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I know I've been silent on Deviantart for a long time now so I should let you know what's been happening recently instead of just running away and dumping dA lol.

I remember back when I was 13 I thought i'd NEVER leave Deviantart, but I guess times change, trends change and quality changes so it's not the same place that made me want to visit Deviantart every day in the first place ^^;

But as you can guess by the title of this journal, next year I will be permanently moving to Tokyo, Japan as I got a full-time in-house concept artist job at a Japanese mobile game studio! I never expected my first real full-time job to be in Japan, let alone outside of Australia so personally for me this is already a step ahead of my expectations, and really happy with the progress I've made.

So anyway! Quite a lot of things happened during my last journal post (about SMASH Sydney) and now; during that time I won an internship placement at Gameloft New Zealand, and a scholarship tour provided by IGDA Japan (International Game Developer's Association). Well, Gameloft in NZ already shut down by the time I 'won' that internship so... yeah totally not fair. I did get a day's studio visit at Animal Logic in Sydney though which was pretty cool. Luckily I had also won the scholarship so I took that trip instead, which included a few Japanese game studio tours, chance to get my portfolio reviewed, free attendance to Tokyo Game Show 2016 (!!!) and attend networking parties.

It has always been a dream of mine to some day attend TGS; it was the very first video game conference I've discovered (yeah even before E3 LOL), I distinctly remember when I was 15 and sitting in geography class saying to myself "one day I hope I get to go to TGS" (I'm a big daydreamer in class haha). And this opportunity allowed me the chance to not JUST attend TGS but to possess the business day tickets as well! So much priority! XDD

Photo 15-9-16, 11 13 24 am by GreyRadian      Photo 17-9-16, 12 14 18 pm by GreyRadian
The food court on business days (left) vs food court during public days (right)

Photo 17-9-16, 10 12 48 am by GreyRadian
The line for Public Day! :o

This year was mainly focused on VR technology; I've personally never had the pleasure to work with VR yet (since I live in small Perth and the only access I had to VR is the Oculus Rift headset in some underground station gaming cafe (the ONLY gaming/arcade cafe in Perth where all the greasy nerds assemble haha)) but since I was wearing glasses at the time and had to take them off while trying out the oculus rift I got too dizzy from it >_< Wish I can try out other headsets in the future.

One in particular kinda drew my attention; it's called the FOVE and tracks your eye movement for the main part of the gameplay! So not controllers ^_^ I can imagine games such as Summer Lesson on the headset would be really cool and interactive, but shooting a gun just from the movement of your eyes does seem a little too passive...

Photo 18-9-16, 1 21 28 pm by GreyRadian
Look! A real life Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa!! lol.

I also got to have a meeting with CAPCOM's hiring manager at TGS which in turn, led me to a job interview with them which was sooo exciting because as you know from my past activity, I absolutely LOVE Capcom games so they are definitely one of my favourite developers! Was so stoked to even have that chance (even though I didn't end up at Capcom... yet) :'D
(Also hard to believe that Capcom was the first game studio that actually took interest in my works... never got called for an interview at a games studio prior to this lol)

Photo 15-9-16, 12 41 27 pm by GreyRadian
Capcom's booth

All-in-all it was such a great experience and without taking that opportunity, I definitely wouldn't be where I am now in life! Despite the experience being 95% in Japanese which I'm still not very good at (but working on it!)

Networking was pretty tough since I only knew basic conversational Japanese. So many questions I wanted to ask but I didn't know how to haha.

At one party I was introduced to a game developer who was apparently pretty well-known within the industry. I only knew after meeting him and exchanging Facebook info (apparently Facebook in Japan is used more like Linkedin rather than personal use) that it registered in my brain I had met Suda51!! Never played any of his games personally but have definitely heard of them lol.
He told me he and Hideo Kojima visited Perth once! 10 years ago at some convention I was so surprised LOL. Perth out of all places... I was actually doubtful at that time.

One of the studios we got to visit was DeNA, their office is absolutely breathtaking! Situated in a high-rise building in central Shibuya, you can imagine the amazing cityscape view the employees get to take in every day they work in their office. Even their toilets had an amazing view of the city!

Photo 14-9-16, 9 58 12 am by GreyRadian
Photo 14-9-16, 9 58 07 am (1) by GreyRadian
My photos do not show the true magnificence of the view ;__;

The other 2 studios we visited were Aiming and Tayutau, Tayutau being the studio who ended up recruiting me *_*
(I had to do my interviews in Japanese... considering how bad my skills are I expected not to get the job haha...)

I start working in April next year but I will have to arrive in Tokyo earlier to attend Japanese school and hopefully be up to scratch at the minimum level by the time I enter the company.

So I'm really looking forward to experiencing a working life in Tokyo! Will definitely post many photos if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram haha.

And apart from that main experience I got to watch Babymetal live, re-visit Capcom Bar, ate at Kirby Cafe, watch Kimi no Na Wa in Shinjuku (SO SURREAL!!!), DisneySea again, amongst other things, and now have just graduated from my advanced diploma course at CG Spectrum (Big thanks to them for providing me a great mentor who helped me mold my portfolio and my skills to become industry-standard), and celebrated that on a big cruise ship where i enjoyed 5 days without internet haha. 2016 was a blast!

Photo 20-9-16, 5 43 18 pm by GreyRadian

Photo 24-9-16, 10 27 41 pm (1) by GreyRadian

Photo 4-12-16, 3 17 46 pm by GreyRadian

I guess that marks the end of my fan artist life. Most of my convention catalogue has sold out and the remaining prints are now being sold in-store at Tokyo Underground in central Perth. Of course being a convention artist was fun at times so I would love to make more goods sometime in the future, but most probably not anytime soon, though overall I'm quite relieved that I can completely stop relying on fanart to grow my presence/earn money from.

I'm looking forward to 2017 starting with a completely brand new life! 

This weekend I'll be at SMASH! Sydney again!

@ Table #94

It's all the same items from Perth since this will be my final convention so I want to sell out all my merch haha.
Which means! Introducing new price deals :D
And again I will be sharing my table with Mei-Xing who will also have her own price deals!

Hope to see you there ^___^

Sydney by GreyRadian

Yo guys, that time of the year again!

All these items are brand new! Except for Metal gear reprints and updated design on the Jirachi keychains ^_^

I will be sharing the table with the lovely :iconmei-xing: Go check out her stuff especially if you're a fan of the Zelda series!!

Page1 by GreyRadian
Page2 by GreyRadian
Page3 by GreyRadian
Hey! I realised it's probably best to update you on what I've been doing!
So end of last year I was granted a full scholarship to attend a 2-year Advanced Diploma course at CG Spectrum, studying in Concept Design! So yeah I've got weekly homework due and on top of that, taking in several freelance clients and still balancing my part time /casual job haha. I don't even remember what I do in my own free time... Honestly I haven't even had time to prepare my convention merchandise either. I feel like I should've skipped this year but i couldn't predict how busy I would be. This will probably be my last year trading as I want to move on with other plans haha.

And then I STILL need to pass my driver's test! I'm sooo late, especially compared to Americans lol ^^;

Umm right now I honestly don't have anything to upload. All I've done is just unfinished homework, or work under NDA.
Ok I think that's all I have to say for now, I need to go back to work TT_TT

Eeveelutionssml by GreyRadian

Untitled by GreyRadian
Untitled by GreyRadian  Untitled by GreyRadian

My ★ Sparkly ★ prints have arrived! I'm so excited, they look amazing if I do say so myself. Grab yourself this unique art print here:

Also FREE Shipping Worldwide!

Eeveelutionssml by GreyRadian

Untitled by GreyRadian
Untitled by GreyRadian  Untitled by GreyRadian

My ★ Sparkly ★ prints have arrived! I'm so excited, they look amazing if I do say so myself. Grab yourself this unique art print here:

Also FREE Shipping Worldwide!

I can't believe this day has come I remember back in 2010 when i was trying to search up EVERYWHERE for an Ace Attorney anime or any related anime and just can't believe how this series (a series so perfect for anime) doesn't have an anime series :(
Also that AA6 is coming too!! WOW I know this game has been silent for so long since Apollo Justice so REALLY HAPPY that development is picking up for this series!!

Love ace attorney forever

Ace Attorney by GreyRadian
Hey guys! I was approached by Student Edge to do an interview and feature with them :D Please take a read if you're interested in what I have to say about becoming a better artist! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ…

Myths Galore by GreyRadian

I made my dad create an original piano arrangement for Legend of Zelda Gerudo Valley! Please check it out and give him a like!

BTW he's been uploading more of the pop music arrangements like One Direction and 5SOS, totally not what I'm into but it's what my younger sister has been suggesting. Gerudo Valley is my suggestion, if my dad can get enough supports he'll consider making more arrangement for video game and anime music! :3 

Video game music > One Direction AGREE?
Ok I've also wanted to do this but I've been busy this weekend! T_T

How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Deviant since August 10th, 2007. I've been on dA under another account before I made this one because I hated the name of my previous account (back when we couldn't change our names)

What does your username mean?

I was obsessed with a particular game back then called The World Ends with You and there was an antagonist that would shout math terms for insults... and I thought that was cool haha. So that's where the 'radian' comes from. I added Grey because I thought it would sound cool, and it sounds neutral, because I wasn't sure how I would like to present myself. I mean, i'm definitely not a 'kawaii' artist even though I've done a few. I guess it reflects how I don't stick to one particular style. Neutral. :)

Describe yourself in three words.

Draw. Eat. Game

Are you left or right handed?

Right handed. I wanna be both though :D

What was your first deviation?

My very first ever was a picture of Dawn from Pokemon (4th gen), which also happened to be my very first tablet drawing. Too bad I completely erased it's existence from the world, apart from my memories. I wanna look back nd see how really bad it was hahaha. I remembered it was so sketchy it looked like she had hairy legs.

What is your favourite type of art to create?

Polished illustrations that make me feel good about myself in the end ^^;

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Japanese anime style! Not just any anime style, but the good stuff that you see on pixiv. Would LOVE to be able to draw and use their sense of colour. Ahh, for an example check out :iconnardack:

Fantastic World in Netherlands by Nardack

What was your first favourite?

Old account:
Original Gyarados by pokemon-master

New account:
BAIL by Endivinity

Yup been a Pokemon fan for lyfe! :3

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Extremely skilled artworks with excellent rendering styles. I'm proud to show off my favourites collection :)
The Spirit of Flower by bcnyArt SpringBride by Cushart Colorful Death by Valentina-Remenar gangroad by KilartDev Loc Ppj V38 Fin Logo by totorrl

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Now that I have explored more of the art world including Deviantart, I have found myself many new favourite artists who I look up to, but from my humble beginnings as a deviant artist, I

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

:iconanocurry: because she's one of the best people I've met on dA!
:iconartgerm: Because I love his artworks!
I would love to meet anyone who is in the AAA games industry :D
But meeting anyone who is also familiar with my works would make me extremely happy!

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

This particular artist has been a major inspiration for me, I looked up to her during my high school years and tried to emulate her style, which resulted in learning sooo much about traditional materials, much more than I learnt in art class at school. I'd be able to credit this person for helping me improve my works by just producing her own artworks.
This artist is :iconexileden: (and I'm sorry for tagging you I know you've heard me gush about your artworks and stories way too much haha;; ) and she still continues to inspire me through her new artworks and stories of her outdoor adventures! :D

What are your preferred tools to create art?

Copic markers but currently I've been using digital tablet a lot.

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

My desktop computer haha

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

When I got my first Daily Deviation! I've had been yearning one for a long time haha aso it was amazing when I received one! :)
'Party Animal' - Tea Party by GreyRadian

When I was one of the top three for Deviantart's The Order 1886 design contest and I was flown to Sydney with nice accommodation for free. best part was meeting up with the other winners :iconjaikart: :iconrhysgriffiths: and also managed to catch up with my friend from Perth :iconabz-art:. was a great night and we all won ps4 and a limited edition statue! :D

Also when creating the Ethereal artbook :iconethereal-artbook: with :iconmiwaakai:. It was my dream to create an artbook!
Now I would love to make a book of my own works one day ^_^

Now it's your turn!

Copy and paste these questions into a journal, put your own spin on the answers, and title the journalDeviantArtist Questionnaire. Post it to theDeviant Eventscategory and use the#DeviantArtistQuestionnairetag when submitting.

Thank you for reading!! :D
Guys I'll be heading to Sydney for the first time to attend SMASH, happening on August 8-9th! So awesome how I'll be trading both in Melbourne and Sydney this year!
Will be sharing my table with :iconcoloursupply: from Brisbane ^_^

We're over at Table A39, near the entrance!

Smashmap by GreyRadian

I will be selling the same new catalogue I had as Perth Supanova from last month, plus additional older stock :)

Map2 by GreyRadian

List of Franchises at my table:
-Kill la Kill
-Sailor Moon
-Attack on Titan
-My little Pony
-Mad Max
-Metal Gear
-Legend of Zelda
-Life is Strange
-Assassin's Creed
-Ace Attorney

+ more!

Please come say hi! Sydney people are cool so I wanna meet you guys! :D
Facebook Header Ptk by GreyRadian

Big News! So for the past few months I've gotten involved in a game project: 


In the year 199X, Mercenary state Kazuo is still recuperating from a decades-old war. But when veterans from all sides start becoming targets, One team from Kazuo's "Golden Generation" must regroup to get to the bottom of it while fighting crime syndicates, aliens, and ghosts from their past.

POLICE TEAM KAZUO is a 2D Tactical RPG featuring gun combat, strategic base-building, and noir anime storytelling. Coming soon."

I'm working on this game as the Lead Artist and very excited to work on this and to announce it. flashygoodness, known for his brilliant Tower of Heaven soundtrack, is composing the music, and godsavant, also known for his work on Tower of Heaven, is heading the stylish Art Direction.

Visit the website for a peek into the world of POLICE TEAM KAZUO

(PS turn on the sound!)

For the most up to date info, please follow our:

Tumblr Icon TUMBLR

Here is a preview of some of the pixel art in the game! STAY TUNED.

tumblr nmv8x5QVml1tzy1q5o1 r3 500 by GreyRadian

My first time selling outside of Perth was a very encouraging experience! Got to meet so many new people and also got to meet amazing online artists in person finally!!
I would love to try again. This time I hope to aim for Smash in Sydney! :D

Thanks for everyone who dropped by my table! I feel very flattered because I've never been to Melbourne (well once when I was 10) so I don't actually know anyone from melb, but I ended up knowing quite a few people :D

So because I'm back from the convention, I have set up my Storenvy again! 

Greyisanigga by GreyRadian
Xcvbxb by GreyRadian

Untitled by GreyRadian

Major Changes:

:star: New arrivals include Life is Strange, Junko - DanganRonpa, *Ethereal Artbook, Frozen, Pokemon and Zelda postcards, Big Hero Six 
:star: Finally added the Attack on Titan print online, it has always sold out before. I printed extra this time.
:star: discounted Pokemon XY badges to $6 each pack!

:star: Ethereal Artbook!

Because I finally met up with Miwa, I was able to take home 8 copies with me! Currently this is the only place you can get them from since Miwa is still currently busy, and my situation is a lot more free; I will ship out your books by the end of the week you ordered in.

However Free Sailor Moon bookmarks won't come with an artbook purchase, since this book will all go to charity.

:star:Visit the store HERE!:star:

Melbnovatable by GreyRadian

Wowww there's so many Artists trading in Melbourne @_@
Hope you're enjoying the Easter Weekend! I myself have been pretty busy; half of this preparing for this con, the other half is something I will announce after I get back :)

This will be my first time selling at a convention outside of Perth! If any of you are from please come say hi! Don't feel obliged to buy anything >.<;
I'm sharing my table with :iconmiwaakai: at A146!

Spotlight NAME: GreyRadian and HoneyBloodSpotlight 
:star:TABLE A164:star:

I'm getting a few new prints up especially for Melbourne!

Also we will be selling our project :iconethereal-artbook:! This is the first time you'll be able to purchase it without doing all those annoying online transactions, and you can even take a look at it if you like :) All proceeds go towards Red Kite cancer foundation.

Untitled by GreyRadian

Untitled by GreyRadian

Untitled by GreyRadian
Patreon Banner by GreyRadian

I finally set up my Patreon page! 

:star:What's Patreon?:star:
 Patreon is something like a monthly subscription where you will receive rewards from my monthly! In this case (because I'm an artist) I'll be providing you with art-related materials such as sketches, tutorials and hd images of my artworks! Even $1 counts!

Some tiers will even get you an original sketch from me including free shipping, some limited prints and merch from my store or you get a rare chance to commission me, even collaborate to make something cool!

I hope my rewards are good enough, if not please feel suggest something! I'm always looking for ways to improve, and make my Patreon a worthy inverstment :)

Some goals i'm looking forward to is getting to live in Japan! This isn't just about ME, it's also YOU! Some of my Patrons will receive a special monthly package from me full of authentic Japanese goodies for a good price, Like LootCrate or something. That's what I'm hoping to implement if I get that amount of support, and that's just one of the many ideas I have planned. :)

I hope you'll consider supporting me through Patreon. It means the world to me, and it will help me continue to make you happy through my drawings and illustrations. Like my pocket Dolce series! Receiving a certain amount of money per month, I can safely draw for YOU every. single. day.

:star: I encourage you to visit my page :) :star:


Patreon by GreyRadian

Serena says 'Hello Patreon!'

Just want to take the time to say thanks to the bronies who have never stopped following me until now! Of course, thanks to everyone else who have done the same! But for the bronies who have watched me for my Pony art, I'm glad you've stuck this far even though I've eventually stopped the MLP art :) (ahem, you got good tastes :D ) Thanks for watching me because of Me!

Not that I've stopped drawing ponies forever, just waiting ro the next season!!
20150216 155204 by GreyRadian

Hey guys! Time for another travel type-up :D So this time I got the privilege to travel to Sydney for one night and attend the launch event for The Order 1886! It was thanks to the contest that Deviantart held recently, and top 3 finalists got to go so I was stoked to know I got a place in one of the 3!!

I haven't been to Sydney for a while, last time I went was about 4 years ago for that private One Direction Concert.
It was quite funny; the arrangement of that 1D event and this event was very similar; I even swear it was the same car and driver that picked me up at the Sydney airport now I think back. Not sure how many celebrity chauffeur services are offered in Sydney (both drivers mentioned offering their services to celebrities.)

Perth to Sydney takes about 5 hours so by the time I arrived I had to be taken straight to the event from the airport.

20150217 093400 by GreyRadian

We weren't told much about the event beforehand, but I expected it to be some kind of conference where we get a clear screening about the game and everything happens on stage, but when I arrived I was taken to a pub that seemed to be transformed into a game-themed pub. Shortly after I arrived I met up with the other finalists :iconrhysgriffiths: and :iconjaikart:, who also brought along his sweet girlfriend Suzana, and also met up with my friend from Perth :iconabz-art: who also happened to be in Sydney ^_^

20150217 211337 by GreyRadian  20150217 191948 by GreyRadian

The pub was very nicely decorated and we were greeted by staff who dressed up appropriately to the Neo-Victorian theme of the game. When we were finally let inside (we were dropped off 30mins early) we got to be introduced to the game developer Dana Jan and technical director Garret Foster where we just chatted, asked questions about the game industry and development. Unfortunately since this conversation happened in a bar, I missed half of what was being said thanks to the loud music T_T

Also: "So have you heard about the game before this?" "Uhhhhhm... yeah...not really".
Okay to be honest I've seen the announce trailer at E3 and this game impressed me the most out of the Sony lineup. But I never had plans to buy a ps4 so I stopped following like every single ps4 game altogether (unless if they has a current gen console release as well).

Afterwards, the game devs started their game presentation in showing off The Order. It was mainly showing off the gameplay and storyline etc, rather than game development so we weren't too particularly interested. The game's out really soon anyway. I'm very impressed with the graphics; I couldn't tell what's cutscene or realtime gameplay!
We were kinda pushed towards the back because err... everyone else just seemed a LOT more eager so we just sat outside and chatted hahaha. The event seemed targeted towards fanboys and consumers rather than a party other game devs would attend. We mainly just stayed outside because it was so loud and stuffy inside. But yeah we got called back in so they could give us a chat about our winning pieces and announce who the grand prize winner is. I'm happy to know that Jana seemed pretty impressed without pieces! But I'm gonna make you guys wait until dA properly announces that first though XD

But yeah that's pretty much what I did at the event ^^;

There was a little panic when our driver arrived to pick us up half an hour late, but we managed XD We all got one night accommodation at the Menzies in Sydney CBD, our rooms are pretty nice and I got a nice King size bed all to myself :D 

20150217 214356 by GreyRadian

20150217 224306 by GreyRadian

Caught up with a mutual friend of Jaik's and walked around the CBD at night for a bit. It's a pity I didn't really get to spend much time in Sydney, because I STILL haven't seen the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge with my own eyes :(

The next day we got our free breakfast buffet (except for some reason mine wasn't free, but I got refunded at the end) which was great, and just spent the rest of the day talking and chatting. Personally I had the most fun meeting RhysGriffiths,JaikArt and Suzana but it was still a great experience! :D

Check out their pieces!

Mounted Tesla Sniper by RhysGriffiths

Arc-Caltrops Design Sheet by JaikArt
BTW each of us, apart from the Sydney trip and accommodation, wins a PS4, copy of the game, a limited edition statue of the game that can't be found in Australia apparently, and 6 month premium membership on Deviantart. ^_^ We don't have it yet but I can't wait!

Sorry I didn't take that many good photos because my phone camera sucks at taking landscape/environment shots. But here's an article with more pics of the event:…

Cvbvcbn by GreyRadian

Hey guys! So I earlier mentioned that I would be part of a big project, I guess it’s time to reveal that I’m working on an upcoming commercial game project!

Having said that, my team and I are currently looking for any interested PIXEL ART animators since this game utilises a 16-bit pixel art style.

For examples, please visit this link! This Tumblr blog has all the examples of professional pixel art animation:

The visual style of this game is best described as reminiscent of Nintendo-published titles in the Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance eras.

This is a paid job, so if you think your work is up to this standard, please send me a link to your portfolio via note. Every applicant will be kept on file for future reference (unless if you don’t send me a portfolio).

In addition to top-quality work, we would like you to be able to keep up with deadlines, and because this is a group project, we would like an applicant who can work enthusiastically as a part of a team, and be able to accept critique from other members.

We are looking for anyone who is available for part-time and full-time. Previous experience in game animation is desirable, but if you can prove that your work is astounding enough, then experience is not necessary. However don’t be afraid to send in your portfolio! Doesn't hurt to try, would love to make connections with other talented faces! :)

The last bits of info I can reveal about this project is that it will be developed by a well-known developer based in the United States with a cast of talented team members who are reputable in the indie games scene. That’s all I can say for now!

Please share this with anyone you think will be interested! I personally don’t know very many pixel animators but maybe you do? Any repost/reblog/signal boost would be appreciated! Thank you :D


So if you’ve been following me you probably know I’ve been absent due to travelling back to Japan! I’ve visited Japan regularly for the last 9 or so years now about once every 1 or 2 years to visit family :)

Ahh this time I don’t have any doodles since soooo many things happened XD And also this trip is more personal since I traveled with my family.
(Also I just checked back on my dA, what a lovely surprise my pageviews finally reached 100k! XD )


My family lives in Omiya, Saitama so that’s where I’ve been staying the whole time; so mainly visiting areas near Tokyo. This is the photo of the neighborhood I stayed in!

First thing we did was travel all the way up to Karuizawa to have our first real snow experience! (born and raised in Australia so… yeah). That was one of the main reasons to visit Japan during this time of the year! We always avoided winter season because it’s sooooo cold! We want to avoid getting sick overseas and losing time being sick >.<;





Those are the cabins we stayed in, they’re sooo cozy and I loved staying in there! The snow is also incredibly beautiful! We had perfect weather and a good amount of snowfall :D Hehe tried to make a snow pikachu - my first snow craft!

Also tried my hand at skiing for the first time too! I fell once ^^;

We stayed at Karuizawa for 3 days, and the next day back we went to Ikebukuro! I HAD to visit Pokemon Center MEGA Tokyo!! Very happy with the relocation, new location is a lot easier for me from Omiya.



My PokeCen loot! I spent the most at Pokemon Center ^q^ Unfortunately Mega Tokyo didn’t have as much ORAS merch since they’re more promoting their new Tokyo branding. (Totally want a cosplay Pikachu plushie as well!!)


The city of Ikebukuro! Other than PokeCen, we spent the day exploring Sunshine Building, went to the Animate store! At first we accidentally went to the cosplay building and went all the way to 8th/9th floor to find no anime merch I was so confused XD Also went to Mandarake; bought just one Studio Trigger fanbook for just $2!! 


There was this Studio Ghibli shop inside Sunshine building! The goods are adorable~


At night we ate at Mutekiya ramen because of all the recommendations, we waited about 40mins in line in the cold! Mainly due to foreigners like me who looked it up online ^^; The place was so small but indeed the ramen was good! Although it wasn’t the best imho (we’ll get to the best later :D )


While we walking in Shibuya for the Animate store we happened to see this window and we looked inside; looks like they were shooting some variety tv show in the studio! I never get to see an opportunity like that here in Perth XD

I had days with breaks where I just stayed at home and just played drums or something productive (I didn’t want to stay home and play video games lol)

I was meant to go to Jump Festa 2015 on the 20th but it was too far away from Omiya so I couldn’t be bothered… I’d only go there for the Pokemon booth and the Dai Gyakuten Saiban (new Ace Attorney) exclusive showcase and merch, but I figured I’d get that eventually when the game releases… in a year or so :/

Spent a day in Omiya itself, still quite a large city and plenty of things to do XD


Omgg honestly I’ve never touched a cat before in my whole life before this!! No one in my family had an interest in cat cafes so that’s why we never went but today in Omiya we happened to find one and I wanted the experience so we went in :D

Cats are so funny makes me want one ^_^ I also showed a video of my dog singing to the cats and they did seem interested indeed XD







Disneyland!!! I always have to visit the Disney parks whenever I go to Japan :D It was very crowded though so we didn’t really get to go as many rides as we’d liked but it’s an amazing place to draw! If only I lived in Japan and had a group of drawing friends there, I would LOVE to buy an annual pass and on days would just spend the whole day chatting and drawing from life, soaking up the atmosphere ~^_^~




Shibuya Shopping!! Just spent the day mainly at 109 (yes 1 whole day in just one building @__@ ). I love the clothes!!!







Christmas at DisneySeaaaaa! I love the visual style and atmosphere of dSea better than Land, and the rides are more thrilling!! However today was even more crowded! I realise Christmas in japan is like a day out for lovey-dovey teenage couples… Kinda awkward being the only family there >__>


Went to visit Asakusa and arrive at this view first thing! Apparently my cousin’s grandfather was the project manager and designer for the construction of that Asahi building! Pretty cool XD



Saw some pretty interesting sights while walking around, look at these plants and how that spread themselves on the buildings! I’ve never seen stuff like that irl, reminds me of post-apocalyptic Last of Us style XD



We ate buffet at a high rise building! We had a fantastic view!! The booking had to be like 3 months prior though but you can see why, and the food was amazing! :D Had a great time, and spent time drawing some buildings from this pov ^_^




Obligatory temple sightseeing. Afterall we were in Asakusa! Wish I could see more but it was really crowded and had to pay and I was really tired, thought this was enough for me. Though I wish I could’ve sat down and doodle; do an architectural study :)



More shots from Asakusa!

Later that day we traveled to Skytree since it was close by. I wanted to see Moomin Cafe and Sumida Aquarium, unfortunately there was a line in front of Moomin so I was disappointed I couldn’t get a chance :(










The aquarium displays are so preeeeetty!! wow love the lighting and arrangement of the plants ^_^ And look at those spotted garden eels! There were many animals I thought I’d never get to see irl, and they also had so many different kinds of jellyfish exhibits XD

Aaaand finally we went to Shinjuku and Harajuku because the others wanted to go Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag) shopping, I  didn’t end up buying any fukubukuro because I didn’t really have any brands I was interested in THAT much. For those who don’t know, they’re bags that usually cost $100+, but you don’t know the insides of the contents. If you’re lucky its PROFIT! The most well known ones are the apple Mac lucky bags, you can get a Macbook Pro for just a $300 bag! Other prizes include beats earphones, ipads, the ‘worst’ prize was an ipod touch apprently. However people lines up days for those bags T_T

If there was a PokeCen fukubukuro though, I’d buy that in a heartbeat!! 

I didn’t take photos of Shinjuku/Harajuku^^; My camera was too heavy and I wanted to do a lot of shopping! XD Also I’ve been to both cities quite a few times. However my aunt and uncle took us all to their favourite ramen place in Shinjuku, and I agree it is the best ramen I’ve EVER tasted!!


It may not look as appetizing but that pork is soooo soft and the flavour is amazing! And the cabbage soaks up all the soup like a sponge its delicious :D I always think about these heavenly pork cubes whenever I’m back in Perth and eating ramen here.

I spent a lot of the days in between helping out my family in Japan and going to several local shopping malls, but overall I was tired and a bit overwhelmed with the amount of people XD Australia is so laid back and empty haha. I also got sick at the end pretty badly, I’m still a bit sick atm >.<; 

And here’s some shots because i forgot when they happened XD


This ramen was also good too! It’s called Tantanmen, from a popular chinese restaurant chain. It has a very unique strong taste, very salty and mildly spicy but I love strong tasting ramen the best! I’m such a ramen and instant noodle connoisseur >:)


This one’s Ichiran Ramen! Very customisable ramen and you also get to eat in your own space! Kinda like office cubicles but you can take them down if you’re eating with friends ^_^


Aaaaand another bowl of ramen, in Disneyland! It sure was oishiiiiii~

I ate more ramen but didn’t take pics of all of them lmao XD Yes ramen is my favourite food ever!! Although I did want more variety XD But dw I also had enough variety :D


I went to a pet store and awwww look at these puppies up for sale! The white one on the right reminded me so much of my dog! <3

image image

LOOK AT THESE GREEN TEA DESSERTS omg I LOVE green tea EVERYTHING (except the ones with red beans)

So that’s the end! I can’t deal with reality ughh. It was wonderful in Japan, now it’s all hot and… 45C degrees outside!!! However now I get to work on my biggest project yet and I’m so pumped and excited! Which hopefully I get to reveal in the coming months :)

If you want to see more of my photos check out my album on Facebook!


So just last week I went to Bali to attend an illustration workshop! I traveled there with my buddy Ev :icone-tane: on the 23rd November, right after my school finished :D

It was the most amazing week I've ever experienced so far! I'm so hyped still and everyone I met is seriously amazing and inspirational! This post is soooo gonna make me look dorky ahaha... ^^;

This was both of our first time attending a proper workshop with actual industry professionals so we were quite nervous, because we both know our standard is not very high compared to other people TT_TT


Met people from many different places it's surreal! I've never met so many people from many different places at the same time. Down side is everyone can understand all the languages I speak, in case I want to complain about something ehehe ^^;

Its even some people's first time overseas! I recall someone saying "I didn't know I had an accent until now'" XD


Ahahaha sorry stole these pictures off Ev ^^; But they are from our hotel! *w*


Got our freebies on the first day after meeting some of the group. ARTBOOKS!!!



This whiteboard already impressed me. Ok ok I do come from a nowhere where I've seen nothing yet.

So before the start of every workshop, we get our portfolios reviewed in front of the whole class... works up in front of the projector... all the mentors speaking on the microphone. Ev and I were nervous as hell, the first few people reviewed were already insanely skilled! 



So our first day is scheduled to be a lecture and demo by Karla Ortiz! Karla was incredibly informative and very friendly and cheerful, the lecture was a joy to watch :D


I stole Dave Rapoza's photo here ^^;
Also I was suppsoed to meet another favourite artist of mine :iconexileden: who attended the previous week's workshop! Unfortunately stuff happened and she fell sick, we couldn't end up meeting :(


Ev and I cried to sleep and had panic attacks during the first night D: We were in such shock! XD Never though there would be THIS many insanely talented people! (We are such noobs)

Here's Karla's drawing for me :)



Kekai Kotaki's lecture!! I was introduced to awesome concept art because of Kekai! I was so stoked and felt so blessed to be able to see Kekai live! Never thought it would've happened so soon :D

He draws insanely fast... I tried to follow his path but hahahaha impossible.


And look what he drew in my sketchbook! AHHHHHH cannot believe I have an original sketch from the artist who opened my eyes to what I want to do! Amazing bloke and friendly as well :D

Today for dinner we visited Cafe Menega, where you can sit by the beach and eat the best seafood ever! And it's so cheap as well :D One of the best experiences ever, if you go to Bali be sure to check it out!



It's amazing at sunset! *____*

Every night we go up to the hotel rooftop to hang out, drink, chat and draw! FUN TIMES!



Today was Saskia Gutekunst's lecture. We watched her draw characters with so much confidence, no need for frame work and everything, just straight on pen and clothes; as in Saskia didn't need to draw the body first o__o

I love Saskia's painting style! Its like my ideal painting style, with both western and Japanese influences in the style ^_^ Unfortunately we ran out of time for her workshop so we only got up to lineart part.

We were asked to draw some characters of our own. I was pretty tired and I felt my creativity ran out that day so here are my doodles ^^;


Ohhh and I met a couple of the classmates, and they work for CAPCOM! Hahaha if you know me you probably know how much I LOVE Capcom :D It was an honour to meet them, I hope they don't read this because wow I'm such a dork especially when it comes to CAPCOM. I'm very impressed :D


hahaha sorry... hope you're not scared of me or anything ^^;

That evening, 20 other people form our class envied us for going to Menega so they all went, I couldn't afford to eat there again for the third time (yes 3x in a row, I ate there on the first day as well). So the rest of us went to the Monkey Temple in Uluwatu!





And then...! Some sneaky monkey suddenly stole Eyecager 's glasses D:


Thankfully we managed to get it back thanks to our tour guide by replacing the glasses with some food, and shooting the monkeys with his slingshot hahaha!


Yeah he had a slingshot ready lmao XD He was really mad at us for not really paying attention though ^^; But it's ok he was a really cool guide otherwise X)


Saskia's drawing in my sketchbook! Oh, and the one on the left is eyecager's! (amazingggggg)


James Zapata's turn! I couldn't sleep the night before, only slept for 1 hr so I missed my scheduled portfolio review and came in late.

We were given a surprise assignment today, make some character designs based on the name 'TJ Rex and the Prehistorians'. Obviously thought of it when they were drunk ^^;

James showed us some interesting techniques on making characters and illustrations just from random shapes. He had some cool brushes :D


Sorry for the blurriness but the projector was pretty crap. Anyway this is what James ended up drawing for the demo.

Then Dave Rapoza walked in and transformed it for us hahahaha!


Turned it into a bunny! LOL what an interesting insight XD


James' drawing in my sketchbook! He offered to draw Sonic so I was like YEAHHH but he drew me this which is, not Sanic. Hahahaha either way it's a cool drawing :D

Afterwards we all went downstairs to work on our assignments and chat ^_^


(Photo belongs to Thomas)

Day 5

Final day of the workshop; Dave Rapoza and Dan Warren :( I get my portfolio review done today! It was very mind-opening, I would NEVER hear these critiques if I asked my school teachers. Dan and Dave are extremely sharp-eyed, they impressed me with everyone else's critiques; like no matter how amazing the piece is, they always know how to improve it o__o


Dave's demo piece. They were both up there discussing things like scheduling and study. This process was done through greyscale first and added colour using Soft Light layer mode.

So about that TJ Rex assignment, I only manage to make 2 concepts ^^; Everyone was super fast just... check THIS out.


It sounded like Dave liked it ^^; Which I'm glad. he found my backstory funny though lmao. It's pretty dark.
Also is it sad that from our first conversation he already knows I'm a HUGE Pokemon fan? LOL


Dave's drawing in my sketchbook :D


Dan's drawing (not sure why he's apologising, don't ask haha)

And tonight was the party! Since it was the last day and all. I managed to get everyone's sketches in my sketchbook, which you can take a look HERE


I got pretty bored during the end so I made up this game, to draw pokemon from our memory! It was hilarious, it ended up expanding until everyone got excited XD


Here's our collective pokemon sketches!! It was so hilarious :D This is what we learnt from our intensive 5-day workshop!! XD


Here's one of my pieces XD That thing with the horns is supposed to be a pinsir >___>;;;;

Ahh and we all regretted not taking a group photo... we are idiots >.<;

Day 6

This is technically my final day, since I left the morning afterwards. Me and Ev ended up going with some of the remaining people to Ubud.

We first visited the Monkey forest; very exotic and different! Feels like a Legend of Zelda temple really! Imagine going there at night... creepy! :D



Day 7


Ev already left at 5am :( I woke up at 7.30 and went down at 8am kinda expecting people there but I waited and waited and only random people came down. It was really melancholic.


It's kinda usually like this


Saturday morning


Sunday Morning. But it was all good I managed to catch up with a few more people at the end to say bye.

After this week, I've just gotten used to always being with about 10 other people at the same time so... yeah I sure do feel lonely at home.

Oh man! While typing this up I took a short nap and I was still thinking I was sleeping in Bali! Then I woke up realised I'm all along at home :( 

Me now:


I feel like I know what to do now! Hopefully I can visit again next year :D It was very exhausting for me (didn't sleep well during the week) but it was sooo fun :D
Ok if people from the Bali trip read this please don't judge me hehe ^^; yes I'm actually a silly fangirl I tried to be normal the whole time ^^; But I hope you also enjoyed the read as well!

And that was my week! I'll be going again to japan in a week and a bit so that'll be another report! :D