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Saladin Class Destroyer - PP2

Saladin Class Destroyer in PP2 format.
Includes the assembled ship, destroyer
specific parts, USS Saladin and USS
Tamerlane registries.
© 2011 - 2021 Greywolf-Starkiller
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Thank you!!!

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another awesome addition to the collection. thank you very much.

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Another triumph. Thank you!
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Thanks. :)
I'm not quite done yet. I want to do more registries,
plus I still have the Dreadnaught to finish. Also, a
request for a more standard version of the C/D deck
below the bridge. Complete with torpedo tubes. :)
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Did you include the Saladin's hanger bay?
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No. If I do it, it'll be an expansion since it's a
custom part done by Ken, and not part of the original
ship, which this is a model of. Plus, I have to do a
new dorsal hull, and possibly a new primary as well.
Too much work for the time I have, at the moment. :(
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okay. Just wondered.
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I would LIKE to do it. I think Ken's Saladin looks
REALLY cool with the hanger and SWACS attachments.
He wants the inside of the hanger done too, so I have
to redo the primary hull, or it'll poke through the
hanger ceiling, and that WOULD suck. :)
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