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TOS USS Miranda


 While I'm still UVing the hull pieces of the CCS 2, The ships
I created using newly built and existing parts were just sitting
there doing nothing. Though not UVed, the markings and registry
were modeled and everything is coloured using MATs. Since they
are usable, I figured some of you might like to play with them.

Here is my TOS style USS Miranda. You will likely need to play
with the MATs for the glowing parts because I didn't, quite, get
the results I wanted, not being used to Poser or DS MATs. I hope
you can use this little offering. Just unzip it into the Prop
directory of your choice. ^_-


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Another winner thanks
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Yay it's finally ready! I am glad that another ship has been added to the fleet in my Daz3d!
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Pity that every Starfleet vessel in the original series was Constitution class just like the Enterprise herself. Thank god 'Wrath of Khan' introduced the first ever Starfleet vessel that did not look identical to Kirk's.
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Actually, WOK was not first. If you ever get to see a copy of the TOS Star Fleet Technical Journal, You'll find scouts, destroyers and dreadnaughts designed by Franz Joepsh that even pre-date the animated series.