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May 3, 2016
Eeveelutions 2015 by GreyRadian is a beautiful piece with a great spring theme just in time for the season.
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Eeveelutions 2015


Last painting in 2015 Happy New Years!

Will be printing these on Sparkly poster paper :D

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Linkle by GreyRadianEeeveelutions by GreyRadianBakeneko by GreyRadian
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aspieprincess99's avatar
Very cute drawing! 💖💖💖
PokemonFan93w's avatar

I love them all so much!

DragonessBlueFlame's avatar
They are all cute! :) (Smile) 
I-like-life-lel's avatar

Hey do you mind if I use your art for a Discord server Im an admin in? Im not making profit off it and ill leave the watermark at the bottom

ClockworkSpirits's avatar
Hi, I noticed someone on Amazon is selling your artwork on a vinyl skin for a 3ds, and my guess is that they didnt bother asking permission to use your artwork.…

I thought I'd let you know so you could potentially do something about it. Best of luck! Also, this artwork is adorable :D
GreyRadian's avatar
Hey thanks for letting me know!
OMG EVERYONE loves stealing that particular image. im so tired having to deal with them everyday. Its my fault i shouldnt have uploaded a hi-rez pic of it...
so sad but I haven't made a single cent with that design from my official online stores 
ClockworkSpirits's avatar
Jeez, that sucks a ton. :(
I hope there's something you can do about it. I think part of the reason so many people steal it is because upon googling "Eeveelutions artwork" it's one of the first results. I hope you can get this worked out if possible, and if you can I wish you the best of luck
NapkinDictator's avatar
It looks so amazing! Sylveon seems to be the most lively for the shot
Glaciersong's avatar
This piece is amazing, so is all your other art! I love the eyes and the shading. May I use it? I won't be making money, it would be for quotev (it's like wattpad) and my wikia profile. Credit goes to you. 
GreyRadian's avatar
sure! thanks for asking. sorry it took this long to get a reply. i barely log on anymore ^^;
Fluffystuffdraws's avatar
TheRainbowDiamond's avatar
may I get permission to use this as a picture in my wattpad story the eeveelution tribe. I can give you full credit if you want.
GreyRadian's avatar
yes thanks for asking but you should ALWAYS credit the artist regardless
Hey just wondering if you knew that there is a seller on Ebay (from China) that is selling this art (a faded version) on a playmat with your watermark removed?…

I think it is a beautiful piece that you have made. I might be interested in purchasing a digital copy to print onto a play mat from a reputable seller, instead of purchasing from this company if they stole your work.
GreyRadian's avatar
Thanks so much for the heads up! I have never given anyone permission to sell my artworks, (unless if they bought the original print they can resell that)
Thanks so much for the consideration as well! i can definitely give it to you for a cheaper price haha.
lightdanger's avatar
That is super pretty!
Catscratch809's avatar
Mystic-L1ght's avatar
ahh finally found the best eeveelution wallpaper
Ui-Azuma's avatar
This is pure amazing :D you captured them all so well. :D
And EEVEE OMG!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!! (my favorite ever Pokemon.)
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xandraclay's avatar
Congrats on the DD! It's beautiful and adorable! I love all the pink flowers and petals!
Lil-Samuu's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful. :)
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