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redesign of a redesign of a r

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im to be working on my bnha oc's updated design but i literally hate everything i do with his hero outfit so thats on hold for like a day or 2 until something good pops in my mind :')

this is a redesign of a redesign of my first tmm oc ever..? im not sure, my first mightve been a dude i cant remember anymore lol

her name was mew wildberry....but she was just all blue, basically mew zakuro but blue with a skirt and red eyes, her dna was a red wolf...her name was akai ookami LMAO...she was terribly uncreative but everyone in the community i was in loved her for some reason and honestly? i still do too

NEW wildberry's name is yasei "wildberry" is kind of a fucking mouthful in japanese, so a translation of wild is good enough for me. her dna is a new guinea singing dog which i thought was cute because shes a guitarist/vocalist.
shes not actually a popular rockstar but she posts her music online and shit. i love her, i finally have colours for her i like lmao. please ignore the guitar im ass at drawing inanimate objects
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You got so much better :O
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thank you so much ;___;