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Battlefield II

Dragged up and down this furnace against the blistering barricades The sirens screaming for sweet release, as they sit back and watch with amaze The war zones breath fire as pillars stack while words propagate and lie Worn on their sleeve, a soldier bleeds virtue while a warrior bleeds pride The lines drawn, the enemy masked but all seen is what their merciless eyes reveal Children used as targets while troops used the love of kindred as their shield Bullets hiss with steam as smoke plums from flaming barrels Screams escape from throats choked with ash, as steel collides with flesh and metal Knees quake as the broken ground shakes and


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Demon Inside

It is on this road that we all travel down and live To give and take from others, to want and to give But on the inside, there's the face we cannot always hide It's the mask that shadows us, warps our being and twists our pride It pulls us into its whirlpool and tosses about our morals and our thoughts It breaks them down, twists them and throws our emotions about the rocks We try to hold strong the façade of peace on the outside but cannot resist Like a being inside, it grabs a hold of us and breaks free, so it would insist Against friends, we shield against the storm, this growing thing called Rage Out of the sight of others, we wa


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One Winged Angel

Dark does come the times Tainted with the poison of the lies In the darkness did I sink deeper My heart in the cold grasp of the grim reaper Like a saddened angel but with blackened wings Does the melancholy choirs of the mind always sing Rejoicing in their victory With a laugh ever wickedly In the cold beats a broken heart Like rains of stone, always torn apart But now with only her simple smile makes--- The endless waiting worth all the while Traveling through this ravaging sea, I ask What does this truly mean to me? Inside my chest, how she makes me feel Her hands clasped against my own, the wounds are healed Never had I th


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