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No frowns in misery



I was really not planning to make another Jester picture, but this one practically drew itself ...

Again, a more realistic take on the Jester. A study in rain, wetness and general misery. Not that such trivialities should put a frown on your face of course!

It was fun to play with the wetness of her clothes while trying to figure out to make her look completely soaked. The first image of her in this more realistic style is here:

MyPaint + GIMP in equal measures. Main painting work done in MyPaint (notably the rain for which MyPaint is really good), image completion, detail work and adjustments done in GIMP.

As usual, comments and critiques are much appreciated!

EDIT: Thanks to feedback, fixed some stray hairs and made her slightly less cross-eyed.

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I really like what you've done here. The wet clothing in particular hangs very nicely. The feeling of heavy wetness is quite clear.

I think the rain and splashes are very nice, as are the sheen on the wet girl and clothes.

I have a couple of little nits to pick, and a couple of suggestions.

First, there's something about her mouth that bugs me. It's almost rabbit-like. The way it comes up under her nose, then swoops down, then curves back up, just doesn't look like a human mouth to me. It's almost like you drew in the top of her upper lip but not the bottom.

Similarly, the fact that the full part of her mouth ends well before the corners, but her mouth is open and smiling, doesn't seem to work. The shape and placement of her lips almost suggests they are pursed or puckered, but the corners are clearly in a smile. It ends up looking somewhat cartoony.

My first suggestion is to make her body language more clear. As she stands, she's sort of in between. She is hugging herself, as though she is cold, or shy because of the see-through nature of the wet clothes. This suggests she is miserable and not enjoying the rain, though she remains basically cheerful. Cheerful or not, I would expect her eyes to be narrowed against the spray and possible to have hunched her shoulders. Alternately, if she's enjoying the rain, a more open and welcoming body language would convey that.

With this much blue, I think you would get some good visual impact if you found somewhere to use some orange.

In the final analysis, a very good work. Thanks for sharing!