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Winter Warmer :icongriddles:Griddles 22 8
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Antithesis Epilogue 1: Blossom
Blossom took a refreshing gasp of air as the hot water splashed across her face from her cupped hands. She rubbed her cheeks, soft skin upon soft skin. The air was humid. Comfortable and homely. She at last felt truly comfortable as she reached for a fluffy pink towel and dabbed her face dry. Another towel, just as pink and just as fluffy, was wrapped into a makeshift turban upon her head. Clumps of drying chestnut hair poked out between the folds. She closed her eyes and tilted backward, holding onto the edges of the bathroom sink.
She took in the near-silence for a moment. The faucet dripped, so quiet that normal ears wouldn't even hear it. The extractor fan whirred overhead, sucking away the last of the misty post-shower steam. Artificial light bathed her, a welcome change from the harsh sun she'd been under for far too long today. Her face had been red in the mirror, whether from the sun or from exertion. There had been more red than that, but the shower had washed
:icongriddles:Griddles 7 7
Haven't Forgotten by Griddles Haven't Forgotten :icongriddles:Griddles 52 21 Benea, Sniper Kitty by Griddles Benea, Sniper Kitty :icongriddles:Griddles 55 10 Ocean Invitation by Griddles Ocean Invitation :icongriddles:Griddles 32 7
Antithesis pt9 - Scar the Earth part 2
Dexter thrashed. His knee caught Drax in the back and knocked him off balance. Dexter sucked in an invaluable gasp of air before Drax's robotic hand clamped back down on his windpipe. Dexter gurgled uselessly, blood bubbling from his nostrils.
Drax hadn't lost his maniacal grin, "One hand! That's all I need to end you, Dexter. Vengeance for my plan in ruins." Dexter's face was beginning to turn blue under the crushing iron claw. Drax bent down to the boy's face, "Be silent," he told him "you haven't won here. Let me show you."
Drax's other hand came to his sleek black forearm, grasping it in such a way that he only needed to pull gently to lift the outer casing off of what was beneath. Dexter, through shattered glasses and blurred vision, could make out a tiny version of the interface built into the side of the great machine - Drax's personal uplink to his emissary. Drax's fingers tapped and danced deftly across the small touch display; a maestro at his piano. Somewhere beneath the sol
:icongriddles:Griddles 6 1
Pray for ES by Griddles Pray for ES :icongriddles:Griddles 13 8 Santa And Her Reindeer by Griddles Santa And Her Reindeer :icongriddles:Griddles 51 4
Antithesis pt8 - Scar the Earth part 1
Hazy light came to Dexter's eyes. His whole body was numb, as though floating in cloud. The sound in his ears echoed distantly, never quite managing to make sense. And there she was. He blinked, hoping his vision would clear. It wouldn't. His arm wouldn't move as he tried to check if his glasses were on straight. She approached and he could hear her voice. He tried to call back to his angel in the clouds.
"Blossom...!" he tried to shout, but his voice was a faraway murmur.
Still she drew closer, her chestnut hair ringed by the glaring white light, her face in silhouette. Her voice grew stronger; nearer. She was calling his name. Her hand was reaching out.
"Save... you..." Dexter moaned, still unable to hear his own words. Out came her hand. Closer. Closer. He wanted to reach it, seize it and float off into the light forever. Their arguments would be forgotten, any sins against each other absolved. The world beneath the clouds could burn in Sigma fire, for all he cared. If he had Blosso
:icongriddles:Griddles 6 1
I hope I'm getting better at this!


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A happy new year to you all!!

I return to DA briefly with a simple request -

Please follow my darling wife :iconblossomppg: on her brand new twitter where you can keep up to date with all her new postings. She's hoping to get a few more people interested in the art she has to offer, and with CERTAIN websites cutting away their Adult Content recently, it's their loss and her gain. Leily specialises in cartoon work with a NSFW edge and she might just be the artist YOU are looking for!

You can also find her Patreon here if you fancy!

Please support Leily! Our anniversary is coming up and we had a remarkable and incredible end to 2018! We hope to have an even better 2019! And I wish everyone out there the same as well!! Thanks everyone!


I'm always looking to help out my incredible darling :iconblossomppg: - her commissions are still open! Check out her stuff -

Go Halloween by BlossomPPG 02 by BlossomPPG x S x by BlossomPPG

Mature Content

Seriously now~ by BlossomPPG

Mature Content

P!nk~ by BlossomPPG
Broken Wings by BlossomPPG Leni Loud: Sketch COMM by BlossomPPG
Wicke-d by BlossomPPG Zev Commission by BlossomPPG Heartbreaker by BlossomPPG A la Playa~ by BlossomPPG Spank 'Em Angels by BlossomPPG +S.M+ by BlossomPPG

Mature Content

Christy Cricket: Sketch COMM by BlossomPPG

Start Me Up by BlossomPPG ~Hello B*tches~ by BlossomPPG Red Eyes by BlossomPPG Pop'n'Lock Girls by BlossomPPG Favourite Place by BlossomPPG #2~ Devil by BlossomPPG Its Homura, B*tch by BlossomPPG

Just a mere handful of her amazing work! You can also check out her Gallery



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Happy New Year everyone
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Hi you can meet the new series Ahri. WhiteWolfAhri by beyazkurtahri  WhiteWolfFoxAhri
Ryu.Blossom.Ahri by beyazkurtahri Star Guards Ahri

the choice is yours 
HitorazeKaiju Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
yooo griddles my man can I jam with you about how awesome it is that giygas is a part of grim tales?? It's so cool!!
Griddles Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018
Don't be too happy - it's in the hands of a moron now.
HitorazeKaiju Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
okie dokie then
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I'm glad you liked it for what it used to be :)
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Hi, so will you work with silent-sid?
Griddles Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
I have. I'm waiting to see if he'll contact me for more.
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HI, if you still want a job of writer, i found a site of freelancers :
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