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A true hero is someone who believes in the goodness of others and their life's mission. Belief in yourself and others is a power of it own.

Here's a teenage Blossom, whose belief in her sisters, herself and her goals keeps her going through good times and bad. Like her sisters, she's fighting for a better future. But she also believes in sharing her life with someone important. Who could that be, now, I wonder?

Part 3 of 3! All 3 PPG are now done. Please remember to read my Talisman epilogue to get caught up on all the happenings of my works. Blossom only features in a small way, but my next episode has her taking centre stage!!

Talisman - An EpilogueTalisman - An Epilogue
The world was warped and screaming.
She could make no sense of up nor down and everything had gone a sickly shade of grey-ish green. It was the colour of sickness. Decay. She floated, hanging as though drowning in a bottomless sea, as around her everything howled in chaotic turbulence. Only her sister remained by her side, weeping. Tears poured from her luminous azure eyes, her blonde hair normally kept in pigtails but by now loose and unkempt. Her own hair, dark and styled into bad-girl sweeps, blew about her face as a wind that came from everywhere at once swept upon her. All the while, voices called out. They cried in anguish. Shrieked in despair. Howled in loneliness. Screamed in indomitable fury. They sounded ghostly in this endless void. Buttercup wanted to clap her hands over her ears. It'd do no good, she knew already.
Blazing amongst the darkening gloom of the void was a bright emerald beacon, spiralling end over end upon a golden chain. Buttercup

Blossom originally by :iconcmcc:
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Wow amazing!!
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Really amazing design for all three. The colors are quite nice as well my friend. :)
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Just curious but when will the story be released?
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The next one, with Blossom? It's on its way. Still working on it.
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Yeah the Antithesis one.
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So Cool! Nice Job!

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Very nice :lovely: 
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Keytee-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
I love Blossom! Yours looks awesome! ^__^
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Keytee-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
He may be a rapist, he may be not. 
I don't care.
I believe that he is a good person, and he draws amazing art.
Person who draws that good cannot be bad.
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I'm not a rapist. That guy is a pest and full of shit.
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Keytee-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
I believe in you! ^__^
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Thanks I wish there were more like you
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Keytee-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! ^__^
Hope to see more PPG art from you! ^__^
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I like her clothing
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ssoommeeHobbyist Digital Artist
The colors and the smoothness of the picture makes it stand out even more! It's so beautiful!
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