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Myths Galore

Edit: This piece is for the charity artbook :iconmyths-galore:!! Sorry! Totally forgot about this, but please check out the group :D

Pretty much a rushed piece while having an artblock. It was for an assignment but wish I had more time to create something better.
I thought photobashing would make things look nicer but I obviously gotta go back to painting everything until I'm good enough ^^;
Also need more study on copmosition and lighting before I tackle on another environmental piece >.<;

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I must admit it took one scroll to decide to watch you.
Beautiful piece by the way. very....Skyrimmy... Giggle 
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Thanks a lot!! :D
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This is really amazing! Your painting gives off such a soft feeling its like you're amongst the clouds just like the griffon. 
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Thanks so much :D
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ur skill are so intimidating T~~~T
GreyRadian's avatar
No wayy pretty sure im one of the worst in the class T____T
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Oh Last Guardian, when will you show up? 
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Even though you had an artblock, man, it's still absolutely amazing!! :wow: You paint environments so well~
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Aww thank you so much! :heart:
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:aww: You are very welcome :3
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OMG! Fantastic coloring :D
Countdown to Christmas: 11 more days!
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very nice :D (Big Grin) Love Clap 
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It reminds me of a book series I read, the lotus war book, its a really good series, and this shows odd accuracies with a scene of the second book. This picture is amazing though :)
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Wow!! It look's like The last Guardian. Pretty fantasy i say
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Thank you!! Yeah i was looking at The Last Gaurdian for inspiration :D
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so it was refer from TLG (The Last Guardian). That's great inspiration.
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