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Mother Daughter Christmas Hug

A very special Christmas gift from my friend :iconcrimson0080:, who is working on the Lexine story and apologises for the lateness.

Bio bought her little angel a special Christmas dress. Lexine's so happy she just wants to be cuddled all day (especially because it's cold outside).

Lexine never knew her dad and Bio wants to keep it that way. When Bio makes her little girl so happy like this, then being a single mother isn't so bad...

What's Lexi holding about her mother's head?

This art was done by :iconj8d: and paid for by :iconcrimson0080: and uploaded with his permission.

Both characters belong to me.
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Now kiss 😅😅😅
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Exactly how old is bio?
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She became a mother young. She would be mid 20s here.
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Is that imminent age-gap incest yuri I see?
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This is adoreable! Bio makes a great mother for someone who steals others underwear, but oh well.
JigokuOnna's avatar

They really look cute together :]
lolistick's avatar
I like where this is going
Griddles's avatar
Haha would you like a follow-up?
lolistick's avatar
Yes, yes I would, and so do the rest of your scores of watchers!
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She has a daughter, so who's the father?
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A real bastard who only ever really cared about himself.
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ha! XD That's like my father ha!
Rdz2k7's avatar
Ohhhhh he's one of this guys who are in faithful to their women
Griddles's avatar
He's an adulterer. But what's worse is that he's doing it wih fictional girls (either Bio or his own 'daughter'). Gross huh?
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I... never knew... Bio is... a mom..
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Very touching scene between these two. How are you doing?
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I'm pretty good!! So are they ;)
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That's good, haven't talk to you in a long time. How was the holiday season for you?
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No such thing for me. Work is work is work.

But it was alright.
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That sucks, well at at least it was all right.
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Now THAT'S a loving and beautiful moment.
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bio is a mom o_o??
whoa, who could say it ñ_ñ

well, a cute mom, and a cute daughter ;3
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