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GIMP Rake-tool brushes



This GIMP-only brush set produces an effect similar to the "Rake tool" of PainterX. I couldn't find this feature anywhere so felt I should create this anim-brush to simulate the tool in GIMP.

The Rake is a very versatile animated art brush, usable for creating everything from grass and hair to patterns, cross-hatches and technical sketches.

The package contains three Rake brushes, with a rake of 3, 5 and 11 teeth respectively. You are recommended to use at least GIMP 2.4 for full brush scaling features. The brush also works fine with a tablet and pressure sensitivity. To install, just Download the set, unzip it and put the *.gih files in a place where GIMP looks for brushes.

They are free to use, but if you download and use them a fav here on DA is appreciated.
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I just worked through your Gimp tutorial for beginners. Thank you very much.