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Jester relaxing by the fire



The Jester (there are a few more pics of her in the gallery), but this time without her jester's cap,and in a dress for once. She looks kinda relaxed and content, doesn't she? :) Maybe she's wearing that large hat to keep her haircut in order, who knows? She's reading like a good girl, but she has the trickster's tools within reach should there be a need for them.

I recommend looking at the full-size image because there are a lot of details in this one that I'm kinda proud of..

This is mostly an experiment with light and to create light sources that are a bit "blinding" to the viewer. It was fun trying to put in all the details.All work was done in GIMP as usual. No references were used, but I messed up the pose initially, so this thing took longer than usual for me -- around 18 hours or so.

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Beautiful color selections here, you really nailed the atmosphere, and the shadow coming from the bars in front of the fireplace is a nice touch. Great work on the dress as well - I don't know about you, but I always have a hard time with skirts and the like folding around legs, but you made it look great here.

Overall, the anatomy is good, but her breasts kind of seem to be floating. It probably would have helped to make the dress a bit more loose-fitting around that area and have some folds coming down from the shoulders.

Also, the coloring on the face is just a tad off - the shadows and highlights don't seem to line up with the eyebrows and the lips. And the shelves in the background look a bit rushed because they're blurry. It might've been better to have them mostly in the shadows (if you wanted them to be only hinted at so as not to distract from the foreground), but have the parts that do show sharp and fleshed out more.

Beautiful piece overall, though. Your color palette here totally makes the pic. :clap: