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Title stolen from the fabulous hunduel

This journal entry is meant to be the Official HQ of the Reboot idea for Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.
Please, have in mind that much of the original content WILL be changed in order to suit a more versatible, slow-paced and strategic gameplay. But this doesn't mean that it'll change into a totally different product. No, this will always be the same Yu-Gi-Oh! we love, but without the screwed parts.

This is MY interpretation of how I imagine this Reboot. You are FREE to disagree in whatever aspect you want, but if you do so, I ask you to comment about and it and explain why. This way, this very set of rules can be changed (if necessary) to something more interesting and fun to play.

ALSO, note that this is a FAN PROJECT. Means that it is in no way affiliated to Konami nor is meant to be commercialized.
All cards from this project will be released as Digital Proxies for Print and Play, so that you can test this format with your friends and report here (if possible, as I'd love to receive all feedback possible) your experiences.

NOTE 2: This project reunites the ideas of other users, such as :iconhunduel: and :iconaugusthenry4:. If any other idea gets implemented here, its owner will be credited.


There are some things I need to state before we start with the changes so that you can have an idea of what will remain from the Original rules.

●1: This Reboot will use the EXACT SAME Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from OCG/TCG. I'm still thinking about Custom ones (Anime/Manga included), but, for now, only the real ones are 100% guaranteed, althought their effects are likely to be modified.
●2: This Reboot will use Master Rule 4 Rules. This means Link Era Format, but also modified.
●3: This Reboot will use Series 10 Layout. (For the sake of convenience xD)
●4: This Reboot will have its own Limited List. I don't think that banning cards will solve any powercreep, especially because this format is being planned exactly to avoid this, and also, I don't like the idea of not being able to use X card.


(So far)
grezar and hunduel

Now that the background is set, let's take a look at all changes of this Reboot.


● SKILL CARDS: Like in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, Skills will be present in this format as Skill Cards. They are placed next to the Extra Monster Zone, and can be activated according to its Activation Timing. They will provide an "unexpected" factor to the gameplay, giving the cornered player a chance to turn the tide of the Duel. Like in Duel Links, each player can use only 1 Skill Card, and their usage is Optional.

● EVOLUTION CARDS: I haven't yet decided if this will be a NEW Card Type or an ABILITY. But basically, they're meant to substitute a huge load of retrained versions of well known cards. They will be now "Special Summon-only" monsters, gaining a Special clause which lets you Special Summon them by Tributing its weaker counterpart. (unless stated otherwise). These will be placed in the Main Deck. Note that, as each case is a case, not all "evolved counterparts" will be classified as Evolution Monsters. For example, "Number S39: Utopia the Lightning" is an evolved version of "Number 39: Utopia", as it only asks for "Number 39: Utopia" to be Summoned, but "Shooting Star Dragon", while being an evolved version of "Stardust Dragon", asks for much more than just "Stardust Dragon" to be Summoned. This section is a work-in-progress that needs major attention.

● SPECIAL COUNTERS: I decided to implement this mechanic in order to counter the abusive powercreep and swarms. Special Counters work like the Speed Counters from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Speed Duels, you gain 1 at the start of each turn (max. 12). These are spent when you realize any kind of Special Summon. If you run out of Special Counters, you can't Special Summon. For EACH Special Summon, you spend 1 Special Counter. As for Pendulum Summons, since the monsters Summoned by this mechanic are considered as being Summoned at once, in this case, for EACH monster Summoned, you must spend 1 Special Counter.

● MULLIGAN: Extracted from CardFight! Vanguard, the "Mulligan" rule allows the Duelist who goes first to shuffle their entire hand into the Deck and draw 5 new cards. However, by doing so, his opponent will then become the goes first, drawing 1 card and gaining 1 Special Counter. That's it, the price of changing your cards it to face your opponent with a 6-cards starting hand and 1 extra Special Counter.


● MAIN DECK: Main Deck will consist only of Normal, Effect, Pendulum, Spell and Trap cards. (Since Evolution Monster are yet subject of discussion, I'll not list them here.) These Card Types are the backbone of any Deck, and since Pendulum fits into both Monster and Spell categories, then there's no need to change its current mechanic or place.

● EXTRA DECK: Extra Deck will consist of Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and Link cards. Being on the Extra Deck, Ritual-focused Decks will have more room for support cards that will power-up this mechanic. Also, there's a bit of lore behind this decision:
Usually, when a Ritual is performed, its main goal is to Summon an entity from an outer plane. The said entity doesn't need to be "pre-owned" (read needs to be in your hand) in any way to be Summoned.

● ARCHETYPES: Instead of being pointed in the Card's name, now the Archetype will appear where the SET-ID was located prior to Series 9 (i.e., below the Artwork Box, on the left.) Pendulum and Link Cards would need a rework to incorporate this change, and honestly, this is a work in progress which I haven't thought yet.

● SUPPORT: Following the "changes" on the Archetype, support cards will suffer a minor modification in order to give a more generic support, and also, "Surgery"-like cards will be released for each Archetype in order to turn monsters you control into members of said Archetype. (e.g. All DARK Winged-Beast monsters you control becomes "Blackwing" monsters.)

● SUMMON FROM EXTRA DECK: Link Arrows won't reign over where you can Summon from Extra Deck anymore. The Special Counters are there to "fix" this aspect. HOWEVER, The Extra Monster Zone still is the zone where the Summon from Extra Deck will be directed first. ALSO, the "1 Extra Monster Zone per player" rule will remain, being the Link Monster's Link Arrow mechanic the only way to own both zones.

● EXTRA DECK SUMMON MECHANICS: One of the BIGGEST modifications on the Minor Changes, being the most "complex" one in terms of gameplay and balance. You see, in the current official format, we have few core rules for each kind of specific Special Summon, being them:

: Ritual Spell Card (in your hand or field) + Ritual Monster Card (in your hand) + At least 1 Tribute (in your hand or field).
FUSION: Fusion Spell Card (in your hand or field) + At least 2 Materials (in your hand or field).
SYNCHRO: At least 1 Tuner + at least 1 non-tuner (both on the field).
XYZ: At least 2 Materials of same Level (both on the field).
LINK: At least 1 Material (on the field).

They also have some variations:

RITUAL: Generic Ritual Spell Card.
FUSION: Contact Fusion and Mask Change.
SYNCHRO: No easier method.
XYZ: Xyz Evolution.
LINK: Not Yet Available.

As we can see, Xyz Summon and Link Summon are the more powerful/generic ones, being extremely easy to perform and having place in ANY DECK, being Link Summon the only one able to be conducted with only 1 card. However, the monster summoned by this method is usually weak, making the said mechanic for this situation fair.
My idea is to make the mechanics more standart for each of them, having at least 1 major element reigning over the said Summon.

Having the Ritual Monsters in the Extra Deck is a good solution IMO, and thus making this mechanic rely only on the Ritual Spell Card, as you can Tribute from the field or hand, reducing the requeriments for this Summon to AT LEAST 2 cards. ALSO, changes would be made to the Requeriments of the Summon. For example, instead of just Level, the effect could also ask for Type or Attribute. (e.g. "You must also Tribute monsters from your hand or field whose total Levels equal 8 or more OR 1 DARK and 1 LIGHT monsters.) (Note: A better PSCT would be applied, don't worry.)

For Fusion Summon, they'd still rely on the "Fusion" Spell Card, as you can fuse from the field or hand, leaving a 3-card requeriment. Maybe a good way to change the requeriments to 2 is to change the mechanic to work as Contact Fusion as whole. This leads to 2 changes: The first is to perform the Contact Fusion, both materials need to be on the field, while the second is ONLY with the Fusion Spell is that you will be able to Fuse from Hand or other places.

For Synchro Summon, it would still rely on the "Level Matching" mechanic, leaving a minium of 2 cards, being the Tuner monster the decisive factor over this.

For Xyz Summon, it would still rely on the "Same Level" mechanic, leaving a minimum of 2 cards.

For Link Summon, it would still rely on the "Monster Quantity" mechanic, leaving a minimum of 1 card.


● EXTRA MONSTER ZONE FIELD RULE: I thought about the Monster Card Type in the Extra Monster Zone dictating which kind of Summon your oppoent can have in their field. Like, if you controlled a Synchro Monster in your Extra Monster Zone, then your opponent can only Summon (from the Extra Deck) Synchro Monsters to their Main Monster Zones.

Journal History


Sawano-GOD TIER-Hiroyuki [nZk]: LiSA
A new collab is happening.
Stay tuned for what I'm best known for: TEASERS!
Thanks Horakhty I didn't release the Skill Card Template.
Konami posted another Skill Card, this time in higher size and quality (albeith watermarked), and after analyzing it, I noticed SEVERAL details were completely wrong or missing. (not talking about the texture/background, as I don't have the correct one.)

Therefore, its release will be postphoned until I manage to fix them all. (if possible, obviously xD)

Link to the said Skill Card:…


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Hi, just as a reminder, I have left another comment on your DX Template page asking for help with Pendulum artworks, in case you missed the comment because I've been waiting for 11 hours.
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Hey, love your cards. Do you mind if I send you some cards in the future for you to look at?
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Hey, I have a question. I'm working on a yugioh archetype.
Would you be willing to look at the cards and see if they're any good? I need to see if the stats and effects are up to snuff.
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The first two aren't part of the archetype, I just put them there for convenience. I plan on having these cards printed and I wanna make sure they're awesome first. Hence my request for feedback.
grezar Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Puzzle Codex' summoning condition is too hard to be pulled off. Reduce the number of cards to a lower number. ALSO, his effect is way too OP. Downgrade it a bit.
Number C110 should have an specific material in its summoning condition, instead of just any Rank 3 xyz monster.
Crossword Snare, Puzzle Tower, Puzzlemalation  needs a better wording.
P.P. Jigsaw Jaggard effect is broken. You should change it.
Also, there are MANY cards that Special Summon themselves if you control a PP monster. You better reduce this number.
That's all
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Wish me luck.
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Thank you very much. Means a LOT to me. You see, I'm not a good writer, so receiving such feedback is encouraging.
They're for that collab between Raiden-GTX and me.

I'll make something similar to my "Weaving Dreams Structure Deck".
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