Antithesis pt9 - Scar the Earth part 2

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Dexter thrashed. His knee caught Drax in the back and knocked him off balance. Dexter sucked in an invaluable gasp of air before Drax's robotic hand clamped back down on his windpipe. Dexter gurgled uselessly, blood bubbling from his nostrils.

Drax hadn't lost his maniacal grin, "One hand! That's all I need to end you, Dexter. Vengeance for my plan in ruins." Dexter's face was beginning to turn blue under the crushing iron claw. Drax bent down to the boy's face, "Be silent," he told him "you haven't won here. Let me show you."

Drax's other hand came to his sleek black forearm, grasping it in such a way that he only needed to pull gently to lift the outer casing off of what was beneath. Dexter, through shattered glasses and blurred vision, could make out a tiny version of the interface built into the side of the great machine - Drax's personal uplink to his emissary. Drax's fingers tapped and danced deftly across the small touch display; a maestro at his piano. Somewhere beneath the solid decking came a deep and droning thrum. Something seemed to have awakened.

"Wh... whagghh..." Dexter's voice sloshed.

"'What have I done?' Dexter, I have always been more than your match. And I always have one more contingency." He eased his grip a moment and Dex sucked in a breath so hard he began to cough pitifully. Drax kept the hand upon his foe's neck, ready to squeeze. Or better yet, crush it altogether. "Behold, the raw power of the void!"

Around the great machine the clouds began to thicken and billow, as though a great lightning storm had given birth to a whole litter of smaller lightning storms within itself. Smokey wisps of amber, crimson and magenta spiralled up, up, up and outward. A volcano of dimensional energy was erupting beneath them, spewing the void's reach further outward.

Dexter clapped his hand around Drax's wrist. Drax paid him no mind, instead explaining "The Emissary is in overdrive. You've taken away my pulse device, my safebreaker virus, my Sigma warhead. Did you truly think I'd stop at just that? Watch as I spread the void; the machine will not rest until it splits the fabric of reality in two! The void will expand, covering both worlds until it can no longer contain its boundless power. Then everything exposed to it will be ripped asunder. Everything!"

Dexter tried to call out again. Drax's grip tightened.

"Every time you pushed back against me you made me more dangerous, Dexter. Now we're at the endgame, and who knows how many will even survive once the void is fully torn open! You were right - I never did bother with limits. There may be no limit to the destruction now, Dexter. And that's your fault, for not simply letting me take what I wanted."

Dexter snarled, tasting his own blood as it spilled into his mouth from his busted nose.

Drax leered at him, "I WILL scar the earth, Dexter. Both of them. What happens to me doesn't matter anymore. My intellect will triumph and be seen clear as day forever more. Yours will fade. Forgotten. The inferior mind in shadow." Drax glanced around, the thrumming growing deeper and the clouds stretching high and low as far as he could now see. "Minutes, barely. That's how long. So before then, Dexter, before I finally win I want your concession."

"Wh...What...?" Dexter managed. He glanced sideways momentarily. Blossom, who'd sprawled upon the cold deck, was now hunched over and rising. He swung up at Drax again and cringed, dropping an arm all too soon.

Drax snickered, swatting Dexter's remaining blow, "You favour your left. Does she even know?" He loosened his grip and Dexter breathed hoarsely again. "Say it. Admit your defeat, one intellect to another. Acknowledge your superior and concede."

"That's... what you want?" Dexter panted, filling his lungs with all the merciful oxygen he could get. Drax merely nodded. Dexter glared up at him coldly, two perfect sapphire eyes locked with a mismatched pair filled with hatred and fury and gloating confidence. Dexter opened his mouth.

Last chance.

Make it count.

"Spacebender protocol: initiate."

Drax blinked, "Wait, wha-"

A new thrum shook the deck, rattling Drax to the bone. A hiss followed and the jet-black sides of the cocooned device Dexter brought with him split apart, spilling a searing violet light. Drax drew aghast breath as it opened; an armoured midnight flower in bloom. A second thrum, somehow harder and deeper than the first. Then, from stationary, it launched itself high upon thrusters of furious purple.

Drax bore down hard on Dexter's neck, ready to asphyxiate the boy, "That thing, what IS it!?" Dexter managed a smirk, swinging his arms at Drax's face. Drax knocked them aside, "You still favour your left! Answer me!"

"It's the end." Dexter managed. On cue the violet sparkle above became a supernova.

A cascade of brilliance tumbled down from the heavens, spearing into the surging cloud off the side of the railing and into the abyss. It made no sound; it merely was. Drax felt himself about to go blind in his other eye. He shielded himself from the glare with his arm and Dexter made his move. An upward thrust with his palms to the mad genius' chin knocked him backwards and in moments Dexter found himself the one atop. Rolling to the side and instinctively clutching his arm he made some distance between himself and his doppleganger as the crimson cloud began to churn and swirl.

"WHAT IS IT!?" Drax yelled, covering his face and clutching his bruised chin.

Dexter wiped the clagging blood from above his mouth. A dirty red smear remained, "It's the answer, Drax! The answer to what happens when you try to control spacial energies a bit TOO well! I've already tried it. And failed it."

"Because you LACK the necessary intellect!" Drax howled, unable to see. His shattered glasses would not self-tint. The raw brilliance was too much. He tried to back away, around the far side of the machine's spine.

Dexter went on, silhouetted by the surging light as he stood, his back tunred to it, by the edge of the abyss, "I thought the device was how to control it! I tried hard to get it JUST RIGHT, for her. And I did. Just for a moment, it all became perfect." The light and fury subsided. The beam from above narrowed and smoothed into a solid, diminished streak of energy. At once, the crimson cloud roared and retreated away in all directions - proverbially parting the sea. The void was left bare, its energies scattering. Dexter peered over the edge. Drax staggered to the nearest railing and stared down as well. Blossom, too, beheld the sight below.

"M-Megaloville...!" Drax gasped. Below it was like looking through clear and shimmering pondwater. The city below wasn't the one he held to ransom but rather that which he'd left behind. Towering, blackened skyscrapers - some barely framework - and various floating zeppelin-like machines dotted the landscape far below. A burnt and reddish hue seemed to seep through everything beneath them as though infested. Smoke, haze and pollution hung everywhere. A husk of a city, cancerous and failing. It was clear as day through the dimensional void below.

Blossom's hand found her breastbone and pressed reflexively. She'd never seen such a nightmarish reflection of the city she loved so dearly.

"You... you stabilised the void...!" Drax declared in disbelief, "You've somehow MODIFIED the energies and... and focused them together to negate all instabilities! How!?"

Dexter shrugged, "Yeah... don't go praising me just yet. Here's the thing..." he stepped away from the railing and began to approach Drax. Behind him the beam of light from the spacebender device was steady and constant, "The energies that keep the worlds separated have existed for all of time. They've had plenty of time to figure out how to stop some insignificant lifeform like you or I from trying to control it. You forced it open with your big machine, aggravating it. Now you try to overcharge it until the pressure is too much and the whole world could get ripped apart. It doesn't like that. This," he pointed up at his distant device, "this tries to flatten all those energies out. Make them smooth. Seamless. It doesn't like that either. But it'll take that over your brute force attack anyday."

Drax was glancing about nervously as the void shimmered like a mirror dozens of feet below. He was in unfamiliar territory now, "So... what happens next?"

"I detect a decay in the beta-wave emissions. The balancing of the waveform patterns becomes a little TOO perfect. Any self-adjustment made to the actuation only tips the balance off further. And then a new dimensional cascade begins. A counter-cascade."

"A... what...!?"

Dexter smirked, approaching Drax until they were face to face, merely a foot apart, "It fights back. And it wins!"

Upon the horizon a red flash surged. It came from every direction, every point at once. And the red began to grow - at first a line of crimson, like the sky itself had cut itself and bled. But it grew thicker, deeper and more ominous by the moment. Drax's breath caught in his throat as he recognised the same red clouds Dexter had moments ago banished. They were back. They were charging toward the emissary like a flood.

And they would...       not...            stop...!
Drax spun, staring at Dexter. The boy genius stared back. No words, only the inescapable surge of the void. Everything went quiet for a moment... and then hell itself slammed into the emissary from all directions. The whole platform seemed to shove sideways as the relentless red tendrils of cosmic power began ripping into it, shredding piece after piece of thick steel plating as it ravenously began to carve Drax's mighty machine apart. A horrible screeching sound grew louder, louder. Metal was cleaved and innards made of far less sturdier stuff were sliced open as the void doubled back upon the machine and began to consume it. Drax edged toward the railing just as a crimson tendril lashed up and snapped it clean in two. Beneath, the sea of red was like piranha-infested water, stirred and alive and brimming with nothing but death. Another of the boundless void tendrils shot above their heads, piercing through the spine of the machine and out the other side. Drax frantically hammered upon the built-in screen of his arm. But it was no use. Above, the floating black device kept casting its beam of light.

"SHUT IT OFF!" Drax demanded desperately.

Dexter was helping Blossom to her feet, standing protectively between her and his foe, "It's too late Drax. Soon there'll be nothing left and the void will collapse into nothing! There's no stopping it."

Drax reached for his blaster pistol, "Not if I MAKE YOU STOP IT!"

Dexter spun, shielding Blossom, "I told you, it's too late! There's no way I can-" The platform jolted violently and Dexter staggered forward, losing his footing entirely. He crashed to the cold deck. Through the metal and into his very bones he could hear, he could FEEL the steel being torn and stripped away; the machine's guts themselves being invaded by the furious and unstoppable forces of the dimension void. Everything continued to shake. He pushed himself up to his hands and knees, trying to stand. Just as he thought he could, the platform bucked again and he collapsed to the deck again. His thoughts were not so much on dealing with Drax anymore. He was just as doomed as his machine, and Dexter thought so be it. The problem now, he realised, was getting well and truly away before the void swallowed them all up inside.

He brought himself back to his feet at last, cursing his unsteady and wounded leg. Wincing as he found balance and spun around, he knew he had to get Blossom and get ou- "Blossom!"

Blossom was on her feet, looking back at him. Her body seemed frail, her legs and arms fragile. Her eyes shone with life, despite all that had been done to her. Dexter would have felt like smiling. Instead, his heart lurched in his chest when he saw her being held around the middle by Drax, who brandished his blaster pistol coldly to her chest in his obsidian grip. "Dexter...! I'm ok!" she offered.

Drax couldn't help but grin wickedly again, "I have something of yours, boy genius! If you want her back, you'd better make ALL OF THIS STOP right now!"

"Don't you DARE-"

Drax pressed the red conical barrel hard against Blossom's sternum. Weakened and without her strength, Blossom could only squirm and gasp. "You are in NO position to argue and you never were! You see, genius!? I will ALWAYS have the advantage here! This vessel is MY design and if you take it from me, I take something even MORE valuable from you! So if you want her back you will STOP whatever this is and let me go free. Otherwise all of us go down together."

Dexter's coat, dirtied and tattered, billowed behind him like a hero's cape. He stared down his adversary and clenched his fists in resolution, "You've already lost, Drax. You're not walking away from this. Don't make this worse by trying to hurt Blossom in anger."

Drax let out a furious bellow, "How do you DO it!? All of this, standing up to the impossible, all for her? How!?"

Dexter smirked, "You've no idea what someone like Blossom could mean to me, Drax. I've seen what you did to people in Megaloville; the way you were prepared to discard those who still might care about you all for this selfish venture. You murdered your own sister because you put yourself first. You neglect and mistreat Berserk even though, despite the horrible person she's become, she still might care for you. And you would have thrown BOTH worlds away just so you could have your victory." the platform jolted again but Dexter stayed standing. He never broke eye contact with Blossom, "You think we're similar? We're nothing alike at all. I know what it's like to lose someone important, even if I never realised just how important they were. There's no way in either universe's hell I'm gonna let it happen again, ESPECIALLY at the hands of you!"

Drax hissed, "You. Stop this. NOW!"

Dexter shook his head, "I'm stopping nothing, don't you get it? Blossom, you still ok?" he asked. Blossom nodded but there was a look on her face that he couldn't place. Regardless, "You and I couldn't be further apart. Look what you've done to yourself and to others to pursue your selfishness. When I saw it for myself, I figured there's no way I'd become anything like you." He dropped his gaze and his shoulders trembled as he let out an ironic chuckle, "But you know, the fact is, I would. I WOULD make sacrifices. I WOULD go to any length. I would change everything about myself if I could. But not for science. Not for personal gain. And not to show that I'm smarter than anyone else."

Drax sneered, "Then for what!?"

Dexter lifted his finger and pointed to the one thing that drove him most, "For her."

Instead of a shy and awkward blush, Blossom's face had gone near-white. She whispered the boy's name. And she sounded terrified.

Dexter ignored it, "If you hurt her... no, wait, if you so much as refuse to let her go this instant, I'll make sure this is your last day in EITHER universe."

"Dexter..." Blossom whispered again, "Dexter, stop. He's not going to hurt me."

Dexter bared his teeth, "Blossom, he's got a gun on you."

"Yes, but he's not-"

Drax shook her hard and placed the barrel of the blaster against Blossom's forehead, "STOP THIS OR SHE DIES!" Dexter stood still. He raised his arm and cocked his wrist. Drax licked his lips, "Now!" he urged. Blossom glanced at the gun, before shifting her eyes to the boy's black polished-steel wrist. And something that was out of place.

"Dexter, no!" she screamed, "Don't! You can't!"

"You won't win, Drax."

Drax swung his blaster and aimed straight at Dexter's heart, "DO IT NOW OR-"

"Blossom, NOW!" Dexter yelled, flipping a switch beneath his glove. Blossom yelled one more time but knew it was too late. She charged out of Drax's arm and dove upon the deck. Before Drax could give chase, his outstretched wrist lit up. He had an instant to spot the silver bracelet snapped around it or the lightning-blue electrical surge that sparked and sputtered from the tiny Tesla coil within.


Dexter smirked, "Favour YOUR left!"

The void tendrils surged upon Drax. Engulfed in deathly red glow, Drax screamed. His voice was swallowed by the thunderbolts of cosmic energy racing up and down his arm. The sparking wristband drew more and more to him and they lanced through his armored arm like it wasn't there at all. Dexter had no idea what would happen next. He snapped the Tesla band around Drax's wrist in desperation as that same cold metal hand was clamping on his throat. He felt a pang of soreness shoot through his own left arm at the sight before him. Blossom had spun about, still upon the deck. Her wide eyes reflected the crimson horror.

An impressive shower of sparks exploded from Drax's ravaged wrist as the tendrils ate through and destroyed the Tesla arc. At once the arms of the void retreated from Drax, leaving the smoking husk of his arm still outstretched. Blossom's breath caught in her throat - the twisted boy stood motionless just feet in front of her. The charred shell of his favourite blaster pistol fell from his rigid fingers and smashed to pieces on the deckplates. Dexter, keeping his distance, pleaded silently for Blossom to back away too. Drax's body seemed to find life; a spasm in his legs throwing him backwards just as the metal floor heaved and lurched. Blossom saw what was coming before it happened. She shouted and sprung from her stupor but her legs wouldn't obey. Stumbling, she tried again as she rushed toward the boy who'd threatened her death numerous times. Dexter couldn't believe what she was doing.

The metal beneath Drax's fit split and buckled as he crashed against the shredded railing overlooking the void. Not twenty feet away, one of the spherical void anchors - studded with vicious spikes and brimming with just enough energy to keep the grand machine afloat - exploded into razor-sharp shards and silver confetti with an almost comical POP. Blossom lunged, oblivious to the lethal debris flying every direction. She seized Drax's cold metal hand when, at the same moment, the decking gave way entirely. Dexter screamed as Drax had, watching Blossom tumble over the edge along with the mad genius.

It was pure instinct that saved her. Blossom's hand seized the charred edge of the metal barricade, scorched from where the void tendrils had cleaved it in two. The metal was sharp and white-hot. Pain raced up her arm. With a wince and small gasp, she didn't know if she'd sliced her hand, burnt it or both. She dug her knees in against the deck and wedged her foot against a jagged seam between two plates, stopping her forward plunge. She dangled over the edge, precariously, with the deadweight of Drax hanging solely from one arm. Her bad arm. The blackened flesh still left a lingering odour that made her eyelashes curl. More jagged and charred metal - today's theme - stuck out of her swollen skin. All the fault of the boy she now desperately clung onto, even as she felt her fingers numbing from the strain.

"Dexter!" she cried out, "Help me bring him up!"

Dexter kept his distance, "Let him drop."

"What!?" Blossom shouted over her shoulder, "You'd let him die, just like that!?"

"He would have done it to us first!"

Blossom heaved and struggled. Her arm wouldn't budge. Her other hand slipped against the jagged hand-hold and sent a fresh rush of pain up her arm and into her chest. She whimpered, unable to believe Dexter was just... standing there, "But we can be BETTER than that, Dexter! We can show him there's a better way."

Dexter's lip curled. He approached, but not for Drax's sake, "There's no better way for people like him. Let him go, Blossom, before he takes you with him!"

"I... I can't!" Blossom responded breathlessly.

The deck jolted again and Blossom unleashed an anguished yell. Dexter stumbled, his hands catching his fall before his skull hit the deck. He clenched his fingers and growled loudly, "This is why I made that shield, Blossom. This is why you sometimes need saving - from yourself!"

Blossom's heart cartwheeled in her chest and she tried to lift the boy again. The entire deck was beginning to slowly tip forward. The exploding anchor had thrown everything out of balance. The machine would slowly, inevitably, capsize. She strained through clenched teeth, feeling her elbow bend just slightly. She was doing it, she realised! She'd be able to save this boy and be a hero after all. He'd surely be put away; far too dangerous to be kept around. But it was better than the alternative... right?

"Blossom! LET HIM DROP!"

"No...!" she argued, "I can do this...! I have to DO THIS!"

A cold chill thundered down Dexter's spine. He'd said something very similar the day before, just as he did the very thing that pushed her away.

Blossom saw movement and gasped. Drax's mismatched eyes slowly opened. He was looking around, staring down at the blood-red void beneath him. Neither of them knew what lay beyond those hungry stormclouds. He turned his head upwards and when he saw who was holding onto him his face split into a lopsided, chuckling grin. "Oh, come ON!" Blossom grunted, still trying to hoist him up. Her grip was slipping...

"It's funny..." Drax said, voice just as ravaged as his now-useless metal arm, "He was right. I wasn't going to kill you just now... I couldn't."

"T-That's great," Blossom retorted, eyes scrunched with effort as she kept trying to lift his deadweight, "C'mon, help me out here! I gotta get you back up!"

"You don't want to know why?" Drax reached up, not for Blossom's outstretched arm but his own. He prodded something near the shoulder joint and with a click and a hiss, a thin clip popped open. He dropped ever so slightly and Blossom started to panic.

"W-What are you doing!?"

"Don't. You want. To know?" Drax kept the ironic smile on his face.

"Y-Yes, ok, fine! Why? You had so many chances to get rid of me after all the stuff I did to interfere! You knew I was never gonna go along with your plan, s-sure! So why?"

Drax chuckled, "Because I know what's coming for you, Blossom." His pure-blue eye seemed to sparkle, "The mirror, it showed me what was yet to come for this world. I brought my emissary here to change that. Perhaps I'm a fool to mess with fate, but... you can't discover if you don't first research!" he exploded into laughter.


"Settle, Powerpuff. Your efforts mean nothing now. We both know what has to happen." Drax reached for his other arm again - lifeless and razed from the inside out. Another prod, another clip popping open. He sagged in Blossom's grip once again. "Your world holds so much prospect mine doesn't. It was the perfect target to shape and change. The future - it isn't history until it happens. I showed you the Pink Haired Girl. She's part of that future. I hope you remember her."

"Pink haired...?" Blossom could not remember anything about a girl with pink hair.

Drax sniggered sadly, "Perhaps it will come back to you. A shame my inventions have... side-effects. But the reason I kept YOU unharmed as best I could is because of YOUR role in that future, Blossom."

"What... what role?"

"It will be as you see it now. A tide of unstoppable fury washing over all that can be seen. Ready to consume anything not prepared for its onslaught. It will arrive, and soon. And the world will be changed. And at the centre of it all.... you."

Blossom's mouth was agape. The boy was continuing to slip but she hung on his words, "I... cause that? I change the world? How!?"

"That is yet to be seen. But it can only be you." Drax began reaching for his arm again. For the third time. For the final time, "Because the wave of destruction, ruin and change has the girl in the very middle. And everything burns a brilliant red. The girl at the heart of the deep red fury... it can only be you, Blossom."

Blossom stared down at him, eyes still wide. Her skin had gone suddenly, viciously cold.

"It will be glorious... it will be horrible. I wanted that for myself and my new world, at my side." Another ironic smile, "Not this time I suppose." He pressed against the final latch on his arm and there was a loud POP. Blossom snapped out of her stupor just long enough to yell her protest, but at that moment his arm snapped clean of its joint. Gravity seized him and Drax fell. He had just enough time to issue his final assurance to the ones who'd bested him, "Your world will change."

The clouds of scarlet swallowed him up. Blossom, clutching his discarded arm, stared down at the abyss for what felt like an eternity.

A hand slid under her arm and pulled her back from the edge of the abyss. Blossom turned, slowly and dejectedly. Dexter placed his hands on her shoulders. Blossom stared into his eyes a moment, then dropped her head against his chest. The black arm husk clanged to the deck. She said nothing. Dexter didn't want her to see him smile. He was glad that bastard was gone. "We need to get out of here. This place won't last much longer." he told her. The deck was still tipping, as if to agree. He pointed up, "I can get back inside the actuator and fly us back to the surface."

Blossom tilted her head, "Y-You want me to hitch a ride?"

Dexter shrugged, admiring the hovering device still casting its beam, "It'll only be a short ride but it should be more than enough to-" a streak of red light cut across the sky and sliced through the actuator at that moment, sending a jet of sparks and molten metal spraying out the side. The beam sputtered out and the device dipped from its hover into a nosedive. It crashed into the machine's central spine, making the two kids duck on reflex. It spiralled, out of control, over the edge and into the abyss. Dexter blinked, stood up and scratched his head, "Well... shit."

Blossom seized his hand, "New plan!" she announced. The deck was tipping more, almost to 25 degrees. The slant was increasing faster and faster. Blossom ran as fast as her flimsy legs could carry her, dragging Dexter to the far end of the centre spine that, as it nosed over, would become horizontal. The deck dipped again, almost keeling over now. Holding Dexter's hand, she scrambled onto the burnt and busted shell of the doomed machine's spine and began to run up it like a ramp. Dexter followed. The grin on his face was radiant. Here he was, running with Blossom again. The day saved. The exit to safety imminent. And deep down he knew he'd done enough to reverse the damage from yesterday.

From the guts of the machine came a deep and clamorous rumble, a volcano ready to erupt inside it. "Come on!" Blossom shouted as they ran. The machine, belching smoke and fire, was tipping. The spine passed 45 degrees, tumbling further horizontal. They were reaching the top: a jagged precipice that once held the Sigma warhead. Glass canisters of vile green gases erupted into geysers as they ran past, spewing coolant sky-high. They were running out of room to run. Blossom spun around and grabbed Dexter around the midsection. Within the machine the rumble became a roar. Behind them, fire ripped through the base of the column. The tendrils were latching onto the machine, ripping it apart and dragging it to hell piece by piece. Blossom held Dexter tight and told him "Here goes!"

Together they jumped. Together they fell. The machine gave one last defiant groan and then exploded spectacularly. Chunks of burning metal flew in all directions and the shockwave hit the tumbling kids square-on. Blossom felt her grip fail. Dexter fell away, without her. She wanted to panic but the sky was her second home. Concentrating, she kept her eyes on Dexter and tried to-

A burning chunk of metal slammed into her, knocking her off-course and sending her spiralling end over end. Her head was doing backflips. The streamers trailing off her big red bow corkscrewed behind her, a pair of gymnastic ribbons. The ground was above, then below, then above and, finally, below her again as she steadied and continued to fall. Around her was a meteor shower of burning debris. Behind her the void was beginning to close - a red scar of light across the sky. She glanced around frantically. Dexter was lost amongst the falling rubble. Again she concentrated, trying to control herself as she fell. Dexter had no hope if she couldn't first save herself.

From the heels of her feet came the first sputters of gorgeous pink light. A confident smile crossed her face. She swung left, then right, trailing a cherry aura. Her fists clenched. She was a Powerpuff again.

She spotted him. A somersaulting scrap of white labcoat amidst the showers of burning steel and circuitry. Below was the vast green expanse of Megaville's Botanic Park - trees, parkland and small bodies of water. Blossom zipped through the air toward Dexter, almost a hundred feet below her. She felt sluggish. If she didn't reach him in time...!

The cherry blitz behind her ignited into a rocket's tail as she threw everything she had into her descent. She overtook several large chunks of falling metal, knocking them aside in her wake and setting them ablaze. Her arms reached out. The ground was coming closer - maybe 500 feet now.  Her fingers scraped the boy's coattails but he was spiraling. Plummeting. She screamed in exertion and crashed headlong into his wayward body, arms finding his waist once again. With all her might she tried to pull up as the sea of green exploded to fill her view. Up... up... up!

They hit the ground together, skimming like stones on a pond. Blossom's greater momentum propelled her ahead as they tumbled across the last stretch of parkland before the large steel-barred gates at the park's edge, atop which were the gilded words 'BOTANIC PARK'. Blossom crashed through the gates first, spilling out onto the sidewalk. Dexter tumbled out behind, scuffed and battered, his glasses gone altogether. They stopped. They lay upon the concrete together. And they both groaned.

Hearing each other, they began to chuckle. They both rolled onto their backs and saw a blue sky, now devoid of any horrible red light or interdimensional machines. Nearby, the blackened carcass of a prosthetic arm smashed into the asphalt in a neat little crater. Dexter reached for Blossom's hand and took it in his. And together they enjoyed the silence of staring up at the sky. And at last, for themselves and the city, there was finally peace.
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I finally got this last main chapter done.

Only the epilogue is remaining.

I'm sorry people, I've just had no urge to draw lately >.<
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good job man, this chapter was amazing. I'm waiting for the prologue.