat, silently, his eyes focused as if watching something… As if watching…

“Look at yourself once more,” Master said.

Tony did, and he let out a wail of despair. That… that creature… that delectable, delicious, helpless creature – it couldn’t be him. It couldn’t be the man known as Iron Man. And yet, yet…

“I’m a woman!” he wailed. “It’s still…it’s still me, Master! Please, help me, I can’t –“

“What are you feeling, my dear?”

“I’m afraid,” whispered Tony, hugging himself, his breasts rubbing against the back of his arms. “Please, sir…”

“You look beautiful, dear. Now… What are you most afraid of?”

“Men,” came the answer, unbidden, and yet in that instant Tony knew it to be true. If a man came here, saw him like this…

“To re-connect with your inner Beast, you must face your fears,” said Drillman. “Who is the most manly of men?”

“I…” Tony whispered, then swallowed. There was only one answer.

“You, Master.”

“Then open your front door, dear. Let Master in.”

Tony had already disengaged the house’s safeguards and was halfway to the front door when alarm bells started ringing in his head. Hadn’t they agreed that they wouldn’t have face to face sessions? How had Master known how Tony looked?

All of these thoughts swirled through his pretty little head but it was so hard to think straight. Master had said to open the door so Tony would open it. But as he got farther from his meditation room, farther from the musky incense the questions grew in number and strength.

Drillman… that name… it wasn’t…

Jerome. Drillman. He’d known a Jerome, but not a Drillman…  

Tony’s palm paused above the hand scanner beside the front door, his mind whirling.

Beechman, that was it. He’d known a Jerome Beechman. That’s one puzzle solved, Tony decided with relief, as he palmed the front door open.

Until he remembered who Jerome Beechman was.

“Hello… dear Tony.”

The Mandrill.

The mutant who could control all women.

“Computer! Override, shut all -!”Tony screamed, but Drillman – The Mandrill was already inside, a toothy grin on his face.

All. Women.

No. NO.

Tony turned tail and ran. “Armor!” he called out, but the armor pieces he had stored around the residence remained inert. “Armor! Please, please –“

Tony suddenly yelped as he – as she -- felt her long tresses wrenched backwards. Suddenly he was engulfed in the Mandrill’s muscular arms, looking up in horror at the man she had let into her home.

“Well, well. Hardly a fitting welcome for one’s Master, my dear.”

Tony gasped, and that was a mistake, her lungs filling with the scent of him, the power of him. She wriggled helplessly in his arms, even as she fought down the urge to apologize, to beg for forgiveness. “H-how?!” was all she could say.

“I became one with the Beast within,” Mandrill said. “A Totem you might say. And it erased the Beast outside me, and pointed me toward greater conquests. Not of frail women-born, but of lesser men. Men with Beauties inside, just waiting for my… touch.”

The man ran a finger down Tony’s exposed back, down to his pantied rear and Tony moaned involuntarily, her body arcing into Mandrill’s, pressing against it.

“And who better to start with than an old nemesis,” Mandrill whispered into Tony’s ear, sending shivers down her spine. “One whose tools had already been used to manifest Beauty before?”

“No, no…!” This couldn’t be happening, Tony told herself. It was a dream, a nightmare. She wasn’t trapped in a woman’s body, being pawed at by a C-list villain like the Mandrill, whimpering at his touch like a first-time whore. “Ch-change me back, or else! You’ll never get away wi-yaaa!”

Tony’s ultimatum was interrupted by Mandrill licking her neck. Her entire body went weak, and it was only Mandrill’s strong arms holding her up that kept her from collapsing. She sobbed in despair. How… how could she fight back against this?

But then, suddenly, Mandrill released her. Tony stumbled backwards, then yelped and covered her breasts and groin as the big man leered at her.

“Change you back? Of course, dear. All you need to do is show me that I was mistaken in my assessment of you. That you don’t actually long to be one of my Beauties.”

“O-of course not!” Tony shouted, even as her face reddened, even as thoughts of his hands on her body bombarded her over-stimulated mind.

“Then all you have to do, my pretty, is walk out that door. Go on.”

Tony looked at the Mandrill in disbelief, then towards the door. She took a hesitant step forward.

“That’s it. All you need to do is move forward… and ignore your Master when I command you to do otherwise.”

Tony began to run, run like a woman, her hips swaying, her breasts jiggling…

“Are you ready? Pretty Toni…”

Tony screamed, putting her hands over her ears. She was almost there, almost –

“Come and kiss your Master.”

Tony stopped, two inches from freedom.

Toni stopped, tears streaming down her cheeks, gasping, trying with all her might to escape, to run, to move…

Then she did.

Yo. Been a while.

This is my submission to the Sampleguy Super TG Contest.…

It felt good to actually finish something, though it was tough sticking to 3000 words. Maybe I'll do an expanded version someday.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. *poofs away for another decade*
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flashkill455 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Student Writer
I'll be honest I was so excited to see something from you.

Some small grammatical things here and there like the other two pointed out although I understood the pronoun thing. The process of it was really unique and mainly in the mind. You can read it as if no physical change actually takes place and its all in Tony's head or just assume the candles or clothing had 'wacky comic science' that changed him. I really like that.

My only real issue was the lead in revolving around the Ultron thing. Even though Im familiar with that arc I still found it kind of random. I get that you were establishing some faults in his self-image before even meeting Mandrill but I just dont think it gelled as well as it could have.

Overall though, loved this story. Great to see your return, as long or as short as it may be.
griever-tantalus Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018
Thanks for the kind words. I think I'll be back at least for the short term... there's so much more quality content in the genre now than when I was active, and it's inspiring to see. 

The original (longer) draft of the story had Tony only hallucinating the changes prior to contacting Mandrill, but once he becomes receptive to Mandrill's 'guidance', Mandrill is able to change Tony's self image enough that Tony unconsciously uses the Extremis armor to change himself into a woman, similar to what Ultron did to him. I ended up leaving it in there to give a plausible grounding for a reading of the story that had Tony physically transforming into a woman, but agree that I could have fit it in a bit better. :P
charoset Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2018
This was a fantastic entry that just had a few minor things holding it back which I'm sure were due to the word restriction. First, there were a few grammar mistakes throughout like "he'd had" and "she'd had" as the closest together and if I think Tony's state was a little confusing. I know he had been turned into a woman before, but it sounded like he wasn't one when it started. While I could tell he was definitely one at the end, I feel like that could have been elaborated a bit better. Still, this was wonderfully written and you had a fantastic mix of horror in this as well. Your formatting was really great and thank you for entering.
griever-tantalus Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018
Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, the 3,000 word limit was hard for me to work around... I'll post an expanded version someday I think, if enough people liked this one. The pronoun confusion in some parts was meant to mirror Tony's own identity confusion, but I may have also just made completely unintended errors in to process too :P
Zizum Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018
Creative idea. I am surprised that Mandrill isn't used more often in stories like this.

My only problem is that's it's too... "scary". I think I'm minority on this, but I prefer when TG stories feel a bit less serious. When vision of guy turned into woman is sexy rather than terrifying.

Still, I think you have a huge chances to win. I wanted to write a quicky, but between you, Jackal63 and ShinnokRaiden, I don't stand much of a chance.
griever-tantalus Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018
Thanks for reading!

Yeah my tastes run more toward a fear/horror reaction of an transformee, especially when the transformation is initiated by an enemy/rival. The kind of stories I like (and hence, write) have a focus on domination so it makes sense from that perspective, but i think those are actually less popular than the straight up “sexy” ones, so i think I’m the one in the minority :-p

Winning would be great, but having an impetus to actually finish a story + finding everyone else’s work has been gratifying as well. 
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