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Jul 20, 2018, 4:03:57 PM
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Nice 👍 picture of Broly!😎
2 Questions
1: How long did it take to make that pic?
2: Are you excited to see the New Broly movie made under Akira Toriyama’s supervision?
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1: I think like 8 hours or 9
2: Im really excited about the new movie, i wasnt really happy at firts when they show it was going to be with Broly again but when i saw the new desing i changed my mind lol
Muy bueno, estoy buscando un broly para tatuarme y este puede ser. Si no te importa claro 😉
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Seguro, si llegas a hacerlo etiquetame en intagram :D
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"KAKARO-, FUCK, Gotta stop saying that!"
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Brutal colega!! =D =D
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Gracias chamigo :D
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Oh My God, the Saiyan of all Legends looks cool as Hell👊😈🔥
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The saiyan of the people
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I love his new look. Broly's old clothes kinda reminded me of royalty which I felt didn't fit him. His new clothes make him look more like a Saiyan warrior.
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Same, i really like the new desing
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OwO What's this?
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Hermoso el nuevo broly :)
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El saiyayin del pueblo
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