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New Generation, Our Generation

By Griddles
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The New Trinity, looking smex!

My girls in their natural frames of mind.

Bethona - Beautiful yet mature

Behania - Enigmatic, charismatic

Sabrina - Aloof and joyful.

Been a while since I drew two outta three! Hope I did alright.

Thanks to :iconpomtini: for giving me creative lease of Bethona! Glad you like and support what I do with her!

New Trinity by me.
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I'm telling ya Gridz.....ur arts is getting better.....if u keep drawing MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i love the purple tint! she looks good both ways, but I think the purple is very beautiful. I think it also makes her outfit stand out more. :)
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Good to see you drawing some art! :meow:
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hmmmmm, Brina's outfit looks so different to Bethona's and Behania's....

ah well! awesome job, nonetheless! :)
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Yeah, hers was always a bit different.
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Very nice man.

Question though. When you mean by "New Generation," what exactly do you mean by that? Are the three younger then the Old Trinity, new members meant to take over, what?
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They were trained by the original Helix trinity, so they are the next generation of Trinity.
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For some reason, Behania's pose remindes me of WonderWoman :p
Nice coloring on the hair.
An, I agree Bethona's hair looks better dark brown, it brings her colors out more, matchs more with her maron red outfit.
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...looking smex?...smexy?
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lol nice pic...^^
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All my support for you Grids <3
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Does Bethy look good here, Maggums?
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I'd say gorgeous! :heart:
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Though I do like bethonas old hair color, I think this purple makes her outfit stand out more :)
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I thought the purple looked quite nice...
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It does.:D Shes seems to be at an almost maxium power level. I'm just used to her old color but im definatly not complaining with this one!
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Sabrina is more beatiful
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She ALWAYS is ;)
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Now Bethona has purple hair? o.o
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