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USS Federation


 While I'm still UVing the hull pieces of the CCS 2, The ships
I created using newly built and existing parts were just sitting
there doing nothing. Though not UVed, the markings and registry
were modeled and everything is coloured using MATs. Since they
are usable, I figured some of you might like to play with them.

Here is my USS Federation. You will likely need to play
with the MATs for the glowing parts because I didn't, quite, get
the results I wanted, not being used to Poser or DS MATs. I hope
you can use this little offering. Just unzip it into the Prop
directory of your choice. ^_-

NOTE: The shuttle bay isn't quite finished yet, but it is
      finished enough to use, and as such, is included in
      the ship model. Just make the door panels invisible.
      The three panels on each side are separate objects
      and were made that way for those who have the knowledge
      to make them posable. Thay are designed to slide over
      the fourth panel nearest the hull. :)


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Glad to see you back!!
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Thanks, Bruffy!
BTW, I DLed your entire Nova Trek Series and read it ALL, Novels AND Comics, in one
night. Heh. I simply could not put it down. An amazing body of work, and I wince at
the sheer amount of work it must have taken for each one. Kudos!
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 I do thank you, sir. Three more graphic novels to go and the series- and the project- will be done.  Have you seen the my Klingon Bridge updates? Movie era, K'tinga class. Almost done:…

It's all for the next story.
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Excellent! Another fantastic model to add to my Daz3D!
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