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OBS -- this journal list is not updated anymore. Please use the new journal entry, here: griatch-art.deviantart.com/jou… :)

I have produced  a range of tutorials on artistic use of the computer, specifically using the free computer program GIMP www.gimp.org/ This program is free to download and use and exists for many platforms, including Linux, Mac and Windows. I will update this page with new tutorials if I make any more.

Anyway, I thought I'd link to some of those tutorials I've made in case someone's interested.

Most of them are interesting also if you don't use GIMP since they relate to computer art -- and any art -- in general. I would also like to take the opportunity to advertice the site Gimptalk.com which is full of good info on using the GIMP. If there are any troubles with GIMPtalk's server, you can also find a backup location for these tutorials <A HREF="users.boardnation.com/~griatch…>here</A>.

You don't have to do any of these in any order, but some of  the later ones do refer back to the first ones now and then, assuming you at least know the basics.  They are, however not ordered after difficulty.

OBS -- this journal list is not updated anymore. Please use the new journal entry, here: griatch-art.deviantart.com/jou… :)

Using the airbrush creatively -- Beginner's level airbrushing www.gimptalk.com/forum/viewtop…

Draw your own hand using the airbrush tool  -- advanced level airbrushing www.gimptalk.com/forum/viewtop…

Basic Colouring techniques -- Colour a sketch into a full image www.gimptalk.com/forum/topic/T…
Gifts of trolls by Griatch-art

Pencil drawing -- use the pencil, smudge and eraser tools to create a b&w character concept www.gimptalk.com/forum/viewtop…

Making full-colour character artwork with the airbrush and other tools

Planning and drawing battle-worn cyborgs www.gimptalk.com/forum/viewtop…
<img src="images5.pictiger.com/thumbs/1f…"  alt="cyborgs"/>

Draw a futuristic city from scratch using various tools and techniques www.gimptalk.com/forum/viewtop…

Portrait painting from beginning to end www.gimptalk.com/forum/viewtop…
Character portrait - June by Griatch-art

Adding a fantasy mood to a picture www.gimptalk.com/forum/viewtop…
Jester relaxing by the fire by Griatch-art

Draw an eye in 5 minutes (YouTube video)
Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9EfZF…>video Description: www.gimptalk.com/forum/viewtop…
Image is Free Hosted By Pictiger.com

Anatomy 101: Draw a nose www.gimptalk.com/forum/topic/A…

How to handle and plan a large painting project in GIMP: www.gimptalk.com/forum/topic/T…
The Warlord by Griatch-art

Getting Wacom drawing tablets to work in GIMP (mostly Linux, but also for Windows/Mac versions of GIMP) www.gimptalk.com/forum/viewtop…

Enjoy! And please comment (on GIMPtalk or here) if you find something of interest.


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Hi Griatch. I have followed your tutorials on gimptalk and found your deviant page. Your work is amazing! I was wondering if someone with no artistic skill at all (I can't draw a stick figure much less this stuff) can learn to do this sort of thing?

At the moment I love to paint and I love photo manipulations and I can create nice things...but I have to use renders because my drawing is abysmal. Do you have any more anatomy tutorials? I just love your tutorials.

I have read the gimptalk forums for a year but never posted anything. As a former teacher (I do taxes now lol!), I love your tutorial style. You really seem to care about the learning process and I want to thank you. Much of my progress is due to your tutorials on gimp usage.

Thank you!!