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Hi guys!

Could you advise me a platform for selling prints for postcards, badgesand and other cups and pillows, that works for Europe and Asia?

thanks ;) 
I'm so glad to get the second DD with our new kitten!! Woohooooo!

 thanks to JenFruzz

pqtwo by grezelle
should I or not mark this as Mature Content?
and why?
I'm confused by comments that it is a porno oO
am I missing something??

pole on top of my page, so vote please.

if you are unsure:
Wikipedia Erotica Pornography…

so, Mature Content :)
thank you

hi guys!

I'm so glad finally to get DD!! :woohoo:
I'm here for almost 7 years and this is the first time.

thanks to


stena by grezelle
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I still have cheapest nokia without camera
but I decided to instagram (thanks Bluestatsks I can do it from my computer) for my everyday life photo :)
I hope it will be interesting and fun.
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Snowflake happy holidays guys Santa Clause Snowflake

lots of love and cuddle :tighthug:
hi guys
I am a little unwell - caught a cold.:sick:
so I lay in bed and going to watch movies.

and I have a question:

What movies in your country, you watch during the Christmas and new year?
Home alone? Love Actually?

in russia we watch The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!

:snowflake: happy holidays guys :santa:  :snowflake:
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my other page :icononahuru:

kit by onahuru
just watched 1+1 Intouchables

to tears
whatever you want
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two years without my birdy

the woman ant the cat by grezelle

still miss her..
hi :w00t:

thanks for watching and comments

appreciate it :hug:

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tumblr 2…

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cosmos by myhhy he and she. by musicandphotography

OPIUM by terribletoxicboy   Untitled 05, november 2008 by 0r1n

:thumb177236818:   Zlodzieje jesieni. by narva

Mature Content

Ocean necklace by itokashi
   stories_of_curiosity by L-N-E  

Mature Content

nn by lunariya

:thumb187888652:  :thumb200295549:

missperception by zora-iuga   days of hiding. by musicandphotography
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beautiful russian cartoon…


i wish you the only one thing in the new year
to ALL your dreams come true :hug:
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Hickty-Pickty the black cat by okolo cover_july by okolo the hunter by okolo august by okolo june by okolo


Winter's Tale by smokepaint


Gathering Pearls process by itokashi Awakening by itokashi Cosmic Eye final by itokashi Butterfly Wing's Dance by itokashi


Sunny day by LenaAkhumova ? by LenaAkhumova Old barn by LenaAkhumova Small pictures for fun by LenaAkhumova Small pictures for Fun 4 by LenaAkhumova


:thumb105305083: :thumb106476840: :thumb127914215: :thumb141949781: :thumb148573666:


Park by Gvallin Winter day by Gvallin


:thumb86107800: :thumb84835321: :thumb82126491: :thumb83756435: :thumb39244612:

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my friend :iconatpalicis: is participating in a contest and she NEED your support
vote +5 for her here ->…


let's make her winner :winner:

thank you :hug:
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z-65,66 by S6ltuvus H-4 by S6ltuvus z-13 by S6ltuvus   z-88 by S6ltuvus z-87 by S6ltuvus z-206 by S6ltuvus z-197 by S6ltuvus z-191 by S6ltuvus z-90 by S6ltuvus z-150,151 by S6ltuvus z-145,146 II by S6ltuvus z-205 by S6ltuvus z-56 by S6ltuvus z-57 by S6ltuvus z-55 by S6ltuvus


Nikon_372_NP15 by xxlogre Nikon_355_PF2 by xxlogre ..6 by xxlogre LOMO_268_F64D by xxlogre


Zenit - Melinda by misspelledink Soft and Delicate by misspelledink


:thumb186608428: :thumb148956084: :thumb142957844: :thumb142838579:


:thumb82235248: :thumb82240101:


impression soleil couchant II by prismes impression soleil couchant by prismes spring's jungle by prismes blow by prismes

fall in blue by prismes


Meadowsland by Ninquelen Apple tree by Ninquelen Autumn wind by Ninquelen


Nor earth sustain by ninereeds-DA of unpublished rhyme by ninereeds-DA


:thumb105573696: planting seeds by KeCHi RM12. by KeCHi Director - Backstage. by KeCHi

:thumb139167115: :thumb131825748: 98 Dia-ry by KeCHi



44. by art-geeks 22. by art-geeks 43. by art-geeks 15. by art-geeks

04. by art-geeks 06. by art-geeks


in White by itokashi Feathered Sun by itokashi Wild Apples by itokashi Wild Apples by itokashi


31 by kosmodisk


:thumb148197305: lost soul. by lichtfaengerin
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some works of my love :iconmrpazitiv:

without flag by mrpazitiv

Kiss by mrpazitiv

another morning by mrpazitiv

together by mrpazitiv

empty hills by mrpazitiv

spring by mrpazitiv

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if everything will be gooooooood
i'll get back my camera in a month :boogie:

it's a shutter


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the camera went to a service center!!
i hope it's only shutter :please:
pray for it
and the :shamrock: for a good luck

and I want you to have paid attention to the wonderful illustrator :iconokolo: :tighthug: