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Stand Up! The Template!!!

EDIT: 03/04/2019

"New" Template, new teaser picture!

"ATARASHII"? Eer... I mean... "New? How so?"

That's RIGHT! Once I put my hands on new, higher quality resources, I had to discard the now old template to work into a better one.

This updated pic is a "report of progress" so that you guys can see how much I've improved, and what features the template have so far.

THERE ARE THINGS LEFT TO BE DONE - keep that in mind.
Also, I consider this template a bit "user unfriendly". Some things need to be adjusted manually, so a "Read_Me_or_Die_Trying.txt" is a MUST.

That's all for now. Hope you like it! :3


As many of you have requested LONG ago, I've always answered that I couldn't do it because it lacked important resources. BUT TODAY, I come with the confirmation: THE WAIT IS OVER! Yours truly is now working on a CardFight! Vanguard! Template.

I STILL don't know how to play the game, so if you notice ANY mistake, please inform me. xD
Also, please have in mind that, for the time being, I'll be working on the V-Series ONLY. (yeap, so don't expect templates prior to the "reboot")

ALSO, and now the sad news. This template is in PRE-ALPHA stage. Means that ONLY visuals are done. I still need resources. LOTS OF 'EM. And texts. And fonts. And a friends with benefits. And other things.
This means that, sadly, it won't be finished that soon. Resources appears weekly, so it'll take an "non-estimated" ammount of time in order to make it. It's like a puzzle, and once in a while I find the right piece to complete it.

BY THE WAY, judging by the time needed to make this, you can expect some godamn Squirell Quality template.
(there are several CFV templates out there, but they're all low-res)

Shoutouts to the lovely hunduel for making me start this project and giving me the initial resources. I love ya, u little piece of crystallized sweetness! <3
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Please bring this Project back. Please.

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Funny enough, you predicted Sentiel Crits.

They’re real now.

The only difference is that they’re [Power] is 5000, their [Shield] is 30000, and their only skill is CONT: Sentinel.

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Oh, the irony xD

It has been more than 1 year now.

Is this project still going?

or has been stopped?

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This projecy is currently in hiatus.

Idk when it'll be resumed.

the game is very easy to learn. much more intuitive than yugioh. definitely give it a try.

Seu trabalho como sempre é incrível!
O template ainda está em andamento? Alguma previsão? Será disponibilizado para os reles mortais?
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Muitíssimo obrigado! ^^
Sim, o template está andamento. Oq "mata" é a falta de fontes. Faltam-me alguns recursos.
Nenhuma previsão pq, infelizmente, não depende de mim. ><
E o mesmo será disponibilizado em 2 versões: Standard (gratis) e DeluXe (paga), igual o Series 10.

I can't wait, man.

Knowing your template always in high quality. I would love to try this.

And I did make a Vanguard Template, but I use other people's template as base then add some HD icons that I found. Do you want to have a look? I can send it to you.

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Thanks dude.
I'd love to!

@grezar, how goes the progress in your template, a while back I used to use your template to make some of the best proxies to playtest new cards before release and I am looking forward when you finally link the current template to test out, your work is amazing keep up the awesomeness

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Heya, man.
Well, this one is a bit more complicated than the ygo one. You see, as this one is in higher res, then the process to make it will take more time, as proper resources in the said quality are way more rare to be released than others. And as we know, CF-Vanguard uses LOTS of icons, so these are a problem too.
As of today, the template is "hibernating" because there weren't released any new resources (at least not the ones containing the pieces that I need to complete it.) But fear not, as I WON'T give up.
Also, thank you for your support! ^^
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Series 11 looks weeeeeeeird
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c'mon, STAP! *goat noise*
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Bixo, que template trabalhoso da poha!
Eu acredito... Ta saindo só agr  
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You are kidding me. The day I started to gather my resources for this you released this.
Congratz, you were 5 steps ahead of me.
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Don't you DARE to abandon this project. I wanna see your version!
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