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gem au of my oc kat hargreaves!…

his story is i guess??? painite is a rare gem which are usually owned by high ranking gems n stuff, but this one didn't...quite come out right, and ended up being owned by a kinda shitty asshole gem, who made him poof/capture and sometimes crack other gems for his own collection, which painite wasn't rly sure of at first but after a while he rly started to enjoy attacking other gems. some high ranking gems were starting to worry they might be next and tried to poof him for their own safety and others, but he managed to escape to earth (wow!) and is stuck there now in hiding

he's a fairly powerful gem but he can't really control his own power so he's not the strongest in battle, without losing control and fucking himself up in the process. his weapon is the same as normal kat's, a boxcutter knife. he's pretty good at hand-to-hand combat but his style is more of a street-fighting style so he'd be easily taken out by a gem trained in actual combat.
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