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Ptolemy Class Expansion

Liquid and Reefer cargo containers for the
Ptolemy Class Transport, plus the USS Ptolemy
and USS Al Rashid registries.
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I think you've stumbled into a never-ending project. You're construction kit will never be complete. There'll always be one more section or piece.
Talk about job security!LOL!
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Very True! But the main ships, except for the
Dreadnaught, are done, so I can wack away at the
ship, and work on a part here, a registry there.
I also have to split the C/D deck from the primary
hull, and do a more classic version for those who
prefer the original. :)
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Any word on the dreadnaught, yet? ^_^
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Speaking of which- the command deck/ Bridge module ?- would it be possiable to make a verison with the lounge windows like the refit has in the back?
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Hmmm. I hadn't considered that. Do you have any good
shots of that particular area? If you do, just post
them in the Trek Builders thread at DAZ, and I'll see
them. ^_-
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I'll do better. I have the tech manual they put out back then with the sketches. I'll post them.
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I thought I had sketches. They're early design sketches. I'll get those pics for you.
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No hurry, but they will be useful. I've
been out of the loop for a while. The last
Trek I watched, besides reruns, was TNG.
Never saw DS9 or Voyager. I absolutely
hated the odd whine in Kate Mulgrew's
voice. Made my teeth grind. :)
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IIRC, Ms Mulgrew read a few scripts, nearly screamed and fled. Then she realised that Janeway was more than *slightly* mad, and played her thus...
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Well, take my word for it, you'd like her better than that french actress they cast first. She signed the contracts, started filming the pilot episode, then decided that she didn't like the speed of TV production and walked out. They had to re-cast and Kate was chosen. They could've ended up with alot worse.
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