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My old WoW character, Desaarei.

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Recovering from cancer surgery in September, and decided to turn back to 3d to take my mind off things.
Creating my old Draenei Hunter character from WoW, when I was still online. The Connie 2 kit is not forgotten,
just shelved for the time being.

For those curious, the surgery was not too serious, but the cancer was. I'm going to be watched for awhile to
ensure that it does not return. SIGH, at least now I can accurately say I'm listening with half an ear! :)
BTW, I actually said that to my brother and he almost died laughing. I tend to be a bit selfconcious about it, and
my sister told me to tell anyone who asked about it, that I got in a fight with Mike Tyson. This time I was the one
who almost died laughing. :)

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Man, hope you're ok, been a long time, Eric. If all else fails, you could take up painting and start calling yourself Vincent?  ;)