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TOS Akira - Early WIP

Now, this is a VERY early WIP using someone's Next Gen Akira as a reference. TOS ships are less organic and more
angular in shape than Next Gen ships, so TOSifying them is not easy, but I think I have her basic shape down.
The Constellation class is also planned. ^_-

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Whatever transpired with this project? 
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Until I can afford to replace my desktop, this one is shelved, but I did manage to save it before my computer went down for good. The laptops are just not powerful enough to do more than load and look. The file is almost twice the size of the Kraken's file. :(

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Ok that's understandable. I do all my work on my laptop also.

Hope to see this project resumed. Love your models. :)
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Me too. If Kraken gets too large, I'll need to shelf her too, with the two Titans I was building. Ah well, at least I saved them. I lost my Alpha Project, but that was in early stages so I didn't lose much, thankfully. ^_-

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Yes indeed hard lessons re-learned in some cases.

Am working on my first model a Sea Venom and save every turn.

Always have backups also
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Looking good, are you going to add the torpedo pod to the bridge that joins the nacelles ?
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HA! A novel idea.

Y'know what I'd REALLY love to see you do would be to create a nice TOS-era Loknar.…
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Don't worry, Rob! The Loknar has been on my 'to do' list from the beginning. It's just too cool a ship to leave out. :)
The Akira is my favourite Next Gen ship, so I just HAD to try TOSifying it. Heh. New Term: TOSification.  ^_-
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I like where this is going. :D

Oh, will any more ship parts sets be in the near future?  :D
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GREAT news on the Loknar! Can't wait!!!
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Awesome! Another fine addition to my Daz runtime when she will be done!
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wow! like the work in progress
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